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The woman and age - two sworn enemies?

the Woman in fall of life … The first thin threads of silver in well-groomed hair causing universal horror in their owners. Gold rays of laughter in corners already somehow gloomily laughing eyes, as if from time immemorial guilty for something before someone. The slender nervous fingers which are involuntarily clenching in a fist should be taken them in the palms, whether in unintentional attempt to hide their not womanly natruzhennost, whether always ready to fight and defense. And fear in all body: I grow old and I will be necessary to nobody soon...

Fear of relentless time, as well as fear of loneliness, - the main, all-conquering fear of the woman. The woman, in itself representing natural fear and its passive experience (fear to lose, not to be in time, not to make), fear for a family, for children, for the husband, for world peace, completely gets to the power of this one, all-conquering fear: fear of aging. Because old - means, ugly. Ugly - means, unloved. Unloved - means, the defective woman. Even if she is the director of own enterprise, the fear of aging sits in everyone.

Presently, time of hypertrophied loud worship of all young and beautiful, and on the is glamourous - haughty manners as to the main advantages before other more modest in this regard competitors, this fear forces any woman losing these on her deep belief, two main assets in an arsenal of the modern lady, to feel the defective, losing the value in the market life. Still, if still yesterday in all throat we sang of the woman - mother, the woman - the worker, the woman - the citizen and such integral female qualities as fidelity, modesty and chastity, forcing the woman to feel more many-sided and complete, not attached only to the female appeal, then today remember these virtues rather from decency or on an old habit.

Youth and beauty were highly appreciated at all times. But along with their chanting of an appreciation still a number of the human advantages giving more - less full image of the person generally and women in particular received. And nowadays, having very much convinced the woman that the main thing for the woman is a beautiful wrapper and yesterday`s Lolita`s age, having imposed her this new mentality, we thereby as if sterilized the woman, having cut off from it just all most important. Without what the woman - not the woman, and so, beautiful bed accessory.

If to try to reject aside habitual stereotypes and not to listen attentively to foreign loud opinions, and to include own thought process, then in the mature woman it is possible to see not only the withering appearance and melancholy in eyes. It is not necessary to feel sorry haughtily for her and in advance to bury, squeezing in the standard framework of bed interiors.

The woman, unlike the uniform, equal man whose machismo directly as a steel rod, - as the butterfly, by the nature, naturally endures several natural stages of evolution, lives several lives, plays several roles, each of which is unique. At first, it is the girl, the girl. One person, with the character, thoughts, aspirations. Then it is mother. Already person another, new. Then the grandmother - mother in a square. She is a daughter, the sister, the girlfriend, the wife, mother, the grandmother, the citizen, the creator. And everywhere it different, sometimes at the same time it is also inconsistent. The mature woman is a life practical experience for all occasions. It is experience of the relations. Experience is sexual, so valued us, men.

At all not clear man`s preference of very young maidens to mature, skilled women. To enter into the relations not with whimsical, concentrated on itself, not knowing how to behave with the man, let also externally effective young person, and with the woman with the past, highly experienced, guessed not only that she wants, the woman, but also understood what wants also waits he, the man. Not with modern, egocentric, canny feminy, on barter ready to exchange the legs “from ears“ and a breast of the fifth size for a registration in Moscow and a monthly contribution to it in a three-digit size of c.u., and with the woman at that age when she already ceases to lie to herself and the men because she on own experience understands advantage of the truth before lie, and the sincere relations - before false.

It is considered to be that in the relations we are selfish and exacting, men. But what to tell about inquiries of modern young persons when at everyone the whole list of claims to candidates and not the smaller list of claims to the elects some of which sometimes are simply not compatible to life... with life near such person? What you will not tell about the ladies of the senior generation who learned introspection and gained ability to look at itself the man`s eyes. They are self-critical, samoironichna also are able to concede, without holding such qualities as obstinacy and a capriciousness for female virtues.

In public places to me especially on temper to watch such women, middle-aged women. Tightened and elegant in that manner which is got only with experience and after time they especially attract my look. Such can be dressed absolutely not necessarily in superfashionable and expensive clothes, and it is rather, on the contrary, in what is sewed independently or in inexpensive studio, but it is surely natural also with taste. At such women on a face, in behavior it is written: “I know the own worth as to the woman. And it at all not in the dirty pieces of paper called money“.

Such women are, as a rule, self-sufficient. And as it is told, is not obligatory in monetary or quantitative value of a movable and immovable junk at all. They are self-sufficient that gained experience, that understanding of life and men, including as element necessary for their full female existence.

A clever look of slightly tired eyes which have feature over time to gain a certain mysteriousness and mystery what they are almost always deprived during a young time. Perhaps it from losses, disappointments and vyplakanny tears. Perhaps from what - who knows. As well as silent, a ghost of a smile in which sad corners all untold words of love and tenderness to the one who will already hardly hear them are covered.

We somehow forgot partially that, besides beautiful and mad youth, there is both a beautiful skilled maturity, and a beautiful wise old age. And the woman is beautiful not only the natural physical appeal in young years, is so more shameless stuck out by time to us under the nose which often is given by itself and it is possible. But also it is beautiful and attractive by the charm acquired over the years, elegance and ability to build up the relationship. It is beautiful to attract and hold that clever science near itself not simply sex appeal, and what demands mind work. That as as she says how she arrives that does.

The middle-aged skilled woman - it is so attractive. Also it is promising in every respect.