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Ceiling in the apartment. How to make it non-standard?

What can be interesting in a ceiling? Still rather recently, except the whitewashed, other options of ceilings just did not exist. They were succeeded pasted over with wall-paper and painted in the beginning. And today the set of other ways of finishing and ceiling designs appeared.

Oval, step, not horizontal - what there are only no ceilings today! However some still prefer classics, considering that snow-white and ideally plain surface over the head is a standard of good taste.

Now to finish such ceiling in the apartment, prefer vodno - dispersive paints which are applied on the leveled surface. Simple whitewashing stepped aside. It collects dust on a ceiling and over time can turn yellow. With paint there are no such problems. Modern structures quickly dry, do not smell, are rather economic, the surface after drawing can be washed.

To coat ceilings in the apartment, it is possible to use simple white acrylic or structures with additives, for example, of a marble crumb. For each room it is possible to pick up the color of a ceiling shading it an interior.

Nevertheless, the plastered ceilings too so far remained. However, today they not usual, and with decorative structure. Plaster here not homogeneous mass, but structure with addition of a stone crumb, pieces of mica or wood fibers which give ceiling surfaces the original invoice. After putting such decorative plaster the ceiling can be painted.

The ceilings executed in equipment sgraffito are unusual. It when on a surface is applied by several plaster coats, and different flowers, and then, without having allowed them to dry, on a crude surface protsarapyvat a pattern.

It must be kept in mind to trim ceilings in the apartment with paint or simple whitewashing, it is required to prepare them for a surface very carefully. And you will not hide electric wires behind such ceilings.

With what else it is possible to trim a ceiling in the apartment? It is possible the most ancient construction material - wood. With a wooden ceiling any room will look special, one may say, exclusive. It is the best of all to mount such design in an office or in a hall. At the same time it is better not to varnish a surface of a wooden ceiling, and to zatonirovat it dye which will not hide texture of a tree. It is necessary to consider that such ceiling is suspended and therefore will eat not less than 10 cm from room height. Here it is possible to hide an electrical wiring in metal pipes. Installation of a wooden ceiling is enough idle time - lining fastens to a wooden framework. However such design expensive - to finish a wooden ceiling in ten-meter kitchen not less than 10 thousand rubles will manage in any way.

More originally lacunar ceilings, that is divided into cells by false beams look. The ceiling can be trimmed differently: to be plastered, painted, tension. And the beams paraded bear decorative loading. Such ceiling will never be boring and will help to zone rooms of the apartment, separating one place from another.

Especially it should be noted mirror ceilings. Here it is important not to go too far as a smooth surface - very strong element of a decor of an interior. Trimming a ceiling in the apartment with mirror tiles it is desirable to make it with impregnations of other material, for example, of opaque, transparent or color glass. The design decision with a smooth surface especially is suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Plasterboard designs allow to embody design dream: to make a ceiling difficult and multilevel. The gypsum plasterboard in itself allows to hide all cracks and roughnesses of a draft ceiling and to receive an ideal surface. Besides, all communications can be hidden behind gypsum cardboard on a framework. However the false ceiling will take away not less than 10 cm of height of the room too.

It is much more difficult to finish a multilevel ceiling in the apartment. Besides he demands the thought-over lighting. But also looks much more effectively flat single-tier. Steps, niches for illumination, a combination of the rounded-off and direct forms - these methods of finishing of many-tier ceilings draw attention. The line of a ceiling design can be duplicated on a floor surface for zoning of the room.

Several words about stretch ceilings which became fashionable recently. If it is short, then the stretch ceiling is the fabric or a film tense on a framework. Its installation is made quickly, and even in the presence in the room of furniture. And the cloth of a stretch ceiling can be color, glossy, opaque, white or have the invoice of suede, skin, marble, fabric or a mirror. At desire it is possible to apply any photo, drawing or a reproduction of a favourite picture on a ceiling film. And if it bothers, there is an opportunity to quickly replace this cloth. Stretch ceilings can also be multilevel. They can be combined with suspended, mirror and podshivny designs. For example, the stretch ceiling can be built in a plasterboard oval.

Thus, modern materials and technologies allow to finish ceilings in the apartment so that they turn into works of art.

There would be a desire and means for their embodiment.