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How to choose a carriage for the child is more senior 4 - x months?

When to my child were 4 months, we decided to replace our “lying“ heavy carriage on easier and convenient - both for the kid, and for me. We do not take the father into account because fathers seldom walk with children (they earn money). And mothers should cope both with the peanut, and with the device for its movement...

Well and so, having got not the most positive experience of use of a “lying“ carriage, “sedentary“ I decided to approach the choice thoroughly. Studied a heap of the websites and went to shop to watch these vehicles personally. And here my conclusions:

Point No. 1. Carriage weight

Very important point, in my opinion. Especially if you live not in the private house or not on the first floor of a high-rise building. Though, of course, nobody cancelled elevators, but for some reason they have property to break often.

And still we will return to weight. “Lying“ carriages weigh on average from 10 to 20 kg. Agree, such device will give to the woman of any build the mass of an inconvenience, especially, when on hands also the favourite peanut. Means, I solved, at least, less than 10 kg are necessary. At once offered me carriages - canes, they weigh all kilogram three. Ooochen lungs, but did not suit me for the reason that …

Point No. 2. The carriage back

It has to be displayed by

if not by 180 degrees then on 170 because the child in 4 months does not sit yet, and to it it is necessary for a polusidyacha - semi-lying situation. Means, there are carriages - books. They it is a little heavier, but it is more convenient for the child and will serve to you much longer. Such carriages are compact, in a luggage carrier practically of any car will go in easily.

Develop one hand that is especially actual, coming from the street home, you usually hold on hands, besides, the precious kid yes, perhaps, couple more of packages of purchases which in a kolyasochny basket you will not leave as so the carriage will not develop. Besides the carriage - the book in folded form costs independently, it should not be held that is simply irreplaceable when you open an entrance door in an entrance.

Point No. 3. Seat belts

This moment needs to be provided in advance though it becomes important when the child already not just sits itself, but also tries to learn the world actively. Now in carriages belts are thought over thoroughly: about 3, and somewhere - the whole 5 points of fastening. In my opinion, 5 is already search if you have only not a hyperactive child.

Point No. 4. The handle

Cross over and adjustable on height. I will explain why. While the kid is small (about one year approximately), he wants to see more often mother and to you is quieter for its safety. And then, threw the handle - and let your peanut learn the reality surrounding him. The regulator of height is actual if you and your father of cardinally different growth.

Point No. 5. Wheels

their diameter, rubber and maneuverability. Big diameter - excess weight. Disappears. We suited wheels with a diameter about 17 cm. And not inflatable, rubber. Though depreciation is worse, but it is almost not noticeable. Concerning rotary is on the fan. I chose that at which back stationary, and lobbies on clamps. In my opinion, it is very convenient: you go quietly, walking, - rotary are not necessary, they unstable, “wag“. And it is necessary “to be run on - bystrenky“ - a lung pressing of a leg we lower clamps - and here, you are already maneuverability top.

Point No. 6. Of course, the brake

is necessary to

it is better central. And fixing a carriage convenient pressing of a leg.

Point No. 7.

chose a peak by

Ya remarkable, terribly with it it is happy. In - the first, it from 3 - x sections, one of which is a setochka, it is very convenient when the child looks not at mother or sleeps. In - the second, it stretches to a hand-rail, is very effective during the sun or a rain, when there is no with itself an umbrella or a raincoat. Rescued not once when the rain took us unawares.


Point No. 8. All materials act and erased

I Think, mothers do not need to paint advantage of this point.

Point No. 9. Well, and in conclusion - color

We chose

quiet, but very joyful - lilac. It was pleasant to the kid. But “on taste and color, as they say, there are no companions“. Therefore, reading this manual, you do not judge strictly my experience. I hope, he will serve to you good service.

Successful purchases and health to you and your kid!