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What should be considered that to count on a good photo?

If you have an insuperable thirst for creativity, there are means and time for its realization, and the simple standard image do not suit you, you aspire in the photo to bigger, then it is necessary to know the bases promoting overcoming of the difficulties lying on the way to realization of your dream.

The main thing - to understand: if you want to reach a certain skill, to receive result of the satisfying level, then and the equipment at which it is necessary to study and work has to be the necessary quality.

It is necessary to be ready to the fact that photobusiness - not cheap and not simple, it demands extensive knowledge, abilities, skills which come over time. Not to do without various literature, the additional auxiliary equipment and graphic programs.

How to choose a basic basis of all business - the camera? There are parameters defining the photographing abilities of the camera without which the desirable result is impossible.

Options of technical characteristics of cameras

1. the Major limiting factor defining the end result without which process of photography which cannot be replaced or corrected further is impossible is the matrix size , the main worker of body of the modern camera.

The main working size of 2436 mm who remembers it is the size of a shot of the analog film device. Is more, but such matrixes stand already on special chambers.

For the photographer - the professional such matrix - an urgent need, for the fan - dream. To tell the truth fully to use such matrix, it is necessary to be very advanced fan.

The following size of a matrix giving the chance fruitfully to work to the photographer - the fan (to work, because a good picture - at all not result of cheerful pastime), is 22,314,9 mm. At various firms the sizes can differ within 2-3 mm.

Level of 12-18 megapixels on such matrixes already allows to receive the qualitative printing image, 2 up to 2 m in size , in certain cases and more. Cameras with such matrixes are not present sense to use for production of small photos up to 3040 cm in size.

Everything that it is less, - the rest. It does not say that weaker cameras bad, it is simple to use unreasonably them in the individual mode. They are designed as automatic machines, for the purposes are quite functional and do not demand almost any knowledge. But attempt to receive from them a qualitative picture of the big size (on what they are simply not capable) - waste of time. All other that is written in the managements, - advertizing of the producer, no more.

It is necessary to know and consider that the less matrix, the is more as a result focal length of a standard lens (as the lens is calculated on the standard size of a shot of 2436 mm), that already the angle of its capture.

Quality of the photo at big increase depends on the size of a matrix that is very important when viewing on modern TVs, monitors, videocards, by means of projectors, for a quality printing.

The more the matrix, especially the accurate and bright image turns out, the on it pixels - the points which are a basis of the digital image are distributed more evenly.

Than more pixels per unit area contain the image, especially it is in details. The maximum specification of the image is put when shooting and cannot be changed further.

2. A photolens - the second limiting factor. The main requirements to it is a focal length and a svetosil. a lens depends on focal length from what distance it is possible to remove this or that object.

Lenses happen such:

Standard kit - 50 mm, is intended for shooting of general plans. There are also zoom of 18-55 mm, but it does not change an essence.

Short-focus (shirokozakhvatny) from 32 to 12 mm, it is intended for shooting of massive objects in city line.

Dlinnofokusny (telephoto lens) over 120 mm, it is intended for shooting of remote remote objects.

Portrait 50-130 mm.

Today there are excellent lenses with variable focal length, so-called transfokatorny which allow with decent quality of a message shooting in quite wide range, for example EF - S 18-135 mm.

A variety of lenses is huge, and professionals select them depending on specifically objective.

It is better for fans to buy originally the camera with a universal zoom lens, the EF type - S 18-135 as the whale lens very quickly ceases to satisfy to requirements, and additional acquisition of other lenses is connected with very big expenses.

The second important parameter of a lens - its of a svetosil . The more the svetosila, the is better the image at low illumination. The big svetosila allows to make shooting from more long distance, at lower ISO, as much as possible to avoid the noise which are inevitably arising at weak lighting, to receive accurate, relief pictures.

3. Ability of a camera to keep images in the RAW format .

Many amateur photographers self-confidently consider that to process the pictures in a photoshop or similar programs below their advanced ability. They do not understand that the digital picture cannot be made without special processing in the graphic editor.

Digital cameras are equipped with computer programs for improvement of the video image, on the display of the camera or the monitor of the computer you see already result of such automatic processing. In the camera there is a switch of installation of programs, you can change parameters, but within the established opportunities.

Results not always satisfy, but also to improve the image in the special graphic editor on the computer it turns out not always as you edit not a picture, and already its automatically edited image at the same time kept in the squeezed JPEG format. At the same time it is irreversible the mass of the unused, but originally being present pixels, that is points bearing this image is lost or transformed.

That photographing itself could edit a picture, there is an initial file in the RAW format. It is the file - a raw, that image which was recorded directly by a matrix. The file is heavy, 20-30, and even it is more than a megabyte.

If the camera is capable to issue such file, then you can achieve further such facsimile what is wanted personally by you.

4. the Major indicator is an opportunity to manually establish balance of white color is one of the most difficult moments for obtaining the qualitative color image.

5. Shooting speed reaches 8 frames per second today, without the worthy level of this indicator it is impossible to receive good pictures of quickly replaced events.

6. Manual installation excerpts and diaphragms allows to expand considerably the range of art opportunities when photographing. It gives the chance to manipulate sharpness that sometimes increases art advantages of a picture.

7. Lithium - the ionic accumulator providing not less than 500-700 pictures.

8. the device providing wireless synchronous inclusion of flashes Is desirable .

Additional equipment

For processing of pictures needs the powerful computer with a set of special programs and the good big monitor.

the graphic tablet is necessary For thinner processing (especially a retouch).

On trips and travel for transfer of photos from a memory card and preview it is good to span to have the small laptop.

the Support with the hinge rotating in several planes.

the Remote lock for removal of panoramas and shooting in difficult conditions.

It is that minimum which is necessary for serious occupations by photography.

Successful purchase and good pictures!