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How to turn appearance shortcomings into advantages? Part 2

At the Geneva university poll “Was conducted that beauty means to you?“ On its results it turned out that beauty on the importance was equated to health. It is clear, that a sound body can be and ugly. At the same time any woman, as if she was beautiful, will always find an occasion to be dissatisfied with the appearance, will worry and suffer from - for “shortcomings“. Such is female nature.

High growth

two letters Caught sight to me: one - cry from the heart of the girl: “I have a problem: high growth, a wide bone, I look kilogram on 80, many acquaintances so say though I have the weight of 65 kg with quite high growth. What to do? Help!“ And the second - opposite: “It is pleasant to be high. Very much like tall girls. First of all also pay attention to them. So in it there is just no problem any. And there is an occasion once again to be proud of themselves“. Who is right?

If you watched the show “Miss World“ or “Miss Universe“, then for certain noticed that tall, slender girls with long legs, growth from 180 cm and participate in these prestigious competitions above. Looking through women`s magazines, we pay attention that all models of high growth. Let`s remember Inna Gomez, Natalya Vodianova, Kate Moss. It is the high beauties having very favorable contracts with well-known companies. Tall girls are those who are evident at once who instantly draws attention. Therefore, in my opinion, high growth is one of powerful advantages of the woman, but not a shortcoming at all!

Curvy shapes

I Want to quote the letter of one more woman who is dissatisfied with the build: “I have very big breast and I high, inclined to completeness. Therefore always I try to put on sweaters, loose overalls - that the breast was not really excreted“. You can imagine how this woman spoils herself, putting on volume things! In such dresses it looks as a bag with potato...

What I can advise this lady? She needs just to emphasize a beautiful breast. For this purpose it is worth getting clothes with deep cut. Best of all for this purpose the “flying“ jackets and dresses will approach. Will well hide completeness and multilayered dresses with scarfs and capes. And still: it is necessary to give itself, having placed emphasis on a hairdress and a face. Better the magnificent hairdress or long hair will approach such figure. The make-up can be brighter, the large role is played also by jewelry. They have to be massive: earrings, bracelet, two-three of rings. Here in such “frame“ from clothes, a hairdress, a make-up and jewelry the woman will look a queen, but not a paper bag. Non-standard figure It can be presented to


in two main options. The first - the woman has narrow shoulders and a thorax, and wide hips (“type A“). And the second - big shoulders, an average breast, narrow hips and thin legs (“type V“). What to do in both cases? To combine clothes which will help “to strengthen“ problem part of a body and will hide unnecessary disproportions.

For example if the woman has a figure of type A, then she can advise the following: to wear blouses with shoulder pads, the shortened jackets, rather short knitted jackets with big cut triangular, a caret, the boat. Will visually give volume one wide strip at the level of a breast. If you like to wear trousers, then trousers of male breed, with dense landing on hips will be suitable for magnificent hips. Below surely there have to be vertical lines. It can be a fastener, shooters of trousers, folds of a skirt or some vertical drawing. And one more good advice: you wear skirts and trousers with the elastic bands sewed on each side. They “level“ sharp transition from a waist to hips.

Such option will be suitable for women of “type V“. For the top part blouses - shirts with a sleeve a raglan are very good. They will visually narrow big shoulders and favourably focus attention to breasts. Unfortunately, it is necessary to refuse t-shirts and sweaters with round cuts. It is necessary to adopt an ideal cut of a skirt. It softly extends from hips and comes for a knee on 5-10 cm. Folds or a slanting cut when drawing diagonal will look very well year. Such skirts hide problems with hips. Correctly picked up clothes forever will remove a problem of a non-standard figure.

the Small breast

One of the main advantages of female beauty is a breast, part of a female body, very attractive to men. But the man loves the woman in general as the personality, but not one separately taken beautiful breast. But many women do not want to recognize it and try to achieve appeal only due to the appearance. It is a big mistake. Possibly, importance of the sizes, forms and beauty of a breast is strongly exaggerated. And what you will order to do to women if the breast not of that size or is insufficiently beautiful?

Now it is possible to find a set of the announcements offering without operation with the help in the Internet a miracle - means to increase a breast. Plastic surgeons are ready to come to you the help too and guarantee excellent result in short terms. But before throwing the head in a whirlpool, reflect for a minute: whether so you need to increase a breast generally. To swallow of unknown medicines, to lay down under the surgeon`s knife. Consequences of “miracle methods“ can be unpredictable.

If you understood that a miracle - tablets and silicone not for you, it is necessary to get used to live with that breast which you have. In other words, it is necessary to fall in love with himself such what you are. But there is a lawful question: and whether it is possible with such parameters it will be pleasant to men? Naturally, it is possible! Men have different tastes. Some very much like a small compact breast which will be located in one palm. Many men are not attracted at all by immense silicone delights. From it pleasure approximately same, as from inflatable sex - dolls!

Problem legs

Full legs and uneven legs. In that case should not carry pass - skirts and cut-offs. It is better to prefer a skirt of normal length with cuts. It looks too very sexually.

Short legs. This problem is solved simply. It is necessary to wear trousers with the overestimated belt or with strongly underestimated waist. Expansion of trousers from hips, the extended trouser-legs have to close a high heel completely. In such composition your legs will look long and harmonous.

Hairy and curve legs. At me is familiar with such legs. I somehow asked it why she will not make an epilation standing. She looked at me with such horror that I hurried to apologize. But she explained to me that her husband considers women with curve and hairy legs the most sexual. If she depilates from legs, then he will instantly divorce her … I only threw up the hands and did not find that to answer it. By the way, I noticed that many girls with “legs a wheel“ do not even try to hide them. They carry pass - skirts as are sure of the appeal: they are all the same loved. Even with curve legs! To me such position to liking.

So, dear ladies, I want to remind once again that there are no ugly women. But if somewhere in the depth of your consciousness still there were doubts about it, and worry concerning shortcomings of your appearance, then now you know how it is possible to correct it easily and quickly.

And you are a queen on a life holiday! Gentlemen take off before you hats and “are stacked“ at your legs.