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The house on piles. Who so builds?

Theoretically construction of the house begin with decision-making, development of the project and search of money. And practically always from the base and in any way differently.

From that how strong and reliable will be this part of the dwelling, quality of other design depends. But construction of the reinforced concrete base constructions capable to sustain nine-storey building weight is not always economically justified. One of types of inexpensive, but not less reliable option is the device of the buronabivny base. Than the similar type of the basis for construction of the building and why it was so called is good?

The manufacturing techniques of support for a structure consist in drilling of vertical wells and the subsequent filling with their concrete. From here and name: “buronabivny“ .

Such base is analog of designs on piles when the structure settles down on the concrete columns hammered deeply into the earth. At the same time the lower point of these columns settles down more deeply than a point of frost penetration and thanks to it construction has no chances of movement at any seasonal motions of soil. These technologies came to our life from industrial construction not so long ago. If the weight of your house is small if you not really need the cellar, and the speed and functionality is necessary, then it is your option. But use of koprovy installation becomes unnecessary here.

At construction of the similar base it is possible to manage means of small-scale mechanization, applying only the manual drill and a concrete mixer. Earthwork is minimized and does not demand removal of soil from a site. Choosing diameter and quantity of future piles, it is possible to plan construction though baths though two-storeyed cottage. The space between the Earth`s surface and a floor of future structure is well ventilated and it is convenient for a supply of communications.

The main condition at construction of this part of the house - existence of a support under each corner, under places of an adjunction of internal walls and the most loaded parts of construction, for example, a fireplace. In a general view it is a design with base columns on building perimeter through everyone one - two meters. The second condition - an arrangement of the lower part of each support at a depth about 1,5 - 1,8 meters as for a midland it is also depth of frost penetration in soil.

As a timbering it is possible to apply asbotsementny, plastic or metal pipes which are established in the drilled wells to such base. This timbering is fixed, that is is dug in by the earth with all contents. Diameter of a pipe pays off depending on loading. To exclude freezing of soil and pipes, on the last the obmazochny waterproofing becomes.

Technology of work simple. In the established and leveled timberings solution on a third or a half of height is filled in. After that the pipe rises up to the general level of all support a little and is fixed by wedges. At the same time the part of solution pours out from the lower part of a timbering and the broadening which in addition constrains a pile from pushing out outside is created.

Application of asbotsementny and plastic pipes demands strengthening of a design steel fittings for a support break exception. When using a metal timbering use of fittings is optional.

After that final filling of a pipe with solution continues. In the top part of the filled-in surface one or several anchors, for a linking of ogolovk of all support in a whole by means of a grillage are put. Further the grillage will be used as the basis for construction walls.

Then the interval between a timbering and walls of a well is filled up with sand. Through three - four days it will be possible to start creation of a grillage and further construction of walls.

The construction of this view of the base is interesting first of all what does not occupy a large number of time, does not demand global earthwork and arrival on a site of construction equipment. The minimum landscape changes are big plus too.

Such support can be used at construction not only houses, but also smaller objects: baths, change houses, arbors and krylets. The cost of such works and materials several times is less than construction, for example, of the tape basis.

Thus, for country construction the similar base - just the find, and this option has the right for consideration when planning construction of a country construction.