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How to get rid of a heat in the summer of

Whatever to catch a cold from the conditioner and not to be submitted it to an adverse effect, and will get rid of a heat best of all to have two conditioners in the different isolated rooms.

indoors which you are the conditioner has to be switched off you are not in which - are included. Passing

into other cooled room, it is necessary not only to switch off the conditioner in it, but also to air it within 5 - 10 minutes.

If to air the room through window leaves changes only part of air, a door and window - practically all.

you Should not be afraid, when airing to heat the room.

//the Thermal capacity of all air is indoors scanty and equal only to a thermal capacity of one small subject in it.

the Cool in air at the expense of a thermolysis of walls and objects will be restored in a few minutes.

as a result you not only will get rid of cold, but also will breathe the usual, but not spoiled by the conditioner air.

Can use one conditioner.

it is necessary to Arrange it in such a way that there would be opportunity, opening and closing doors to provide the same scheme.

The cool indoors can be provided not with the conditioner, but a vegetation shadow in the summer.

Trees for this purpose cannot be used - they when falling can damage the building.

Should use the high-growing bush, for example, a lilac or a filbert.

Essential protection begins to be carried out for the 3rd summer.

can Accelerate growth of a bush at the expense of competent podkormok and watering. it is better for

to land the Filbert seeds.

Nutlets only of a collected filbert needs to be dug on depth of 10 cm

in the Early spring before they arise them to dig out and to land around the house, having noted pokes.

That the building was not damaged by a bush with a guarantee the thick should put it and not to cut out young growth, despite small fruits.

Reduce temperature indoors during a heat houseplants a little.

On this and other 1200 subjects

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