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How to struggle with men? Several easy ways of

Are not present real men? Only artificial come across? Or there were still “last of Mohicans“? I offer you a row tried by me and my acquaintances of ways of transformation of the Man in something between the woman and the little boy.

the Way first

is Often used by

in public transport and with unfamiliar men. So, it costs , it sits. It , seeing such class injustice, decides to give way to it. It : “Oh, the man (i.e. she still sees in it the man), it is not necessary. I already will stand“. Also costs, year, another, the third. On the fourth begins to grumble that there is no man left around, around one goats.

If to go a little to a psychological jungle, then here what picture turns out. He who grew up in society where the main fear is the fear of rejection, decides to give way to it. I will assume that, even expecting reaction of the woman, it all the same consciously goes on this step. And already it deserves respect and recognition of the woman. And she in his face rejects all men who are ready to notice that it - the Woman.

Way second

Cool spring evening. She in an easy dress, sometimes will chilly move shoulders. He - beautiful, strong - goes nearby, pressing to itself(himself) her hand, and asks: “Darling to you it is not cold?“

- Slightly - slightly, - coquettishly answers it .

It throws it over shoulders the jacket and remains in one t-shirt.

It the resolute movement throws off from itself a jacket and covers it back. “You will freeze. You in one t-shirt“.

- I will not freeze, - it cuts off, returning the jacket to it on shoulders.

- Put on now. You will get sick, - she says careful tone, wrapping up it in a jacket.

If to translate these words of the woman from ordinary language on psychological, then the following will turn out: “The sonny, it is unimportant that you big and strong and that we have for the present a sex (the sexual relations of parents and children are strictly tabooed therefore in case of continuation detsko - the parental relations in couple and sex will be tabooed), for me you are all the same little kid who cannot take care and independently make decisions on himself“.

She tells him: I will be to you good mother, perhaps it is even better, than your real mother. If you want, I will be to you both a father, and mother, but only not the Woman. “And the woman you will find on the party“, - not the best part adds me.

the Way third

It - such busy, important, working hard, often absent, solving problems of almost universal scale. It - vseponimayushchy, forgiving, lending the shoulder, a breast, other parts of a body in case of need (notice, not the need, but its need), not asking excess questions, demanding nothing, waiting that after It resolves a problem of the Big Bang (and he will resolve because she believes in him), It at last will become warm, loving, attentive, gentle, careful, inventive at least in sex, the sensitive, magnificent Man.

For now she will wait for because she trusts in it and does not believe in herself at all. Does not believe that right now, but not tomorrow, not “when we will solve all problems“, not “when children will grow up“, it deserves to be the darling who is showered caresses, surrounded with the care which is treated kindly by words and hands happy with the purring cat after the sex shaking (in every sense).

She thinks that time to be a Woman did not come yet, but it will come soon, and here then …

But “then“ never comes because exactly now the most right moment to be a Woman, and the best time, than now , will not be. It is brave step - to resolve to be the Woman right now. But, except you , nobody will make it, nobody will resolve, nobody will tell: “Now it is possible“.

Only you .

And only near the Woman the Man is shown.