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Meat and bone meal - how to make self-made in living house conditions of

For preparation of flour it is possible to use the waste received during the cutting and consumption of pets and fishes, not used eggs and their shell.

Waste collect in the freezer and are as required crushed in flour.

the Received weight is packed up in cellophane kulechka and stored in the freezer.

For the best fragility of the stood ready-made product is expedient to do thickness of the weight no more than 1 cm

When feeding animal better flour with other forage not to mix, and to give separately for the purpose of more uniform and full eating and an exception of losses and damage.

Flour can be used as a delicacy for encouragement, training, an enticement of animals.

A crusher

the Crusher animals can use Application

for crushing of many products of a vegetable and animal origin and minerals for feeding and other purposes.

the Crusher crushes everything that animals can use on a forage. This grain, corncobs, hats of sunflower, a bone, fish, meat, chalk, peas and soy with stalks, hay, branches, wood … the Cockleshell and stones it is not desirable for

to crush as the engine bearing can fail.

gives in to Crushing the dry or frozen production better.

Whenever possible when crushing is better to alternate small portions of different products friable, easy, heavy, sticky, loose …


the Crusher becomes by the principle of the coffee grinder.

Undertakes the unnecessary metal capacity of a flank, a pan (vyvarka) on 20 - 100 liters.

In the center of a bottom to be drilled an opening, the engine fastens, it is possible from the old washing machine.

On it (it is possible through a pulley in which to be drilled 2 - 4 openings)

fastens a metal plate length on all diameter of capacity (it is possible to take part of a cloth of a bimanous saw, and it is even better from an industrial power-saw bench). Working part of a plate it is desirable for

to point the Interval between a bottom and a plate of 2 - 5 cm


Capacity from above is closed by a cover with an opening about 10 cm (it is possible to take a cover from the 200th liter metal barrel).

at the very bottom of capacity becomes an opening for an exit of a ready-made product (it is possible to equip with a latch). The opening can be not done, but at the same time it is required to open periodically a cover and a product to remove.

the Crusher can be established on a wooden old wide big self-made chair - a bench or a small little table.


to Include an empty crusher with the closed cover, to allow the engine to develop whole revolutions, to throw raw materials in the portions, listening whatever to overload the engine. After everyone portions an opening for giving of raw materials in a cover to close

as the product departure is possible.

What the raw materials would better be split up and left a crusher better to incline towards a vysypny opening.

also depends On a crusher inclination a krupnota of a grinding.

the Inclination is chosen by practical consideration depending on a product.

If a crusher from an overload stops urgently it to cut off power, otherwise the engine can fail. Protection on the engine to put

there is no sense as it is not desirable to leave a crusher in operating time.

to pulverize dry production a vysypny opening should be covered for a while.

On this and other 1200 subjects

you can find fuller information in Anatoly Len`s book “Guide“ (1536 pages) and draft copies for “the Guide - 2“.

the Book and draft copies can be read on the author`s website