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Whether it is possible to carry a knife for self-defense? No way!

It is known that criminal liability for carrying a cold weapon is cancelled since 2003. At most, that threatens the owner of the weapon: a penalty with paid confiscation of a knife - and that only in case it is recognized as a cold weapon. The majority of the knives which are available on free sale (the speech first of all about folding, the most convenient for carrying) belong to the category hozyaystvenno - household, as the weapon are not considered and their carrying is not forbidden. In this regard, and also with the general change of customs in society, there was popular a carrying knives.

A question “why“ usually answer:

- as the tool (“to open a box, to cut a sausage“);

- for self-defense.

Here I also want to dwell upon the second point.

In recent years in Russia schools of knife fight actively open and work. Train in it almost at all schools of self-defense, there are books, without speaking about video which in the Network not to consider. Also the sports knife fight championships are held. Generally, this subject is actively untwisted. And at some (quite considerable) part of the population arises and the idea to use a knife as the self-defense weapon is consolidated.

As often happens, potential “self-defense industry employee“ considers that rather just to have the weapon. Business reaches trainings at the very few. But now not that hooligans can take away a knife from the inept self-defense industry employee and thrust the speech to it... where - nibud. A knife - and really the serious weapon capable to do considerable harm even in the clumsy`s hands.

Carrying a knife “for self-defense“, you have to realize accurately: you carry the murder tool. Quite so and in any way differently. And if you are not ready to assume overall responsibility for the actions, do not carry a knife even “just in case“.

Why the knife is not suitable for self-defense?

1. It is very easy to kill or put with a knife heavy injury (and also the disfiguration which is equated to it).

2. In turmoil of real fight it is very difficult to control a knife. More precisely, attempt to control extent of defeat of the opponent is fraught with defeat (in real fight is a severe injury or death).

Present that the forward rushed on you, despite the knife exposed forward. You remember Bruce Lee`s words that on the street very strange people meet? Here such strange or bad, or extremely impudent and self-confident person can rush on a knife. Or the opponent will try to take away your hand with a knife and to reach you. If you are obviously adjusted not to allow death of the opponent, you will need only to take away the weapon not to allow attacking it to come across. In a sleduyushchuyusekunda you ogrebt on full, and swinging a knife, trying to cut or stick an aggressor, you risk to put it serious wound. Then you should not have taken away a knife...

Perhaps, it is the main argument against attempts to apply a knife as means of self-defense. It is too easy to put a mortal wound. Any hope that you will be able to use a knife non-lethal is unjustified. That is it is possible, you will manage it. It is impossible even to exclude possibilities that one demonstration of a knife will appear enough that the aggressor refused the intentions. But the guarantee cannot be given - so, the legal liability and own conscience will be on you.

I mentioned demonstration because many count on it. What at threat emergence will be to take out and show enough a knife and determination to apply it that aggressors refused intention to attack.

It is quite possible. But whether it is worth counting on it? I do not advise. The determination to apply“ a knife is not for nothing mentioned “above. The opponent can feel absence of this determination, understand that he is frightened. And then everything can turn back for “self-defense industry employee“ much worse, than could - just for the fact that threatened with a knife.

Perhaps, demonstration of a knife will provoke forwards to a use of weapons: cold or traumatic. But whether it will be better if you, having shown sufficient determination, adequately meet the opponent? I will repeat: in real fight not before the choice the technician and defeat zones! Perhaps, there are great masters with an extensive experience and fantastic reflexes, capable to completely control the opponent and to strictly dose defeat. Perhaps. I such did not meet and even did not hear about them.

A knife - the weapon too dangerous and difficult controllable. Both in the hands, and in strangers. Speeds are too big, the striking ability, plus a small distance of fight is big. Knife do not fence, it almost does not allow to control the opponent - but it is very easy to come across a knife in a dump (into which a street fight almost inevitably turns). Add to it an inevitable stress. Add lack of fitness at the vast majority of men. Plus what in a fever of a fight of people can not feel even serious wound and continue aggressive actions - perhaps, getting new injuries.

Cases when skilled fighters - athletes without special work finished with the aggressors armed with a knife are known, receiving heavy (and sometimes deadly) wounds by accident. For example, the received blow of people in falling waves a knife … is ready. At the athlete the stomach is unstitched.

Or more than once the occurring cases with the fighters who were dealing shortly with attackers by means of a throw (with serious traumatizing an aggressor) and receiving on the course a casual poke a knife. Sometimes - to death.

Therefore do not hope that you will cut to the forward a hand or a forehead, or you will thrust a knife in a hip. Yes, it is possible to make all this, and experts own similar methods. Here only they also realize risk of application of a knife for self-defense. Because experience teaches them that real fight is unpredictable. That the cut of a hand or person can stop the opponent, and can give it rage. That attacking the person, it is possible to get easily on a carotid or a jugular vein, attacking a hip - to injure a femoral artery. And it is almost inevitable very fast death of the opponent and prison term for “self-defense industry employee“. I do not speak about pangs of conscience and regrets about own broken destiny. Wanted to frighten, and it turned out … I understand

Ya that a knife - a favourite toy of many men. Especially now, when it became possible to carry knives and it is fashionable. But it is necessary to understand and remember that a knife - first of all the tool. And definitely not the weapon of self-defense. The only purpose of a knife as weapon - to kill. All the rest - the self-deception dangerous to and others.

Often supporters of “self-defense“ as “irresistible“ argument say that “A knife - the integral attribute of life of the free citizen“. Perhaps, it indeed. Here only it means still a clear understanding of consequences of the actions. And responsibility for them.

Therefore if you cannot estimate all consequences of application of a knife for self-defense - do not even try to use it. Use something less killing, and be better just more careful. It is known that the best tool of self-defense - the head.