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Why we live and who needs it?

are More and more convinced that all accidents in our life are not casual, at all! Whether it be incidentally let fall word and an unexpected meeting, an unconscious look, you did not think that all these small pieces actually not untied chaotic events, but parts of one big puzzle which is collected by ourselves? And this puzzle life...

For some reason we bring together him in blind, pulling out pieces from a bag as lotto kegs, and we display where it is necessary. We do not know what has to turn out as a result, often we do not understand what to carry this or that piece to and we put it aside, and then we forget, or, simply, we throw out. Such pieces can be much, and the puzzle will not gather. And someone does not understand at all what to do with all these pieces, and only and is engaged all life in the fact that he gets them and puts in pockets or gives to passersby … Yes, it is very ridiculous! And still these pieces can try to be filed or recoloured to receive the picture necessary to us … Just from this will leave?

There is a question, how to us get bags? Nevertheless, it seems to me that nobody gives this bag at the birth to us, ourselves bring together him before being embodied. We decide what for the picture will be, maybe, we even do so that it is possible to receive several pictures, how to pack pieces or what pieces to get. It seems to me, here all especially individually, and still depends on a soul maturity. And in general, all this reminds me computer games.

When you only begin to play, you choose level on easier to understand rules, to be accustomed. If it was not pleasant to you, then you take other type of game, but you begin with simple rules too. And if it was pleasant, then you are involved, become the expert, and each time complicate to yourself a task “for interest, for adrenaline“, you choose opponents more feasible, conditions on more strictly, with ambiguous and intricate situations, puzzles etc. You are carried away by process, you like to overcome limits which you also delivered yourself! Why in the global plan cannot be also?

Only present! Life like a big computer game, these games is different, on different planets and with different conditions, choose!

Within one planet scenarios can, also, be varied, but the general course will be about one. Well, it as in computer games, someone likes strategy, to someone shooter games, someone loves quests (i.e. this direction), but also shooter games, for example, happen different as according to the scenario, and as necessary to apply mental and physical abilities.

Here the soul also chooses what she wants “to play“ this time what experience to get what to understand, overcome, perhaps, to prove to itself, grow up in the spiritual plan.

For certain, there are souls which, simply, play, literally. But, in general, process to me seems quite so. The soul gets some experience what is necessary to it experience and for what, it solves the same as we solve, choosing the book. Not the secret that in different life situations and at different stages of the life we address different books / magazines / newspapers, everything depends on what we want to learn. I think, as moves soul curiosity, interest and, I will not be afraid to tell, pleasure.

You will tell that in our life there is more grief, than pleasure and pleasure, but look what computer games are played more often by people: blood, slaughter, occupations of the states, heroes of games suffer, and those who operate them derive pleasure and want continuation! And the soul, learns itself with each new life, investigates secret corners of the essence, gropes sides, breaks barriers, looks for limits of the opportunities, trains, and overcomes them, admires itself and other souls, and movable continues by passion, interest, delight, and continues, all creates for itself new conditions, barriers, ways of development and a growing.

For what? Why?

to me it seems so: spirit / absolute / god learns himself and self-actualizes having divided into billions of souls, the worlds, times and spaces, at the same time he is constantly multiplied, grows and his game becomes more and more thin, intricate and openwork, he plays as the small child, selflessly, in seriousness, but also for a minute without forgetting that it is only game!

It, really skillful player, and it is not casual, our children same, they still remember whom they were till the birth, and then are fond so, … or our society carries away them hands of his parents.

But, maybe, in it all idea? to Plunge into party so seriously as far as it is possible, to be embodied in the role and with full responsibility, having forgotten everything that was to, without thinking of what will be later, to pass it, having felt all paints, all notes both to enjoy it and to enjoy it to the bottom! And then, to return, regain consciousness and to well scroll all interesting moments in the head!

For certain this feeling after game in soccer, tennis is familiar to you, or in mafia and monopoly when you, having given it pass it till the end, and then you come back to the world, full of delight, new forces and emotions, and discuss with other players as everything passed who as behaved and as everything could go if it arrived differently.

You draw for yourself conclusions, register new schemes in the head, update information, perhaps, even read literature on this subject, take lessons, and then also plunge into new party, with new experience, having ideas of players, or perhaps you decided to play with other players, to you not familiar … If is written to

to bibles that we are created just like, then why and not to give to this reasoning chance? Maybe, your life is the next party of your soul, and then it is worth reconsidering the look of circumstance, accidents and in general, all sense of the stay on this planet …