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Why the relations with men are impossible?

“Free cash desk!“ - the girl in McDonald`s shouts, and buyers joyfully direct to her. This strategy perfectly works in Mack, and also perfectly works for those who cannot organize the new relations. If you speak “Free cash desk“ and joyfully wave a tag, you will be able precisely to attract a two-three of men to the cash desk.

I hear your objections: “I shout, I shout, and nobody comes, or come, but not those“. Then it is worth looking and whether really your cash desk is free.

In order that the man appeared near you, it is necessary to make really to him room. And it is busy with the most various things which you hold even if they do not work any more and inflict only suffering.

For example, the place of the man can be taken by your fears. “Who such will fall in love with me“, “Sooner or later all relations come to an end“, “He will hurt me if I trust in it“. (By the way, I will be grateful to you if you fill up this collection of fears in the relations, the fears. Send me the fears, and I will change each fear for technology of work with fears).

If there are no fears, then for certain there are beliefs. For example, “All men are goats“. And then near you there is already a man: he a little borodat, with horns, small shakes a beard and bleats. And other man does not have any more an opportunity to apply for this post. For this purpose it should turn into a goat, and otherwise you just will not notice it.

It is possible to take the place of the man feelings to the last partner. And there is no difference, than you are connected - tenderness, respect and love or offense, disappointment and rage. Only intensity of these feelings matters. And then for future partner you represent the woman who is overflowed by feelings... to other man.

The good way “not attraction“ of men is existence of expectations that future husband will be similar to your father. From it “father`s“ daughters often suffer. “My father the best, and my future partner has to be similar to him“. This case the most difficult because attachment of an image of the partner to an image of the father is not realized and the woman honestly looks for future husband. But any man near it does not sustain the competition to the father who already gives to the daughter everything that it is necessary: love, admiration, attachment, money. And, as a rule, men are the loser and are dissolved in a non-existence. Thereby only confirming belief of the woman that there is no father of the man better.

Still smart option of “busy cash desk“. Most to become the man. You will make the motto of your life of the word “I is! “ also I guarantee, any man will not dare to attempt upon the place near you. And if attempts, then there can be he is a woman?

Release the cash desk! Let near you there will be a shining empty seat of “your“ man who with pleasure will come as soon as you tell: “Free cash desk“.

You love yourself and the relatives.