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How not to do much harm charity? Essay of the president of the charitable organization.

Elena 30 years. 2 daughters of 5 and 6 years, the one-year-old kid, she is pregnant with the fourth. The father of children is no place does not work, “if absolutely is not what“, taksut. Both daughters have an epilepsy, current pregnancy also causes fears about health of future child.

to Elena, we as the charitable organization help long ago. It takes things in a warehouse, we pay drugs, sometimes we buy products, but … the situation worsens every year.

Recently I learned that monthly several people give to Elena financial support, without suspecting about existence of each other. Drugs were paid by different people several times.

to the Lovely, young, slightly confused woman in situation (“you know , it is so inconvenient to ask, but children.“ ) with three children, two of whom are sick, nobody will refuse.

Whether “So everything at them is bad how she speaks?“ - one of our constant donors asked me recently.

Yes. So. And, most likely, it will be worse.

There are countries where the state undertakes full providing such families. For example, in Germany the family with three children, two of whom disabled people, and both parents do not work, would receive benefit which would allow them to exist normally. And to them the sense would not be even to worry about work! And as it is not strange, it is a problem of this country.

In our situation in similar families while children are sick, look poorly and hungrily, the family will always have money! There is no sense not only to work, but to treat children!

Already a year mother does not make out disability on the daughters. Until disability is issued, the state does not pay a grant, and girls should buy medicine monthly. “Money for drugs for two sisters - pellets“ - try to refuse to


The compassion we breed poverty. We learn adults and nauchay their children to live at the expense of “kind people“.

Two years ago to us the adult man came about 30 years to office and asked - “You help children - orphans?“ “Yes. We! You want to help? there is no“

“. The help is necessary to me. I am a pupil of orphanage, the orphan“ Once the person chooses

as the main source of the income - pity and compassion of people around. And also deep confidence that it is had to, only on the ground that at it is not present or was not, what is or was at you (mothers, the happy childhood, expensive toys, money, decent work).

The main thing - was not love and the value of its existence in this world. This deep offense and internal embitternment on all and all supports his belief in what the world strongly ran into debt to it.

Why we help? whether we Want to remove some freight from own soul whether we dream to get rid quicker of the applicant or sincerely we believe that our help is capable to change his destiny and to help to hold on till the best times?

Whether we the help remove any responsibility for providing the family, job search, change of the situation from the adult to the best?

Now after several years of work, we made the accurate decision, a coma and why we help

We help families which care for the children. To families which do everything quicker to recover from crisis, to find work and independently to buy to the children new things and toys.

“God gave to families where parents do not live by the principle children, will give also on children“. To families which are able to plan pregnancy and do not give birth to the following child if is not able to contain those which already are.

To families at which it is at the moment temporary (!) in view of the developed vital circumstances there are not enough money to buy clothes and toys to the children.

We help families only within one year. Our help has anti-recessionary character and is not lifelong.

We help long enough lonely mothers with the first child from the moment of pregnancy until when the woman can come to work (no more than 2,5 years). On a constant basis we help the women who are independently raising children - disabled people.

Of course, there are exceptions, but the general spirit is clear.

And besides we help the obychnoobespechenny families which are bringing up the child - the disabled person. As even not to a needy family with the child with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis not in power to pay treatment in Truskavets or China worth about one million in a year.

And even in these cases, meeting a family, for me is defining as far as parents were enclosed in the child`s raising as far as it is important to them to cure the child as far as they love and accept it.

You learn to help and you learn to ask about the help.

Happens that the unique and best exit from a situation, difficult, crisis for us, - will be to declare that we need the help. It does not do us weaker or less independent. Now we need the help, and further we will go.

You learn to help - sincerely, honestly and consciously.

So that your charity helped the person to come up on a surface and further to float most.