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on August 16, 1902 in the village of Okulovka of the Novgorod province Yury Nikolaevich Roerich was born. A lot of things in his life probably were predetermined. And the main thing - its great mission. A family in which he was born, ancestors, both on fatherly, and on maternal lines already it, to put it mildly, to much obliged. It is enough to tell that his father Nikolay Konstantinovich Roerich, the sort conducts from Ryurik dynasty. One of his ancestors was the Swedish general and in due time passed to service to the tsar Pyotr . So Russia became its second homeland also. On the maternal line, in Shaposhnikova Elena Ivanovna`s girlhood, there were also world renowned people. The great Russian commander Mikhail Illarionovich Golenishchev - Kutuzov, Napoleon`s winner in Patriotic war of 1812 was Elena Ivanovna`s great-great-grandfather. The ingenious Russian composer Mussorgsky was her uncle.

Since early years, thanks to education of parents Yury Nikolaevich began to comprehend a lot of things in science art, culture and spirituality. A special role was played in it by mother possessing a fine feeling, refined taste, talent of the teacher. In the early childhood and adolescence Yury Nikolaevich together with parents and the younger brother Svyatoslav Nikolaevich traveled around the European part of Russia and Karelia much that subsequently in his further life very much it was useful to him.

the Talented person - is talented in everything, the saying says. Especially ingenious. In youth Yury Nikolaevich not bad drew. Its works (canvases, engravings, sketches) were very original, but unlike the great father and the brother - ingenious artists, it chose a way other.

On combination of circumstances a family appeared outside the homeland during revolution, and Yury Nikolaevich lived with early youth and got an education in France and the USA. Very much early in it abilities to languages and to culture of the East revealed that probably and predetermined his further life.

He became the outstanding orientalist (the indianist, tibetolog, mongoloved etc.) . Mastered thirty languages as almost all European, and east among which the most rare. Will become later it irreplaceable in researches of Tibet, Mongolia, some provinces of China, India, Manchuria, the USA.

Very much early, practically right after the end of study, in twenty one years it became a support in affairs of a family, the father and mother. The biography of this person, as well as geography of his life (and in a case with it these two concepts are inseparable), are unique, as well as its creative heritage, as well as he. Not much of geniuses of mankind managed to combine so unity and a variety, endowments and simplicity, modesty, reliability, devotion, diligence and working capacity.

Confirmation more than eloquent can serve at least published tibetsko - mongolsko - English - the Russian dictionary, the multi-volume set which was earlier not existing. And it is not only of its works by the right of considered titanic. It is a lot of works and researches by it are done in the field of study of local lore, mineralogy, plant growing, ornithology, etc. Working in India and Europe, the USA and the Soviet Union, Mongolia and China he directed all the knowledge and efforts to the main thing - service to mankind. Remaining the tireless toiler, the scientist, the researcher, the expert in many areas, he was a family support. The sensitive, gentle and loving son for his great parents, the closest friend for the younger brother and just remarkable person for all who was lucky enough to know him, to work with him or to communicate at least.

Such as Yury Nikolaevich Roerich evolution of mankind moves. And if the world promoted on the way of mutual understanding, rapprochement of cultures and the people, then in it a considerable share of merits and such stars of the first magnitude. That became a star that it was lit and all of us will be long shone also by a name of this star - Yury Nikolaevich Roerich.