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Where we lose forces and where we gather?

Sometimes seem to us that the whole world tries to touch us or to anger that all as if agreed against us: both weather, and the broken heel, and traffic jams, and this task of the administration...

And at times the same troubles seem to us small, sometimes amusing or not being of great importance. We easily accept also rainy, autumn weather behind a window, the broken heel only confirms thoughts of that, “that it is time to buy new shoes long ago“, traffic jams give the chance to dream of pleasant evening. And administration task? The world is imperfect, we say and we sit down at work.

Why? From where in us forces which help us to live and accept situations undertake? And what do these forces when to us it is bad?

I offer you the short analysis of where we lose forces and where we gain them.

We lose forces:

• when we tell

“yes“ while there was a wish to tell “no“, • when we smile to

instead of beginning to cry,

• when we have not a rest, • when we persuade ourselves to suffer

a little more instead of understanding: “For the sake of what light purpose I suffer it now?“

• when we take offense instead of asking the person that it is necessary for us

• when we go about not the own business,

• when the person to us is uninteresting, and we for some thought-up reasons continue to communicate with him, • when people near us the most part of time tell

about a negative,

• when we talk much politics, utility tariffs, traffic jams, etc.

• when we gossip,

• when is a lot of also it is emotionally told about how others live (most often there is a wish to tell how others badly live),

• when we work at the uninteresting, bothered work, • when we are afraid of

, • when we wait for

that someone will come (Father Frost, the prince, the oligarch Leopold) and our life will change,

• when abuse itself, consider itself unworthy, inept, losers,

• when someone considers us such, and we agree with it.

We gain strength:

• when we meet new people,

• when we gain new knowledge,

• when we travel,

• when we overcome the fears,

• when we try something new (for example, a hairdress or style in clothes),

• when we walk (do not confuse with “we run for work“ or we go to shop, namely we walk without any definite purpose), • when we are engaged in

in creativity (painting, cross stitching, preparation of beaters with smoked sausage etc. will approach)

• when we communicate with pleasant people,

• when we communicate with people who support us and believe in us, • when we are engaged in

in the body (any corporal practicians, a bath, the pool will approach),

• when we release physical space (remember how in a different way you feel in the repaired room),

• when we release emotional space (remember, how you in a different way feel, when was succeeded to forgive and say goodbye scheloveky),

• when speak “no“ if there is a wish to tell “no“, and speak “yes“ if there is a wish to tell “yes“,

• when begin to do the fact that we want.

Gain strength. Forces give us the chance to react differently to life situations, are our internal source and a support in life.

you Love yourself and the relatives.