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True Art and its appointment.

the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, in Astana of 2010, gave to the people who stepped an intellectual barrier of civilized herd and not understanding that with this good to do, feel unity that in a consequence to learn them to use. Thought - the only energy in our world which cannot be bought, bought up and redeemed, it as sand through fingers lusting power and money, will leave to become part of a cement monolith not similar to the past.

No obstacles will resist general desire of people to unite and become the new rule, unity without conflict of opposites. However in modern social conditions generation of low animal energiya of superiority of force over reason does not allow people to change motivation of the life and all together to want a unification - to catalyze such process on forces only to representatives of the present, true, Arts by means of New Planetary Sciences.

Can be criterion of true Art, so far, - subjective, not prejudiced ekspertno - statistical opinion of the people deserving public trust. The main sign of a true work of art in its need in all cycles of human life. In other words, if you have a need, for example, to listen to the concrete piece of music or to watch the movie in all natural cycles of Earth, i.e. in all solar, terrestrial and lunar phases of our next stars, but also in all phases of time of your life, at any age, then for you, for this purpose, than you for the nature are, it also is true Art. Mathematicians can easily make an integrated formula, will enter quantitative criterion, concerning the number of Mankind or the Civilization, and will receive result, mathematical analog of the validity, but it is not an essence important.

The sequence of creation of new living conditions of the Civilization is rather trivial:

• thought birth, as derivative person, informative energy of the Universe;

• quantitative enhancement, distribution, this energy among people of Earth, as general target desire;

• expectation of maturing of real conditions of implementation, sometimes very long;

• direct creation of the physical, substantiated thought prototype.

The more people at the same time and independently arrives at the same idea, the more probably that this thought is truth.

According to such scenario Mankind creates the future. Several honeycombs of years left on creation of the car and plane as which threshold served national fairy tales. From the point of view of our ancestors, it is miracles, and, in fact, - the regularity corresponding to methodology of progress in science and the

Equipment Live matter - a prototype of Informative energiya of the Universe. In the Universe, according to TOSV, there is nothing except organisms and Organic (similar to an organism structure) systems of various levels of integration of energiya. The kind of such informative energiya was registered by professor Kozyrev N. A., observing truly real and possible, future, provisions of stars.

Same washed away, a zone of the uncertain future as at the stars observed by Kozyrev, have all objects of the Universe - it is admissible, safe, “the deviation allowed the Universe“, a deviation from an ideal within which there is no rejection of innovations and destruction of artificial Organic systems - such zones define an optimum of the universal movement. Studying of safe zones of correction of the future will solve a problem of global safety of Mankind, but it is a prerogative New Planetary Nauke, in particular the Organic Metaphilosophy capable to provide Civilizations the perfect strategy of knowledge borrowed the nature which is not mistaken unlike the person overwhelmed by terrestrial passions.

From my point of view, Kozyrev observed the unknown Nauke the kind of Informative energiya caused by property of mass of physical bodies to test a mutual attraction.

Informative energy is the universal essence allowing live organisms to be improved cyclically, they play a role of hyper light feedback in processes of cyclic biosynthesis of protein - without such energiya the future is impossible. It is possible to assume that by means of Informative energiya the Universe provides cyclic reproduction of own similarity - at first progress of the spiritual sphere of human life is stimulated, and then - real. In a final result, everything will end and will begin the birth New, affiliated, the Universe.

Art, Spirituality and the Civilization - the triune component of Mankind, separately these components do not exist. Art is the substantiated harmony of the Universe. People have an opportunity to correspond to the reason of the existence and not to clash with the Universe, but for this purpose the individual should be involved in its harmony, or as the creator and the performer of works of true Art, or as the consumer, - the listener, the viewer, the reader. Quality of the Art coordinating real and spiritual spheres of human life determines the level of Spirituality of Mankind as a possibility of its existence and harmonious development in the conditions of the changing, growing old Universe. Substitute, not true, Art blocks development of the Civilization.

The future is the realized public desire, it strongly depends on unity of desires of people of Earth, and the most effective way of formation of public desires - creation of the corresponding works of Arts.

Laws of the Universe are invariable initially, but only in the ancient time Art actively participated in life of the Civilization and created the future of Mankind - presently it turned into show business, and only. Actually, Art initially - the Civilization and Science are secondary!

Only forming of priorities of development of the Civilization in a new kompozitarny order, by means of in a special way gifted representatives of the human race, is capable to direct the Civilization, first of all, Science in the direction of the true movement of the Universe, thereby, having provided to Mankind the solution of absolute majority of problems. Description cases in literature of future discoveries are not without reason known! Unfortunately, it so far exceptions, but not regularity.

System leveling of creative rushes of certain thinkers - enthusiasts - a scourge of a modern Civilization. Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla and many other ingenious sons of Mankind, everyone in due time, were deprived of energiya of the substantiated human work, i.e. money, and could not realize the thoughts. So occurs always - brilliant ideas are born and die not impregnated real energiya, i.e. money does not bring to Mankind benefit, and, often, realizes only animal instincts of superiority of certain individuals, serves as means of a narcissistic admiring as advantages whereas they have to carry out concrete function of creation and harmonization of the Noosphere. The distortion of spiritual and real energiya provoked cruel natural selection as reaction of the Nature to neglect laws of the movement of the Universe, a consequence of what toughening of living conditions and mass sufferings of people in local and in global societies was!

In the future, everything will disappear from the face of the earth, even genetic descendants of including rich people who, despite obvious preventions of the Nature, did not fit into a universal order. Absence of understanding of need of balance between the energiya corresponding to concepts of the words “take“ and “give“ by means of not only physical indignation of space of dwelling, but also social, the policy - economic, naturally will destroy the casual people who got access to big energiya, but did not manage to become by necessary elements of the Universe. To be rich - in the future will be not the privilege, but a hard work of the elite, and society will change so that not all will want to be the rich, - on modern concepts this real social miracle.

True human wealth is a knowledge of the future, i.e. fulfillment of desires, against safe life of society in the changing environment. If money-making - the only purpose of life of the specific person, then, such person poor, and is absolute, regardless of the sizes of bank accounts and quantity of property, such people are doomed to be a deadlock branch of a tree of life.

The modern Mankind - is fragmentary associations truly poor among which there are symbolically rich differing in an opportunity to force poor to perform work. If this work is aimed not at enhancement of true, universal wealth but only on percentage increase in the terrestrial capitals and at the corresponding aggravation of the power constraining natural aspirations of people to good life, then such system is similar to life of the spiders in a glass jar devouring each other.

Koordinatsionno - the analytical center of Social Technologies which I direct already at a stage of formation offers individuals, the states, the Civilization and all Mankind the most effective, in modern conditions, the solution of problems. The era of an underdeveloped determinism comes to an end - creation of KTsST opens a new era of Mankind. The organic Metaphilosophy has all reasons to be in vanguard of the decision even of such very heavy global problems of the present as motivational elimination of interstate, international, interethnic, interfaith and other antagonisms!

If this initiative of the reason of elementary shortage of energiya, i.e. money, is dropped, it will mean that the next cycle of improvement of the Civilization terminated in failure that time is lost forever that the new cycle with other structure of Mankind, at the same coplanar level, but in other time is necessary to the Universe and the Noosphere. Then with special sharpness there will also be a question - whether there will be enough resources of time and energy for repetition passed whether business will come to an end in a natural or artificial collapse of the Civilization, or perhaps and all Mankind as the Organic system which dared to move across laws of the nature.

Unprecedentedly high speed of exchange of information stimulates biosocial mutations - on Earth not only the separate types of organisms which became an unnecessary link of a chain of universal metamorphoses die out but also appear new, corresponding to new living conditions. So, to replace the short-sighted, envious, cruel and greedy, living under laws of animal pack Homo sapiens goes new, more adaptive, high degree of spirituality, rational, keeping a distance in the Universe and without special need the look which is not entering with it an antagonism, Homo sapiens knowing, the Homo sapiens knowing. It - that will also occupy the released biological niche, endangered Homo sapiens. Most likely, this become obsolete look will disappear from the face of the earth gradually, for an appreciable length of time, if does not provoke finally social disasters, revolutions and wars, type II - y World, the interethnic, religious and other global conflicts, and still, - if does not at random, use achievements of reason without the fundamental bases, the TOSV type, and is casual itself suddenly will destroy, on ignorance. The main difference of the Person of the future, Homo sapiens knowing, is an opportunity to flourish during life, according to immutable laws of the Universe.

How there was a situation in the sphere of the social, political and economic relations in the Civilization, even under favorable circumstances, nobody, except artists, - composers, singers, musicians, artists, poets, writers, directors, screenwriters, masters of the word, plasticity and dance, those who are connected by the sixth sense with the Universe, - will help people to find the hardest way out which was a consequence of a small mistake, when forming by our far ancestors of the direction of development of the Civilization.

Unfortunately, true Art now not destiny, but all real forces, all energy of the Civilization are thrown on creation of the additional deficiencies which are the strange priority direction it activity, and also on regeneration rotting from within artificial systems of economy and policy, on coordination of actions of a huge set of various, but equally useless, artificial human associations among themselves, etc. of

True Art is beauty. harmony of the Universe therefore Fyodr Dostoyevsky was right, and, paraphrasing him, it is possible to claim - Art will save the World!

No other force, except active artists, has a direct connection from the Universe, and is not able to return the Civilization which got lost, got confused in own diapers on the way of truth.