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How to turn appearance shortcomings into advantages? Part 1

Article is intended only for women. To men, has to be, not really interesting to read about women secrets therefore they can have a rest.

So, lovely ladies why, considering itself in a mirror, we find the mass of “shortcomings“? Someone does not like a nose, someone would like to have a breast more, and someone would suit Angelina Jolie`s lips more. Let`s depart from a mirror and we will talk how to change a situation.

All know that on light there are no ideally beautiful people, but for some reason, having seen enough movies and fashionable glossy magazines, we begin to have complex concerning the external features, we try to hide them or to get rid in all available ways.

Fear of the fact that if to leave everything as is is the cornerstone of it, then the love by all means will avoid us, and it is possible to give up as a bad job private life. Fortunately, also such women who can creatively give the shortcomings as a certain unique charm, a refined highlight or top of sexuality exist.

of the Freckle in the person

How many troubles they cause the owners! What only means do not use the woman to get rid of them! And you know that many men like girls with freckles? They do a face cheerful, attractive and unusual as though the sun generously scattered the gold.

By the way, some known cosmetic companies make special pencils for drawing freckles. They are at women of fashion in great demand. Some tattoo salons suggest everyone to put a gold scattering of fervent freckles on a face. Such tattoos - freckles keep on a face several years, and then gradually disappear.

And many girls specially in salons do themselves artificial freckles. Thus they declare to the world that they are favourites of the sun. Actually freckles is a gift of the nature which protects skin from influence of harmful ultraviolet rays, it and special charm, sunniness, originality and unforgettable originality give to the face.

the Long nose

the Nose - an important element of a beautiful face. There is a special theory which explains communication of type of a nose with character of the person. For example, the long, well developed nose speaks about strong character of the owner. The small nose “correlates“ with levity and sensuality of the owner. The woman with a straight Greek nose has noble character. An aquiline nose - a sign of cunning and a pronyrlivost.

We will remember some famous owners of long noses. Superiority is occupied by Sara Jessica Parker - one of main characters of series “Sex and the City“. From - for the unusual appearance she came into the view of producers at once, was invited to the leading role and makes great success at TV viewers.

Possibly, many know one of the most great actresses and singers Barbara Streisand, but not everyone knows that in the childhood she was called “the big-nosed lanky fellow“. Barbara - one of the most successful women of show - business. And a long nose to it not a hindrance, and on the contrary - a way to become especially memorable!

If a long nose everything is gives you trouble, then the problem can be solved, for example, having picked up the correct hairdress. Girls with a long nose should carry classical hairdresses (for example, the falling hair with large curls or waves) and to do a parting at the side. It is also possible to consult to the makeup artist concerning the make-up. Visually to reduce length of the nose, it is necessary to powder its tip powder which will be on tone - two more dark than all face powder.

Small eyes

They cannot spoil to you life at all. I advise you to cease to spend the nerves, concentrating on this problem as it will add nothing good. Think that such eyes are your distinctive feature.

For your bigger tranquility I can recommend several simple rules which will help you to underline your eyes.

Use light shades of shadows which visually increase eyes;

For an eyeliner use gray, brown and blue shades;

correction of eyebrows Well helps to allocate small eyes. Make eyebrows with an accurate smooth bend;

Apply nacreous shadows on an upper eyelid, it will help you “to open eyes“, at the same time bring an internal corner a light nacreous pencil;

Use the ink extending eyelashes and bend them up nippers because long eyelashes too visually increase eyes.

Thin lips

All women know that volume and chubby sponges look very stylishly and sexually. Such lips affect men fascinating. But what to do if the nature did not award you with such gift? You do not long, all in our hands. Let`s correct nature flaws in house conditions now.

We begin with removal of a make-up from lips, we use for this purpose the wadded tampon moistened with tonic. We delete lipstick very accurately, without stretching skin of lips. We repeat this procedure every evening.

The following procedure - a peeling of skin of lips. It will clear lips of dead cages. There are several types of such peeling. That which most of all suits you chooses.

Mechanical for which the toothbrush or a terry towel is used;

Cosmetic it is carried out by means of hygienic lipstick or cream;

the Natural peeling for which it is used candied medical

we Begin to mass lips the easy movements diversely. We do it very accurately not to damage a gentle surface of skin. I assure you that after a peeling of a lip will get a bright shade and will become more sensual. It is good to do a peeling once a week.

The following step - gymnastics for lips. We extend lips a tubule, at the same time we strain them to a limit within 3 - 5 seconds, then we weaken. We repeat exercise of 8 - 10 times. After that we put out a tip of language and we press to it lips. It is necessary to repeat this exercise 10 times. Look in a mirror, sponges became more volume, juicy, and look attractive as ripe cherries. Now it is possible to forget about thin lips.

When you are published, it is necessary to consolidate the achieved results by means of a make-up. We grease lips with hygienic lipstick, we lead round a planimetric pencil above the line of natural border.

We apply lipstick with very thin layer, we get wet with a napkin, we put a powder film, further - the second layer of lipstick already more thorough to level a surface of lips. On the middle of a lower lip we add light lipstick or gloss. Such small shtrishok will add to lips volume. Be not afraid to experiment. Change colors, you watch what suits you more. Only you remember that light lipstick does thin lips by more volume, and when using brown color and more dark shades of a lip look more strict and accurate.

Persistently trying to discover separate shortcomings, we sometimes forget that any woman is beautiful the integrity. Let`s love itself such what we are then others will perceive us also. Well, and if all - you want to improve something in the appearance, then we will continue our conversation in the following part of article.