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Whether there is a sex after the delivery?

in 2 - 3 weeks after appearance of the kid many couples hurry to return to full-fledged sexual life. At the same time there is a mass of questions: how when, and, above all - whether it is safe to be engaged in it after the delivery?

Postnatal abstention

Abstention - the basic rule of safety measures after the delivery. Even if the woman feels perfectly and hormones have an effect in several days after the delivery, experts recommend to refrain from intimate proximity at least within 6 - 8 weeks. Such period will be required to a mucous membrane of a uterus for a complete recovery.

Too early return to pleasant occupation threatens with infectious diseases, and also an inflammation of an inside layer of a uterus - an endometriya. If childbirth proceeded hard and was followed by ruptures of a crotch, the period of abstention is recommended to be increased till 2 - 3 months. However, this rule concerns only vaginal sex - its shortcoming can quite be compensated by the oral or acceptable for partners other type of sex. It is safe to test oral and genital caress in the first days after the delivery.

Safety measures

Anyway, renewal of sexual contacts it is recommended to make gradually: not to damage to the fabrics which are restored after the delivery. The first contacts will demand a maximum of attention and tenderness from the partner - it needs to understand and accept numerous changes in physiology by recently become woman`s the mother. Vagina walls will come back some more months to a prenatal state - at this time there can be a temporary decrease in sensitivity.

Special exercises, for example, slow retraction and relaxation of muscles of a vagina (such exercises are recommended to be carried out in various poses several times a day) or special postnatal physical therapy will help to accelerate restoration process. The arising discomfort can always be overcome by means of experiments, for example, of change of a tilt angle and selection of more comfortable poses.

of the Measure of the self-help

Special attention during this period will be required to

to intimate hygiene: even after necessary 6 - 8 weeks the organism of the woman will be especially sensitive to various infections.

During the first sexual contacts many women feel dryness in a vagina - it is quite natural postnatal phenomenon. It is caused by a lack of estrogen of an organism. Lubricants (gels and greasings) which are on sale in drugstores, sex - shops and supermarkets will help to cope with a problem.

Certain difficulties trap the woman and from the point of view of a psychological state - to 8% of women faces during the postnatal period a depression and completely loses interest in sexual contacts. The conflicts between the tired spouses are widespread - very often there are offenses on the husband who helps to care for the house and the child insufficiently. It is important that during this difficult period someone helped young mother: remained with the kid, supported psychologically etc.

Very often spouses just cannot relax - it seems that the child can wake up at any time. In this case it is possible not to postpone intimate proximity for night time, and to ask the grandmother or the nurse to take a walk with the child in the afternoon a little. If independently it is not possible to endure crisis, it makes sense to register in reception to the qualified family psychologist. the Lactation does not protect

from pregnancy?

One more important question of which it is necessary to think after the delivery - protection against undesirable pregnancy. Despite rather high awareness in questions of contraception, 10% of the Russian mothers do abortion in the first year after the delivery!

One of the reasons of similar indicators - resistant belief in contraceptive effect of breastfeeding. It really exists, but to rely on it experts do not advise - it remains only within 6 months after the delivery and only at observance of the whole list of severe conditions (feeding is strict on demand, lack of an additional dopaivaniye or dokarmlivaniye etc.) . In other cases it is necessary to use contraceptives. Especially reliable contraception is important for the women who gave rise by means of Cesarean section, the recommended break between pregnancy and childbirth in their case makes 2 years necessary for formation of a full-fledged hem on a uterus.

If the woman nurses the kid, the choice of suitable contraceptives is considerably narrowed - they have to be effective and safe for the kid. Recently given rise woman is recommended to refuse inexact physiological methods at once: calendar and temperature. In the first 6 months after the birth of the kid the combined hormonal contraceptives containing estrogen are contraindicated to the feeding mothers - this hormone can affect amount of breast milk. After 6 months of breastfeeding the child needs to enter a feeding up, his dependence on breast milk decreases therefore it is perhaps safe to use the combined contraceptives.

An intrauterine spiral - a convenient method of contraception, however its use it is possible not always. Besides to start use of an intrauterine spiral young mother needs to pass inspection and several times to visit the obstetrician`s doctor - the gynecologist that is not always convenient.

The feeding mothers can use barrier and chemical methods of contraception (condoms, caps, spermitsida etc.) . However they can cause discomfort in the woman from - for hypersensibility and dryness mucous. Contraception for freedom

If wants to

bigger freedom and ease in intimate relations, it is possible to use hormonal contraceptives without estrogen.

“Use of a progestinovy contraceptive is absolutely safe for the nursing mother and the child. Due to maintenance high-selective (possessing sharp selectivity) derivative hormone of a progestagen they are effective for protection against undesirable pregnancy, but do not influence at the same time quality and amount of breast milk. During reception of such tablets the organism of the woman stops production of own hormones, the ovulation does not come, and pregnancy is impossible. Action of such tablets remains only during their regular reception - active ingredients of these contraceptives are completely removed from an organism within 36 hours. Unlike the combined contraceptives, a pill without estrogen is taken for 28 days without week break. Separate advantage of progestinovy contraceptives is decrease in menstrual blood loss and improvement of the general health of young mother“ , - Tatyana Viktorovna Kaznacheeva tells, to. m of N, associate professor of reproductive medicine and surgery of MGMSU, expert of the There Are No Surprises -! program.

Well and of course, happily the motherhood will help to pass into the new period of the life - the positive relation to life. Remember that the changed figure, mood swings and sexual difficulties - a temporary phenomenon with which will help to cope time, the balanced food, walks in the fresh air and reasonable physical activities. The main thing that in a family there was a little man for the sake of whom it is possible to pass through any difficulties.