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Unreality of

the Episode of 1


D rug mine behaved quite strange, and it is unusual. Cheeful and slightly cynical, this time he did not resemble himself, unjustly looked back, was nervous, bit lips. And such behavior in our work absolutely inopportunely. Having decided to dispel an ambiguity - asked:

- You what such gloomy, happened what?

- Happened … it happened, I do not know, as well as to tell whatever to look the idiot …

- Look in a mirror and you will understand - it does not threaten you.

- Thanks, I love you too, - Pashka frowned.

- is fine, do not take offense, I joke. Spread.

Ryzhov once again nervously looked back, and, having lowered a voice, with a great effort squeezed out:

- generally, I … Saw Denis.

- What?

- ours, Kiselyov Denis …


- Well what you hatched?! I know, I know … it is absent … as if. And on a funeral was and how lowered in a grave saw, together buried … and here, here it, …

last night - the Pasha, here only honestly, in all honesty how many yesterday drank?

- the fool! Also do not grin, such things do not joke.

- Well - do not joke, here and strangely to me to hear such speeches. You confuse nothing, maybe, met just similar? there is no

- it it, hundred poods. You remember its a leather jacket, it has still a sleeve burned by a cigarette? Well, remember.

- What jacket? You what? The Zharishcha on the street under forty, summer! Here you overheated likely, and differently the crap already seems.

- Yes you do not interrupt, listen up to the end, and … do not butt in, I will not end yet, very much I ask.

- Well give, only a reality and without conjectures, what directly saw. Pashk`s

nodded, lit, somehow baitedly zyrknut on the parties and, let out a smoke stream.

- Yesterday, already towards evening, I go on Michurinsk, I brake on the traffic light, the music shouts from loudspeakers, the girl sits on the right. Cool such tyolka, on the way picked up …

- do not distract.

- Ugu, generally, all a bunch - life was successful and so on … and here, to the right of me the wheelbarrow brakes. Windows in it are open, and on a door the hand of the driver lies in this jacket. I still was surprised, in the summer and in such clothes. And then something so pricked me, slightly below than an elbow the hole is burned, and the kurtyoshka of such acquaintance seemed, and vodila behind a rack it is not visible, he a little behind, as if leaned back on a back, I forward, to a wheel bent to glance in salon and … as a dusty bag from - for a corner!

- There now, itself you speak - a heat! Baked and, glitches …

- do not interrupt, promised!

- Everything, I am silent - I am silent …

- the Traffic light for some reason long did not switch, I well considered it, sits, forward looks, fingers on a door drums. You remember, it foolish … had such habit. Confusion took me, I sit the fool - the fool, eyes a magnifying glass. The girl bothers me, asks something, and I cannot utter the word, naturally - the stupor attacked as it at cinema …

- So would ask it as it there, in heaven lives, - I could not keep from causticity.

- Bl … here would give you pro-boundaries of eyes! Would ask … business such. I say how under hypnosis sat, could tell nothing. He looked at me, I see, something flashed, surprise, or recognition as if, but here green joined, behind began to signal, it also jerked …

forward - Well, and you, pursued?

- And that I, stood, oklematsya is sensitive and went slowly, landed the maid, not to her became, nervous trembling bangs. I can understand nothing … And its car … Here you remember what number on its “bekha“ was?

- Eee … now … so, a three of Beemve, antediluvian year of birth, gray, hundred forty six … pancake, letters I do not remember.

- I though in a stupor was, and eyes - that see everything, and the brain fixes as a video film. And number, M 146 UR 77th region!

- Precisely! It still bragged of this combination, Moscow criminal investigation department - Moscow criminal investigation department … Well, blow me down!

- But the car - it did not find that, whether he sold it, whether stole …

- Yes I remember when he died - not to it became. And here means, and the wheelbarrow was, and he on it dissects?

- Well, and … what now to do?

- to Take off trousers and to run … And if it is serious, forget as a bad dream, was - was not, to whom you will prove horse-radish of what, and in the Turk will pack, and from service will knock out without severance pay.

- So you what - you do not believe?

- is unimportant, I trust - I do not believe. And here foes and envious persons will always be and if you will begin to expatiate on the impressions, to the grandma do not go, tomorrow to the psychologist on a carpet will drag. Because your speeches go to a section with objective and habitual norms … You are not a fool, and you understand everything.

- I Understand …

- There now and be silent in a rag, consider what came in dream …

From that day passed years one and a half. To this strange conversation we with it never came back. Our vain work did not leave time for lyrics and other manifestations of mentality. I gradually got accustomed to the friend, but did not observe any changes in behavior, he was unperturbable as the tank, and is predictable as ardent speeches of Ilyich. Only occasionally slipped in it is mute some nervousness, on unostentatious questions he waved away, explaining with fatigue and work, and it is not accepted to get into a soul at us, it is possible and to be hit in an eye. But it was felt that not in fatigue here business, some alarm, and secret gnaws the friend. And “all secret once becomes obvious“, not I told, but in life often so happens, there was similar and this time.

were Drunk by all of us fairly, washed the commander`s stars, and successful disclosure of business … More true on the contrary, successfully “untwisted“ business, and actually for it, our chief received an extraordinary colonelcy. On pleasures decided to wash a significant event, and it should be noted succeeded, naotmechatsya properly. We with Ryzhov were the most resistant, the others were on the last legs. In view of that, the vehicles are decided to be left on the parking at restaurant and to get home by a taxi. With the friend was on the way, and we having conveniently settled down in a back compartment, elicited permission to light at the driver. As engines puffed in the slightly opened window, finished drinking beer, and here … I had imprudence to ask about that old story. Better I would not do it … If not vodka, it would wave away and got off with a joke, and here, Ostap, as they say - incurred. Popular wisdom says: “that at sober on mind, at drunk in language“, I had to be convinced of it fully.

Pavel looked at me with the become drowsy look, without suggestion of a smile, and … as though the lock for the time being hiding all secrets in an undercover subsoil of his soul clicked. He broke, and choking began to tell. Being confused, it hurried to be uttered as though being afraid to sober up and stop. Words, phrases, remarks, an emotional stream overflowed me with the head, and I silently listened, without ceasing to be surprised …

- You do not understand, they always around us, there is a lot of them, but we do not know it... Or rather, you do not know, and the little manage to see it … For some reason I was one of those to whom available to see … not everything, and only fragments otherworldly and unclear. Denis only one episode which flashed on a surface and incidentally seen by me then. The hang-up at me in the head can, the perception of reality another can. But Pefeel * passed when got a job in bodies, itself know what selection rigid there, but no deviations were found … I then shared with you, you though the vulgar person, but … you are my friend, and let counted me pyanoty, but listened, and gave a practical advice - not to fray. I was also silent, but not only according to your advice, and therefore still that THEY came to that evening … who - do not ask, I do not know itself, but had a terrible fright, still nervous trembling as I will remember …

Around eleven was, was late, hurried home, beer drank, nearly welled up, after a rain it was slippery, but from two parties picked up, held from falling. Some ordinary-looking types, with not memorable appearance. I thanked, shook off and, walked it was farther, but they for some reason did not lag behind and moved synchronously nearby. I feel - not so - that, abnormality of the events is created, and I can tell nothing, the stupor attacked again as that time when it saw Denis … It became unpleasant to me, and it is terribly offensive, I who - the officer, or the creature shivering?! It Vzjerepenitsya, stirred up, I do not love such close guardianship from people unknown to me, and the head aches as by a vice it is squeezed. “Volyna“ thought to get, shuganut them, but hands as pood … Tried to be indignant, but … they began to say, at the same time and monotonously as earphones dressed a stereo, from two parties mutter something, and mouths do not open. Cars rare by slip, and I do not hear noise of the motor, everything is strange as in fog … First words could not sort

, I try to struggle with feelings, and the stronger I strain, the stronger the head aches, and I move already on an automatic pilot, I cannot stop … Steps ahead, I on them stamp down, and they do not lag behind, and … as moved, so on a straight line and blow … over the earth. Were fond, me processing, Kashpirovskiye are lousy, but probably understood that strange look from outside, bethought, and adopted the normal provision. Near so accurately landed, and stamp as on parade, in a leg with me again … mutter something. However, witnesses were not and to be surprised except me there is nobody, and me already and not to be surprised, and just right to the Turk to cause. Nervous trembling bangs, terribly, wildly, and in a toilet I want as though it blew a barrel of beer … Matter of course, I in an okhrenevshy state also am surprised excessively, tried to watch them at backs, but there are, neither propellers, nor wings, nor tails there … Full feeling of a fantasy, and I am a participant of this performance …

generally, they were adjusted on my wave, and let`s me brains kanifolit, details and all words I do not remember, only the sense sat down at the head as red-hot iron burned out: “To be SILENT“. Never, and with anybody to say that saw and that else I will see. It became clear to me that I will see much interesting, I well remembered it. Well, me it will be thin if I will begin to be frank with someone about what was seen. I was also silent to the last … and here, here something … Eh and well their na, got pancake already, to Saviour is not present. Or rather, not they got, archangels - that I did not see these, God was merciful, and then any more … Generally, oh mummies and to tell - that stryomno … Seemed that the friend tried to dump the weight pressing on it, to be exempted by

from something incredibly unknown, and feels sense of relief that at last found an opportunity to be uttered. He shook by the head as if driving away vision, crumpled the become empty pack, picked up a cigarette from mine, lit, and took an interest:

- you Remember how many our children fell during all the time, from the eighty fourth? You remember, I know … much them who from a gangster bullet who by wild accident in road accident, Chechnya brought the contribution. Denis here, from an overdose, as if, and was not on drugs he, itself know, on the contrary - pressed reptiles. There is a lot of not clear, and the door is beaten out, and it in bruises everything, fists in grazes, obviously beat off guests uninvited … and only one prick. Boughs public prosecutor`s did not allow to investigate, pokherit business, having written off for domestic squabbles … But an essence not in it … All of them here! All untimely deceased around us, but we do not see them … Here I only see, sometimes I recognize those with whom a was sign, and and I do not know many, but they too somewhere here. I do not know that it, parallel reality, the fourth measurement, holes in time or still what crap, but Yu - at - at - ra, they exist! And still … do not laugh only, several times saw something strange in the sky, the UFO can, I do not know …

to me was not to laughter at all. It was wild to hear such revelations from the friend. He of course liked to drink not less mine, but knew the norm, as well as it is necessary experienced the opera, and to mysticism always treated with easy cynicism and a grin, without trusting in anything until itself does not see and will not experience. And here, seemingly, like something like that what speaks incessantly about looking back. Strange …

Wanted to think that it is a silly joke and draw, but it was serious more than ever and, for some reason I trusted it, and from it it became uncomfortable.

Behind a window rushed the sleeping Moscow, snowplows a column ground the prospectus, rare cars hurried home, rhythmically and sadly traffic lights blinked yellow. It was necessary to go not long, ice did not allow to disperse, and the driver did not hurry, frankly listening to our conversation, sometimes swung the head, but did not interfere. From loudspeakers in a floor of tone thumped rhythmics “Rammstein“, adding mysticism to the story.

The shivering fingers the friend lit one more cigarette, kept silent, remembering, and unexpectedly asked:

- Here you now what you see behind a window?

- the Street, snow, rare cars … lamps, a doggie of wons ran, and … perhaps, all.

- Ugu, a doggie … And pedestrians of various times which are scurrying about on sidewalks in clothes and even in a summer prikid? there is no

- anybody …

- Here - and it, do not see, happy you … and nobody sees. And I as freak last … And on horse-radish it is necessary to me? Recently Mochulyak, our foreman, on “Muscovite“ passed, and I only left the subway and I stand as the fool goggled at it. He, seemingly, recognized me, waved a hand, smiled and further went. “Muscovite“ its rusty absolutely, from base few years ago the tow truck on a dump dragged away, I saw. And here, the wheelbarrow as new, not rusty is also not rumpled absolutely, and numbers with a series old still. And it quite happy looks, and is not similar to Casper. Casper … well ghost such, animation … Demenchuk Ivan came in dream too, so he in general in the form of even Soviet period with captain`s shoulder straps. Alikov Seryozhka flew, angry some in appearance, at different times and in different situations I see children, I am already and ceased to be surprised. Mishka Kurdyukov met few months ago … is in appearance living - is healthy, and the ugly face blossoming such as though there was no that terrible day. And Pants of Roofing felt, it in the eighty fourth died, remember? So it to young people also remained, since then - that many years passed, and there would be it gray-haired and rumpled now, from us a little in what would differ … In vain I tell all this to you, they will come, I feel … vodka all is guilty, language as a pomelo … Let`s drink still?!

The friend rummaged in the diplomat, the started cognac large bottle, orange, a chocolate was born.

- the Friend, at you a glass is?

the Driver, without looking back, rummaged in a glove compartment, did not find. From - under right seats pulled out the first-aid kit, from there got a rare thick glass tumbler, and stretched it to us. Serially aggravated on half a glass of noble drink, healed chocolate, and gave orange to the driver. Inside something unimaginable was created. Champagne, vodka, beer, now here and cognac, I will suffer tomorrow and to damn this evening, but it will be tomorrow, and today … - Pour


In soft illumination of salon, being spilled, not getting to a glass, noble Armenian gurgles, filling salon with aroma of solar valleys. To revel in stuff that told it seemed nonsense, but - it will not turn out already. The become empty bottle got lost somewhere under a seat, I having bedaubed with chocolate I try to put a napkin a face in order, and the friend begins to smoke the next cigarette, and having turned to the driver asks:

- the Commander, switch off this nonsense, be a person!

Drove pressed a reverse, something clicked, the cartridge proshurshat, and mourning marches of Rammstein were replaced by not less exotic “Evanescence“. Squeal of a violin deranut on the tense nerves, Pashka was twisted as from a toothache, the driver reduced a sound, and from columns in enemy language, with an anguish, the song began to flow:

of Without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold

Until you find it there and lead it back home

(The devastated my inner world, will sleep somewhere a deathlike sleep,

So far you will not find my soul and you will not bring her back). Well and the repertoire at the taxi driver, hour from an hour - is not easier … than

- the Pasha, and now here tell, did not try to communicate with phantoms?

- With whom?

- Well … with them, itself they speak even recognize you, and Mochulyak waved with a hand of wons.

- Neeet, both did not try and I will not be, it is a shame to tell … I quail. Strange, truth? You remember, in the territory of the eighty fifth office murder was, terrible, bloody … So far experts on a landing of “zhmur“ described, we neighbors oprashivAli, you from first floors, I with top, and here, me meet this pretzel. It filled up the neighbor, and to me on a head marked to cut. Aha, such gorilopodobny mudak with the axe in a hand, eyes mad, are more white - is more white saaavsy than gaaryachiya …. Here and it is possible to be fixed, so I was not afraid horse-radish, rage only and calculation. Twisted and on a head to it nastuchat, and here … as I will see friends untimely late, but … as if and live - knees are turned in, and there is a wish how dityu small under a blanket to hide …

- And these … chaps how look, well which to you pulled the wool over the eyes and over the earth flitted?

- You know, I have an eye diamond, and a photographic memory on faces, and here … any signs, absolutely. Gray some ordinary-looking, here will pass by similar and, you in a minute will not remember … And you on horse-radish?

- So, to stick together an identikit, and on our base to banish, regarding identification. It is quite possible that some speculators hypnotists, meet and such swindlers. - Hammer

, three years passed, and I in five minutes did not remember their image, and … not speculators it. Hundred poods any … well these … pancake, I do not even know whom they can be. And all about what warned - came true. I saw our children … Only did not keep the promise, to you here disheveled everything, became unstuck, so pressed all this inside to hold, and here as if and felt better … well, God grant - will carry by, can about me these … gray, and forgot already. Here your house, all right, spit and forget that I to you here in a state of drunkenness naplyol … There was nothing, a hang-up it and paranoia - be!. - Wait a moment

, one more question. If before it at you was not, it means - the reason appeared. Remember when for the first time it happened and what preceded emergence of images?

- was not earlier, truly. For the first time … here when I about Denis told you, so - in August. And preceded … yes horse-radish it knows that could be, some holiday was, saw - walked … I do not remember …

the Car, having blinked at parting a stoplight, carried away the friend further, and I stood and looked it in a trace, trying to present feelings of the person who faced such strange manifestation of life … The drifting snow streamed in beams of lamps, somewhere the electric train in the distance guguknut, the January frost began to get gradually under a jacket. Having shaken the head, I drove away disturbing thoughts, and slightly uneven tack moved to an entrance.

But it did not manage to me to sleep off after violently spent night, at five in the morning, the alarmed spouse stirred up, and put off phone squalling in every possible way …

- Hallo, a kha, a kha … The base of torpedo boats listens. To whom was impatient there? - squeezed out from itself, the voice which got hoarse half awake.

- Well, thank God - phoned! The lieutenant, you sleep sluggishly and immoderately, perhaps? there is no

- dance and I enjoy life, only five morning, than still to be engaged, - I answered, having been lop-sided for hours.

- is fine, do not needle, and remember better where there can be Ryzhov now, from a tavern you together went home?

- Together … Sergeich, and what happened - that?

- the Wife searches for it, did not come back home. You do not know, can to what woman turned, he is a fan of this business?

- Mmm …. I do not think, I left earlier, he went … Yo - mine! Tudyt edrit yours! - a vague wave chaotic revelations of the friend, and the alarm sounding in his words …

- What recured to the memory?!

- Called a taxi from restaurant which of ours?

- From ours - nobody, the waiter ordered.

- you remember Phone of restaurant?

- Now … - the commander rummaged in memory of phone, dictated to me number, and hastened, - well, you did not tell what you took alarm, remembered something?

- Sergeich, give later, there is one drizzle, but, then - then, now it should be found. I will find out number of a taxi pool, and through the dispatcher I will specify where the taxi driver landed Pashka.

- Ok, keep informed …