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Rubens, “Venus and Adonis“. Adonis or adonis?

Venus fell in love! Moreover as! Threw everything:

Mortal plenyas, she leaves Kifera`s coast. to It also Paf surrounded with the high sea,

Fish the most abundant Knid, Amafunt fraught with metal is not kind


It is wound for the beloved:

On the sky neydt too; it is preferred even to Adonis`s sky.

C to them it everywhere, where it.

Rushes with it everywhere, together with it hunts:

With it on the mountains and the woods, on rocks wanders overgrown...

of Dogs natravlyat...
Even the shape changed

- puts on as the goddess of hunting Diana:

With a naked knee, having girded a hem on Diana`s rank. Should note

that they hunted (Venus and Adonis) on a game which ran away, but did not attack. This detail characterizes our hero - he is not so brave and strong to contact predators. The young man is rather coddled, than muzhestven.

Its Venus edifies:

“Has to be brave with running, -

so speaks to the Young man, - and with courageous courage is dangerous.

the Young man, be not impudent, you death take pity on mine!

do not attack the animals who are by nature supplied with the weapon...

Lightnings in yellow canines at cruel are concealed boars,

Terribly rushes to fight a lion yellow with great rage... their

you, about my dear, and with them and the other animals,

which are not turning the back, but a breast exposing in fight,

of All avoid“.

to It does not need force, courage, bravery. It needs beauty, love, caress:

... the shadow invites us a poplar next;

the Bed to us is laid by a grass. I want to lie down with you

Here, on the earth!“ Also laid down, and to it nestling on a grass.

I, having leaned against it, the head being based upon a breast...

(Ovidy, “Metamorphoses“) the Adonis is indifferent for

: not he tries to obtain, try to obtain him. And actions at it any. It it seems is also present, and as if it is absent: neither words, nor half-word. This strangeness was noticed by William Shakespeare. In its stories the Adonis though something speaks... Hardly only the sun, a face having shown


said goodbye To the dawn crying again,

the Adonis began to Hunt ruddy:

he Loved persecution, despised love. its

, hurrying, Venus overtakes,

As red tape impudent, seduces

I speaks: “Oh, the best color of fields,

is finer than me three times, incomparable,

is ruddier than roses, the Reproach for nymphs is more white than pigeons,

, fleshes perishable are more charming; the Nature predicted

, having created you:

Only you will die, the world will die, loving“.

It is the verbal introduction. And further - Venus advances to the attack:

Here, damp having taken control of his hand,

of Forces the embodiment vital, it is

dew, Curative for goddesses, terrestrial

it calls, shivering, is excited. Zhelanye`s

multiplies forces opyanely: it from a horse it breaks


In her one hand there was a bridle, another attracted with

I the young man...

Needs some explanation to words “By dew, curative for goddesses, terrestrial it calls...“: humidity of a hand (on concepts of those still of times) marked abundance of vital forces. “The desire multiplies forces opyanely“ - opyanely with feelings.

What does to Adonis?

It reddens from disappointment and shame, without feeding

For such game of hunting.

Neither in a legend, nor Shakespeare has also no hint on the fact that Adonis was a lover of any husband (or on the contrary). Simply - it is cold:

It as coal ardent, it is red, It is red

with shame, but blood is calm.

A Venus stops at nothing:

Venus an occasion reeled up

on the bough which is broken off in a moment (as the love hurries!) ;

Is attached a horse; it began to try to Connect

and the rider that from legs it is brought down,

itself As if wanted to be it brought down.

I here, she achieved the:

Only it fell, also it stretched;

It were elbows, hips their support.

Here pats it on a cheek, is gentle;

He frowns, began to quarrel, but soon

to It closes a kiss lips:

“You will quarrel, you will not open a mouth“.
It is simply insatiable


As feathers of a bird, meat a beak the eagle-hen

I Tormented by hunger tears

, absorbing everything, beats with kryla,

will not abate hunger or a bird Yet, - So a forehead she kisses

, cheeks, an eyebrow,

I, will only terminate, begins again.

I fight continues again:

So in heat the traveler of fresh waters was not eager,

As was eager it for the delight: Spasenye`s

sees, but neymt it;

Flares all among a river cool.

“Oh, take pity, - exclaims, - the boy angry!“
not to hype up

of the Adonis. It bothers it again:

“Or it is a shame to kiss? Blink again,

I I will blink - there will be a night immediately:

of Two is only ready to charm love; Play

safely - will not see us...“

the Adonis was tired, he wants to leave. Venus throws to it reproach:

“No, you are not a husband though muzhestven by sight: the Husband and without request caress gives


I again she tries to tempt him with the delights:

“I am a garden, you are my deer; look for delights, Where you want

, - on the mountain and at the foot of a hill.

When you do not satisfy hills,

Go down there where springs captivate.

Within these you never know delights?

the Charming dale, the high plain,

Hills roundish, and during a rain and during a hail

will cover You in thickets a hollow“.

the Adonis does not light up in any way:

Time leaves, darling away aspires,

it is snatched Out of her hands, as out of fetters.

“Oh, take pity! Caress!“ - she appeals;

But, having escaped, to a horse it runs away.

the Adonis leaves, Venus departs. Adonis is attacked by a boar, will wound him. Venus hurries back, but late.

Venus will look - the lovely mouth is pale;

of the Hand will concern - that grew cold;

I on an ear

will begin to whisper to it As though it vnemlt the mournful speech a body;

It will raise eyelids of lovely eyes:

There - two stars, whose light, alas, went out!

Two mirrors in which to Venus

to be looked were given so many time,

Having lost gift, to them akin in the highest measure,

do not reflect anything now!

“About a miracle! - says. - This world is awful;

You died in it, and day as you before, are clear“.

Adonis`s Death looks a little differently in Ovidiya`s “Metamorphoses“:

Here from a den just, having found production on a trace,

of the Wild boar dogs expelled, and ready to come out of the wood

of the Animal in blow slanting was wounded by the son young Kinira. the Wild boar hunting drot from a canine stryakhat


Red from its blood. Running in fear - to escape! -

is Driven by a furious boar. Also thrust entirely to it tusks

In a groin and on yellow sand stretched doomed death!

Venus which still was in flight comes back:

With a harness easy meanwhile, skies rushing, Kiferey

did not reach on kryla swan Cyprus,

As uslykhat in the distance dying groans and white

of Birds turned back.

It in the mountain - darling is dead more:

From heights of a uvidal of radio: It is lifeless

lies, stretched and blood-stained. Spryanul`s

also began to tear to itself hair and struck clothes,

with the hands which did not deserve torments in a breast,

to Destinies reproaches saying...

She addresses the queen of an underground kingdom Persefona:

“But not everything submits in the world

to your rights, - says, - there will be a monument eternal

of Tears, Adonis, mine; yours repetition of death

Will represent that year, my crying over you inconsolable!“

In Rubens`s picture - parting. The adonis tries to leave. Venus clasped it for a neck, linked hands. Cupid too against: hangs on Adonis, legs of Cupid dangle in air. The adonis tries to remove from himself a hand of Venus (such impression that the chariot served them as a bed, and Adonis, trying to leave, literally on itself extended Venus from the chariot).

Near Adonis - dogs: two borzois, and the third which threateningly looks from a cloth - are probable, Talbot`s hound; this breed is absent any more.

On Rubens`s cloth “Venus mourns Adonis`s death“ Venus sits in a headboard. Nearby - three female figures. Most likely, parks - goddesses of destiny. The cupid in despair removes from himself a quiver with arrows. On a black background the ominous muzzle not a bear, not a wolf appears (to the left of a figure of Venus). Venus talks to the beloved, as to live:

“Your blood will address in a flower“.

(Ovidy, “Metamorphoses“.)

And there is a miracle:

Here the adolescent that before it the killed lay,

As light steam, thawed and was gone;

From blood drops, on the earth spilled

Arose a flower, is lileyno white and scarlet, pale reminding

of the Cheek,

Whose whiteness sprayed blood, staining.

(Shakespeare, “Venus and Adonis“)

the Flower “adonis“ (or an adonis) - memory of love of the goddess to mortal.

Perhaps, at the time of Shakespeare the adonis looked in a different way. And maybe, the poet offered humdrum of life for the sake of poetry.