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IVAN AGAYANTS is the Soviet resident in Tehran who “played“ Otto Skortseni.

In the history of the Soviet foreign intelligence which successor is Russian Foreign Intelligence Service were many pages of which any power could be proud. And on these pages names of nice sons of the country, faithful to a debt and honor shone. Ivan Ivanovich Agayants was one of such people.

the Course of life of Ivan Agayants developed so that he could become the uncommon economist, the talented teacher or the prominent linguist. But he was fated - to play other a noticeable role in activity of foreign intelligence of the Soviet Union in which he devoted to service more than 30 years. Fellow workers, companions spoke of it, as of the vigorous, courageous, initiative, gifted and executive person. It with hunting undertook any business and carried out it steadily with positive result. Quick employees felt confidence in success any, even the most serious operation if nearby there was Agayants.

Ivan Ivanovich Agayants was born on August 28, 1911 in the Azerbaijani city of Ganja (byv. automated workplace. Gandzak) (until recently - Kirovobad) in a family of the accountant, Armenian on a nationality. His father was then a rural teacher and the priest (in 1924 he renounced a holy order).

Children`s and school days of Ivan are inseparable from those rough revolutionary events which took place in the country and in his hometown. So it happened that it was brought up by the sister - the doctor by profession. In her house he was taken cultures, knowledge in the most various areas, joined learning of foreign languages. At the same time it was imposed by views and beliefs of two elder brothers which, it is unconditional and with enthusiasm having accepted the Soviet power, actively participated in political life of postrevolutionary Transcaucasia and over time began to work in bodies of VChK - OGPU. It defined also Ivan`s choice subsequently. After the termination of economic technical school it replaced a number of professions on production, was at Komsomol and party work.

In 1930 Ivan Agayants after elder brothers moves from Ganja to Moscow and goes to work in Economic management of OGPU. After a while young employees of OGPU nominate him to an elective office - within several years Ivan Agayants directs activity of their Komsomol organization.

Hard work did not become a hindrance for improvement and acquisition of knowledge in the field of historical and jurisprudence, literature and art. Thanks to a special talent to learning of foreign languages, Ivan Agayants masterfully used French, Persian, Turkish and Spanish languages, rather well knew English and Italian.

In 1936 the vigorous young employee is transferred to the device of foreign intelligence, and in 1937 directed to operational work to France. It was in the Parisian residency at first under cover of the employee of the trade mission, and then - the manager of consular department of Embassy of the USSR.

Upon return to Moscow in 1940 after successfully fulfilled business trip I. I. Agayants becomes the chief of office, and soon - the deputy chief of one of departments 1 - go Managements of NKGB USSR (foreign intelligence).

In August, 1941 I. I. Agayants goes the resident to Iran. The situation in this country at that time was difficult. Residency of foreign intelligence was faced by multidimensional tasks of collection of information about a position of the Iranian ruling circles and about military plans of Germany in the region. Besides, prevention of diversionary actions against the Soviet Transcaucasia, and also identification of channels of a zabroska of the German agency on the territory of the USSR through Iran was one of activities of residency. Thanks to the skillful, comprehensively thought over organization of a wide complex of prospecting actions, a big personal contribution to which made I. I. Agayants, residency successfully coped with the tasks facing it. Ivan Ivanovich personally participated in carrying out the prospecting operations connected by a time with risk for life showed uncommon abilities in recruiting work. In documents of that time, in particular, it was told: “The important operational prospecting information obtained by the Soviet intelligence agents in Iran played an essential role at acceptance by military command and the country leaders of these or that political and voyenno - strategic decisions“.

Difficult and responsible work dropped out to Agayants and his employees on the eve of and during the Teheran conference of heads of three allied states which took place at the end of 1943. Already it is well known that fascists prepared attempt at leaders of the USA and Great Britain in Tehran. The German command charged to direct this operation to recognized “master“ of similar actions Otto Skortseni. The Soviet investigation led by her resident in Iran Agayants managed to play Skortseni and to destroy plans of terrorists.

After Iran Ivan Ivanovich left as the resident to Paris. However from - for states of health business trip was short (chronic tuberculosis which this vigorous and durable person suffered from the middle of the thirtieth years made itself felt).

Since 1948 I. I. Agayants worked at senior positions in central office of foreign intelligence - the head of department of Committee of information, the chief of department of the Higher prospecting school. In 1959 he headed Service of active actions. In the middle of 60 - x years the “New-York Gerald Tribyun“ newspaper reported that CIA sent to the Congress of the USA the report in which, in particular, it was specified that actively activity of the management of the Soviet foreign intelligence headed by the general I. Agayants interferes with the implementation of many expeditious actions of the American intelligence agencies. In 1967 I. I. Agayants was appointed the deputy chief of the First head department of KGB (foreign intelligence).

On May 12, 1968 Ivan Ivanovich Agayants did not become. He was buried in Moscow on Novodevichy Cemetery.

In the obituary intended then for employees of foreign intelligence, in particular, it was told: “On all sites of work the honourable employee of state security general - the major I. I. Agayants proved the talented and vigorous organizer, the clever and thoughtful person, the charming friend and the companion... Its activity on practical agenturno - operational work abroad was extremely productive. It is enough to tell that during 1941 - 1947 he personally enlisted several valuable agents who are till present sources of obtaining important documentary information... Also personal contribution of I. I. Agayants to development and implementation of the large complex active actions which caused visible and visible damage to the opponent is undoubted and obvious“...

For progress in intelligence activities I. I. Agayants was awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner, the Labour Red Banner, Patriotic war 2 - y degrees, two awards of the Red Star, many medals, breastplates “The honored worker of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs“ and “The honourable employee of state security“, and also awards and medals of foreign countries. His name is minted by gold letters on the Memorial board of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service among seventy names of the best intelligence agents for its almost eighty-year history.


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