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What to feed the child at school with?

Quickly flew by summer vacation, and here your child went to school again. What to put to it with itself from food that he did not feel hungry there? How to provide a balanced diet of the younger school student outdoors?

We will begin with transfer of what precisely is not necessary to give on having a snack to the child at school:

ready tea in a plastic bottle or sweet sparkling water;

chocolate bars like “Snickers“ or “Mars“;

sausage of any kinds;

crackers and chips;

ketchup and mayonnaise;

cakes and rolls with a stuffing of long storage;

any fast - foot.

To provide the healthy balanced diet of the younger school student, to it in a lunch - the box is better to put :

1. Fruit

It can be banana, a pear, apple and other fruit which do not cause in the child of an allergy and which are convenient for eating at school, without being soiled.

2. Sandwich take

On its basis whole-grain rye bread or with bran. It is possible to put on bread cheese, cutlet, the chicken fillet, language, fish baked or boiled meat. You should not do to the younger school student sausages sandwich. They practically do not contain protein which is necessary to the growing organism, and are badly acquired. The fragrances and spices which are contained in sausage irritate a stomach of the school student and increase appetite. Well it is also not necessary to smear ready sandwich with ketchup or mayonnaise. That it was not dry, put in it the cut sweet pepper, tomato, a cucumber or just a lettuce leaf better.

3. Drink to

to the Younger school student for drink at school well will be suitable still mineral water, compote, a fruit drink, tea, the prepared houses, juice or drinking yogurt.

4. Flour

Choice here rather wide. It can be cookies, home-made pies from rye flour, cheesecakes and so forth. The main thing not to give pastries every day. And during a lunch - boxing of the younger school student should not be more than two - three cookies, one pie or couple of cheesecakes.

5. Sweet

How not to indulge the child tasty! Not to do the younger school student without sweet. It (in different volumes) is required to the child for mental work. Sweets are fast carbohydrates. Getting to blood, they give energy to a brain. However several segments of dark chocolate with the high content of cocoa or dairy, but without addition of fruit stuffings, will be quite enough. Chocolate can be replaced with a couple of candies, but nevertheless it will be one sweet more correct to give to the child in school candied fruits, dried fruits or nuts.

Teach the child to have a bite correctly at school. Main of the rule following:

should not eat on one change all contents a lunch - boxing. After the first or second lesson it is better to have a bite sweet or fruit, and to eat sandwich on a big change.

Fermented milk products, sweets and fruit eat separately from each other.

it is good to span to wash down Sweets with mineral water or unsweetened tea. It is better to eat them at the beginning of school day, then they will go not to fatty deposits, and will give to the child an energy charge.

If to the younger school student put in a lunch - boxing milk, sweet yogurt or juice, then sweet should not wash down with them.

Well, and last advice to parents. The balanced diet of the school student will be promoted by a variety of contents a lunch - boxing.