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How on Kamchatka prepare a chinook? A fish stake with vegetables

the Fairy land Kamchatka. To reach it from Moscow 9 hours of aviatravel will be required “only“. First it is necessary the capital inhabitant who got used to vanity, noise and automobile ashes hardly. But fertile east suburb of Russia compensates all “inconveniences“ by almost virgin nature not only known for volcanoes and geysers, but plentifully giving to the active traveler the fruits...

The generous peninsula is extraordinary rich, one mushrooms more than 300 types are known here. What is interesting - worm-eaten practically does not happen. And still berries - cowberry, blueberry, a honeysuckle, a shiksha...

And, of course, on the peninsula almost from all directions surrounded with water, abundance of fish and seafood. They are consumed in any kind and huge quantities. One of local dishes - the chinook baked in an oven with vegetables.

A chinook - “small“ such local small fish, the average size under meter, but meets also to one and a half. This is the largest of the Pacific salmons, it is powerful reaching tens of kilograms.

Cutting of such big fish - work man`s. From gutted fish delete fins, just cut off a big and sharp knife, trying not to touch hulk. Feature of a chinook - practical lack of scales. Not that it there was not at all, but if there is no desire to shkryabat the multikilogram big fish, it is quite possible to do without cleaning, locals and arrive.

Having separated the head from which in the future it is possible to cook excellent fish soup, meat of fish cut off from bones. On a finishing table it is placed a paunch to themselves and accurately cut - saw along ridge in the direction of a tail, separating fillet with costal bones.

The main thing in this simple, but labor-consuming operation not to leave on ridge superfluous and not to damage integrity of the cut-off fillet for what are active a knife so that the hand constantly felt a contact of a knife and a bone.

As a result of double repetition of “operation“ two layers of excellent natural red color of fish fillet have to turn out.

By the way, a salmon of red color not from the birth, and not from age. The reason - food of fish. The more in the menu of a salmon of the krill, the red shade is brighter. On the Norwegian farms which are growing up a salmon to the wholesale client even suggest to choose “color“ of a salmon on printing samples as if a hair-dye in perfumery shop. Try to obtain the necessary shade the painting additives in compound feed. Consider it, buying in a supermarket red fish.

In the spread fish still there were costal bones. Them, as well as a film from an internal surface, it is necessary to clean. Hooking a bone knife tip, they on one are captured fingers and, without bending, pull out from fish, trying not to damage fillet. Skin (together with scales if did not solve differently) is left on the place.

For roasting fillet layer entirely, most likely, is not required. Best of all the most fat part will approach, is closer to the head. However, everything depends on the sizes of the company and capacity of an oven.

A fish stake of the required size before sending to an oven, pickle. Salt, sprinkle soy sauce a little, squeeze out juice of a half of a lemon and add some olive oil. I observe identity will give seasonings and spices. Their quantity and structure can be chosen from personal preferences. Rub with marinade all portion piece, without forgetting the party covered with skin.

Pickle a chinook not for long, it is quite enough hour. During this time it is possible to clean and cut potatoes, onions and tomatoes.

Potatoes cut by circles are stacked on the aluminum foil folded double. Over potatoes - the layer of onions rings and tomatoes which are also cut by circles. Soft “cover“ from fennel and a basil on which from above put the pickled chinook stake will not prevent.

Over fish - the same layer of vegetables, as under it. Unlike the lower layer, top salt. In general a set - potato, onions, tomatoes - rather conditional. I do not think that replacement with their other vegetables, for example, with eggplants or sweet pepper, will spoil something. It will be all the same tasty, the result is guaranteed.

Edges of a foil turn in that during cooking juice did not spread. From above it is possible to leave a parcel open, from excessive influence of temperature fish will be protected by a layer of greens and vegetables.

Here, actually, and all. It was necessary to lay a parcel in an oven and to bake minutes 10 - 15 at a temperature of 180 - 190 degrees.

Bon appetit!