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In school, in school, good luck! How to choose a backpack to the pupil?

Here also there came the wonderful school time! Almost all school students bought all necessary for study - notebooks, handles, diaries, pencils and, of course, a portfolio. But many parents approach the choice of accessories to the child too indifferently - “If only it was pleasant to the child!“, and it is impossible to allow such relation as can depend on it, including, and health of the school student! In particular, it is necessary to approach the choice of a satchel with special attention. In this regard - several recommendations.

In - the first, surely give preference to satchels on two adjustable straps (which width has to be about 3 - 5 centimeters) and do not buy to younger school students of a bag on one strap at all! It causes deformation of a weak backbone that is fraught in the future with problems with a back and blood supply. Especially the statistics speaking about active distribution of scoliosis at younger school students (1 - 4 classes) frightens!

In - the second, pay attention to weight and spaciousness of a portfolio : the weight of an empty portfolio of the school student should not exceed 700 grams. And capacity can be checked by means of the folder of the A4 format which has to be located freely in a bag as, generally the biggest textbooks, and also various workbooks and albums have such size.

It is desirable that in a satchel there were many various departments and pockets - it will help your child to become accurater, he will precisely remember where this or that accessory lies, but not to rummage in its searches in all portfolio.

The following what it is necessary to pay attention to - quality of a satchel . Material of which it is made has to be dense, rather easy, frost-resistant (it is especially actual in northern regions of our country where temperature falls to - 30). And also this material has to be steady against attrition. It is possible to check it, having carried out on a bag by a wet rag: if it was painted, then it is undesirable to buy such portfolio, otherwise in a month it will lose the look.

Do not follow the tastes of the child who asks you to take, for example, a bright briefcase with the image of his favourite animated heroes - usually it no more, than the Chinese consumer goods of poor quality which quickly “razleztsya on seams“. Take a simple, modest portfolio of a domestic production better - not too bright, but qualitative!

The satchel size is also important such fact as - it is desirable that it was not more than width of shoulders of the school student (and at times it is a pity to watch that at first graders who have a backpack about its own growth behind the back!) .

The back of a portfolio has to be rather firm - thus contents will not be rumpled, and the back of the school student will remain in one situation, without giving in to a curvature.

After purchase it is also important to pay attention to how your child uses a new thing: the filled school bag, according to Institute of age physiology of Russian joint stock company, has to weigh 10 percent from the body weight of the child , that is for the first grader 2,5 - 3 kilograms are a norm. Do not allow the younger school student to take with yourself excess accessories (like three pink erasers with fruit aroma and five handles with suspension brackets), there is no advantage of them, and the weight of a portfolio increases by 0,5 - 1 kilograms!

Generally, following this simple advice, you will choose a qualitative thing for the child, and will be quiet for the child and his health!