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How to make friends with inspiration?

“Inspiration enter us as the shining summer morning which just dumped fogs of a still night splashed by dew with thickets of damp foliage. It carefully breathes to us in a face the curative cool“.

you Remember the recipe of inspiration from P. I. Tchaikovsky: “I sit down at a piano and I begin to play something, at least to touch keys. I do it somehow long: until the inspiration comes“ . If you are inspiration to wait, being out of business and activity, it is necessary to wait long. With the missing person to chew chips, having stared in a TV set - not option: the melancholy will roll, will not wait for inspiration. Be more often in matter and in good mood - the inspiration will come to you.

The inspiration loves active. Physiologists prompt: start of optimum work of a brain requires not absolute rest, but some level of equal “noise of activity“. It is useful to sleep, calm down in meditation, but further for inspiration “starter“ is necessary. Mayakovsky the easiest wrote when he went by the tram, scientists like to think during walking or quiet run, Einstein entered a creative state under a shower when the shower created equal noise and did pleasant massage of the head. It is good when you have favourite rituals, the keys of inspiration.

It is pleasant to run away of big day into favourite business, in the evening in the evening and is closer by the night the inspiration comes more often. But it is better not to abuse it: this resource is quickly settled, through some time after sleepless nights instead of inspiration you receive only the heavy head, and coffee will not help any more. Are more productive - early morning hours when houses absolutely quietly, and the city behind a window only wakes up. The favourite table, a convenient chair, fingers easily run on the keyboard - pleasure!

Worked an hour - be interrupted, warm up, it is good to take a shower. Short frequent rest, for example, - is more useful each hour than 10 minutes, than to work long, without being interrupted. To leave from - for a table, to stretch, bend down, recover a body, to admire made and to feel a new impulse to work - a gift to yourself!

When you in a full order, are healthy, vigorous and know that at you today everything will turn out, everything will be magnificent, as usual - it is possible to start business, the inspiration to you flies!