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What is brain fingerprints?

Get acquainted with revolutionary technology of penetration into minds of criminals by means of the brain waves showing fault or innocence that can completely change the reasons of the death penalty in the USA and not only there.

The method which received the name of “brain fingerprints“ was already checked by FBI and is accepted by vessels of the USA as part of tools it is judicial - medical examination.

The name what to tell, ridiculous as there are no fingers in a brain, but so the method was called by the author, and still adequate replacement to it is not thought up.

Now “brain fingerprints“ can justify Jimmy Ray Slotera, expecting just at the last minute, execute for murder.

The method was developed by doctor Larry Faruyel, the founder of “Laboratory of a brain of fingerprints“.

Its essence consists in registration of involuntary electric activity in a brain which arises at the subject as a result of researches and show the concrete images connected with criminal activity.

Unlike the lie detector (polygraph) the technology is very exact: it catches the electric signal known as “R300 wave“ before the suspect is able to react and imitate false emotions.

It can be used for exposure of criminals and hunting for spies.

“ The method does not depend on subjective interpretation of feelings. Everything is put on strictly scientific basis. After receiving a signal from a brain the computer at once reports, there is necessary information or not it“, explains d - r Doctor Faruyel.

Some time ago passed Jimmy Ray Sloter`s test in carefully protected prison in the State of Oklahoma. Court Slotera found guilty that he shot and disfigured a knife the former mistress Melodie Vyurts and shot them 11 - the monthly daughter Jessica. Crimes for which he was sentenced to death were made in the house Slotera. Nevertheless, results of tests were shocking.

“ Jimmy Ray Sloter did not know precisely neither where in the house murder nor where mother`s body nor what clothes she wore at the moment of her death lay was committed. The case is obvious to me. Jimmy`s brain does not contain the obvious information on murder supplied the majority “, doctor Faruyel is categorical.

“Brain fingerprints“ - the method working, as they say, for both parties. It can help not acquit the innocent, but also expose the real criminal.

The police detained one woodcutter on a charge of stealing, rape and murder 25 - the summer woman, but representatives of charge did not have enough proofs.

To prove innocence, the woodcutter agreed to undergo check of “brain fingerprints“, thinking that it is the ordinary lie detector which at a certain diligence it is possible to deceive.

As a result he confessed not only in the crime committed 15 years ago, but also even in three murders, however, at the same time he managed to get life imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

More than one hundred carried-out tests confirmed 100% reliability of a method, but, alas, further tests business did not go yet, opponents of a method go on about inadmissibility of violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens in the most “free“ country of the world.

So, you got acquainted with this interesting method. Now tell frankly, and you agree this method was introduced in our “not free“ country?