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Workplace ergonomics: how to keep health and working capacity?

the new educational season Began, school students and students started occupations. Holiday-makers come to the office workplaces. I want to remind rules of ergonomics of a workplace famous to all of us, it is no secret, that our efficiency and health of our dear children who still should “look after us in old age“ depends on it.

Most important, in my opinion, as we sit at a desktop . The chair which spins round its pivot-center by all 360 degrees and goes, but if it is necessary to descend to other room or an office is convenient, everything is better - to descend. The chair has to be regulated on height, so that knees of sitting were at right angle. If in a family one computer workplace - for the father, mother and kids, then it is necessary to see to it that there were several stools or supports under legs if height of a chair does not allow to maintain a right angle in knees. Surely there have to be armrests and it is desirable direct, but not slanted. During the work with the keyboard elbows have to lie on armrests also at right angle.

The back of a chair has to be not big, but convenient and prop up a waist, are not welcomed at a hard work with the “management chairs“ computer - with big backs. The cover of a table has to be continuation of armrests of a chair that hands did not sag, and lay on a table. It is the best of all to do a computer table under the order, standard tables very seldom happen functional, it concerns the choice of furniture home and first of all for kids.

Operating mode : after each 20 - 25 minutes to look afar and to stretch, at least, and it is better to walk on a ladder to steam of flights, to make gymnastics for eyes. After 40 - 50 minutes of work at the computer - a break surely of 10 minutes, that is not rest, but activity change: to transfer papers, to shift daddies, to drink coffee if the situation allows also administration. After 2,5 business hours - more thorough break from the computer, not less than 30 minutes. In general, still at “uniform and indestructible“ there were rules for operators COMPUTERS: direct work at the computer 4 hours at 8 - the hour working day. I understand that at many the private employer will not suffer idle times therefore you remember that health - yours and try to choose “golden mean“.

In my opinion it is necessary to carry to ergonomics of a workplace also skill of a fast set on the keyboard , here we will be helped: “Stamina“, “Solo“ and other keyboard exercise machines, and also studying of fast keyboard combinations of programs in which you most often work. For this purpose it is necessary just to open help.

And last council. Now many on a workplace or houses have a laptop, a wish - buy the convenient keyboard, for example, of Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 or Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000. The second is two and a half times cheaper, and the same conveniences, believe experience of the author. And a mouse under a palm: to men - is larger, to women and children - the small animal is more graceful.

These recommendations are not dogma, they are simply output in the empirical way, that is on own experience of the user of the computer already for 15 years.