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registration in search engines.

Search engines are remarkable the fact that they free of charge provide to users very important service - ranging of resources of the Internet on compliance to the entered inquiries. Each website has the right for the place on the Internet. A question only in what way to advance the website on this place.

Is advance of the website in search engines which force owners to work on quality of texts, reference base, to improve style and to develop subject of the website. Other ways to advance the website above in search delivery are directed to use of various features of search engines.

Advance of the website in search engines - in fact an advertizing campaign, such as the contextual advertizing allowing to come to the new level of promotion of the website and business. The low cost of advance of the website is combined with an opportunity to reach unprecedented sales level.

Efficiency of advance of the website increases when the level of attendance of target audience and sales from the untwisted website increases. If the website is not on high positions in search engines, then hardly it will be able to attract clients.

Advance of the website in search system - a complex of tasks which includes optimization of the websites, a contextual advertizing, the Internet advertizing, writing and placement of unique texts and many other things, including creation of the website for its subsequent promotion.

Promotion of the website - the laborious work demanding extreme concentration of attention. The algorithms of ranging used by search engines are so difficult that they demand involvement in work of several experts who are constantly tracing efficiency of the activity at once.

If to be objective, then promotion of the website first of all is necessary for the resources created for convenience of users. Advance of the other websites is extremely labor-consuming, expensive, is even useless... Councils for registration in search engines 1. Do not abuse continuous gaps. they can be perceived by the robot as one word. Therefore, the keyword in combination with continuous gaps, the robot can misinterpret. 2. Before registration just in case remove files because some searchers set restriction on time between registration of pages of one domain. 3. If your website generally contains graphics, then put the transparent picture of 1ő1 in size and supply it with the description 4. Try to register the website in search engines early in the morning. best of all right after 00. 00. to. some searchers introduce restriction for quantity of the registered websites in day. But do not forget that most of the famous English-speaking searchers are in the USA, consider time difference. 5. You should not think that if you once enter data in a type form: “Registration in 600 search engines“, you will not need to do everything in manual. Actually the effect of such registration systems is minimum. Everything is much better to do in manual. to. places where it is worth registering the website, only 15 - 20. The rest brings (if makes) a contribution to promotion, just scanty. At the same time use of programs of optimization and registration, it seems allows to automate strongly registration, verifications of the provision of the website in search engines, and also some tasks of optimization of the website. It is especially noticeable if you several websites. 6. It is not necessary to repeat keywords of century many times. It will not give to sense, most likely you it will only be worse. Or your website will be seriously downgraded for it, or in general will exclude, i.e. simply. 7. Analyze a code of your competitors who have higher positions in search engines. Also you study at them, use the same methods. 8. Do not overload the website with graphics since statistically the average time of finding of the surfer on the website 3 sec. If during this time on the screen nothing appears, then it will leave and any more will NEVER return. 9. Try to think up the name of the website it that it began with one of the first letters of the alphabet. It will give you advantage with other things being equal. 10. When you are registered in unknown and little searchers, you should not specify the main mailbox, get to yourself one more for such purposes. And that can be filled up with spam.