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What can cinnamon surprise with?

widely use Cinnamon in food and pharmaceutical industry from - for its antiseptic properties.

Use of cinnamon in the Chinese medicine ascends by 2800 BC. In Chinese it is known as “Kvay“.

Ancient Egyptians used cinnamon in the course of embalming of mummies from - for its aroma.

Medieval doctors used this spice for treatment of cough, hoarseness, a sore throat, and also other types of infections.

Oil of bark of cinnamon is used as seasoning in cookery, for preparation of ointments, and also in means for care of an oral cavity. Besides, it is used as a component of some spirits, soap and lotions.

Oil from leaves of cinnamon is used in the food industry as seasoning for candies, sauces and pastries.

Often use soft, internal bark of a cinnamon tree.

This spice is actively applied also in “grass“ medicine. According to results of researches, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon contains 28 milligrams of calcium, 1 mg of iron, cellulose, C, K vitamins, and manganese.

Cinnamon helps to reduce joint and muscles pain, to especially liquidate the inconveniences connected with arthritis.

Cinnamon can help health by improvement of a gastrointestinal tract of an organism and will exempt from many inconveniences of a stomach.

In an aromatherapy oil of cinnamon is used for stimulation, restoration of forces, by treatments of a stress and disposal of alarm.

Oil of cinnamon is also important for strengthening of immune system as its aroma, appears, treats early fevers.

And still oil of cinnamon is used as a physical and emotional irritant, many believe that they by means of oil of cinnamon can actually increase the libido.

Medical researches showed that the smell of cinnamon reduces drowsiness, irritability, pains and frequent migraines.

The smell of cinnamon strengthens cognitive functions and memory.

In some researches, essential oil helps tight muscles, relieves joint pain, and also relieves menstrual pains at women.

Besides, cinnamon strengthens effect of the enzymes splitting food in a body and helps to improve a metabolism.

Researches showed that only 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in a daily diet can lead to decrease in cholesterol in blood.

Cinnamon regulates sugar level in blood that does it especially useful to people with diabetes.

Many experts in the field of health care advise diabetics to use cinnamon in food, for reduction of level of sugar in blood.

In the research published by researchers of Department of agriculture in Maryland (USA) it is shown that cinnamon promotes the termination of distribution of a leukosis, a lymphoma and cells of cancer.

At addition to food, cinnamon prevents growth of bacteria and damage of products that does it by natural preservative of food.

So, for example, researchers from university of the State of Kansas (USA) found out that cinnamon successfully fights against an intestinal bacterium E. coli in not pasteurized juice.

You see how many cinnamon has the advantages capable to improve health and wellbeing. Especially if to apply it in total with the balanced, healthy diet and physical exercises. Dare!