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Poverty of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - for children, banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Poverty will get rid to overcome to win to improve to eradicate to destroy value definition advantage the truth a role of the prerequisite of whom to be to the poor is considered to recognize harm why the nature of property of the reason true main to reveal accompanies promotes

and Is considered to be that the reason of poverty of the people one - bad work of the government though actually there is a lot of them.

and the True reasons of poverty in society - are suppressed.

zd People by the nature are not capable to recognize the truth about the shortcomings and defects. p it is better for

not to state Shortcomings and their weakness to people, and to create a situation and to bring to that that they revealed it.

to the Person who is not knowing the truth - grew blind.

pzd the Person cannot improve the material state - without knowing the reason of the poverty.

pzd the Person cannot improve the material state - having been sure that there is no his fault, in it.

pv is easier to improve financial position - if the reason of poverty to begin to look for in themselves.

and Morality does not allow the person to live is more well-founded than the majority.

and Philanthrophy not to humiliate people, not to cause in them envy, discontent - stops from enrichment.

and Spirituality, doing material minor - reduces interest of the person in money.

and Generosity, making the person happy, dear, favourite - weakens his financial position.

zd Abilities of the person to earning money in many respects depend on heredity.

and People happen, are poor from - for bad health.

pvd Material weakness happens from ignorance.

kp Education - a direct way to material welfare.

pv Many people are poor from the fact that they are not able to spend money reasonably.

and Some poor, unreasonably spending money, pass them through themselves more than the people who are well off.

kp the Best economy - refusal from superfluous.

and to become economical - it is necessary to learn to appreciate.

and sometimes also want to pay Idlers and idlers more - yes are afraid that they will not come to work.

and Some people work only quickly in the most extreme need.

p Poverty is promoted by pride, importance, vanity, self-love.

pd to Prosperity is promoted by self-control.

pd Many do by poor addictions. pd Many are poor in

from - for defects. sexual concern can be

and the Reason of poverty.

zd It is possible to be poor - from - for lack of sensible calculation.

p Poverty can be from - for unsociability.

and Unaccomodating from working collective is expelled.

kvp the Sister of poverty - wastefulness.

kvp Laziness - is on friendly terms with poverty.

vpz In modern, democratic society with opportunities, identical to all, under favorable conditions the main reason of poverty of people - inability to live. It, first of all laziness, nonsense, wastefulness, not thrift, wastefulness, levity, absence of control ….

vp the People who are not able to handle money are always poor, not - is dependent

on the income.

vp already, as a rule, is enough Ability to save not to be very poor.

to the Guarantor of prosperity - a practicality.

dv Desire to do favorite thing, despite of his low income - often results the person in poverty.

ipv One of the main reasons of poverty that people strenuously of

look for ways of increase in the income, creating fierce competition

and even danger to life and very few people so actively work in

of area of reduction of expenses though in it nobody disturbs.

dv One of the main reasons of poverty - insatiability of the rich in moneymaking.

dv Great variety of kind, decent, most beautiful people - live modestly.

vz Many great lived in poverty not because could not make advertizing of production of the creativity and it is favorable to sell it. But because money meant nothing to them, and business had essential value.

zd the Idea, can take away everything.

zd Keen on creativity - does not think of prosperity. with

to One others are not rich from nonsense, - from mind.

and If the noble, enterprising person is rather poor - means, he wishes it.

d to Force the person to pretend to be to the poor the fear is capable.

z prevents the person to Recognize the low abilities an instinct of self-preservation of the slow and sluggish nature which is not in time to change behind a prompt civilization - what the person, did not become despondent.

z Low abilities of the person to enrichment in modern a spiritless civilization - often are moral advantages, this rather strong antidote from despondency.

z Disarmed by false idea of the poverty - the person does not work on itself, does not blow necessary abilities and skills, and the tench grumbles, dreams of the good tsar, good luck, the help, justice.

to the Needing rich man is poor - not needing poor is rich. dv If the person lacks

money - it is poor, is not dependent on their quantity.

pl Poverty from kindness and spirituality - is beautiful, ennobled and noble.

and Poverty from nonsense and laziness - is pathetic, humiliating and bitter.

in Jesus Christ was poorer than all of us.

p Is poor that - who sees wealth in money.

in Poverty not absence, but desire of wealth.

in Owning big appliances mistakenly consider not needing and happy - the vast majority of them are in replenishment of means,

in great need and are far from happiness.

in C of People, running away from horrors of poverty, has to stop in time that by inertia not to get to a wealth nightmare.

skvlp not to need necessary, it is necessary to refuse unnecessary.

in Poverty reduces unnecessary - so and harmful requirements. dv the Moderate need of the person disciplines


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