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What interesting is in the Chinese circus?

to me were succeeded to visit Recently representation of the Chinese circus. The head of the European tours before performance sadly stated: “Never before we had so few viewers“. Indeed there was a few public - the hall was filled only on a third. Eh, here to prompt to foreign actors that it is better to give representations not in the city in the summer, and in suburban housing estates. Exactly there the bulk of judges of circus art lives now.

The Russian-speaking compere told about how it is correct to thank Chinese for the pleasant number: it is necessary to shout not “bravo“, and “õàî“ that in translation means “well“. It is also possible to chant “se se!“, that is, “thanks“. For the rest - there are no differences in expression of delights, actors very much love when they violently applaud them.

Strangely enough, lions were the first turn of the programme. Which for some reason reminded me of the nosovsky character Vitya Maleev - where he with the friend represented a horse of Ruslan battling against the head. All the matter is that in the Chinese circus, unlike Russian, there are no trained animals, and also at all there is no clownery. Each of three “lions“ who stepped on the stage consisted of two actors. Frankly speaking, I thought in the beginning that it is such amusing shaggy “doggies“ with gold muzzles - so traditional Chinese image of this animal differs from ours.

Circus performers all is universal were young people, including the artistic director and even the director. From explanations of the compere it became clear why: in China children begin to study in special circus boarding schools from 5 years, in 14 years are already mature actors who in 25 years retire. However, this profession is considered in Celestial Empire honourable and highly paid therefore the flow of persons interested to be trained does not run low.

If it is honest, then many of numbers in the first part of the program seemed to me familiar - I happened to observe elements of some gymnastic tricks earlier, in domestic circus. Though It should be noted gutta-percha flexibility of actors and clearness of execution. The exotic spirit was created by music in “Chinese relax“ style, and also red illumination of the arena. However, also the European compositions sometimes sounded.

In an interval charming young actors with own hand sold souvenirs - brelka and suspension brackets of handwork. But, probably, you will not surprise with the Chinese products of Russians therefore trade went not too actively.

Chinese left the most bottomhole numbers for the second part of representation. Here their improbable rubber flexibility was truly shown - very few people from ordinary people will be able to bend so forward as they cave in back. The reasons of so early retirement became right there clear - after 25 years of people it becomes incapable of such juicy deflections.

Juggling, traditional for China, weighty clay jugs received the unexpected power final. The fragile girl, by sight is no more than our schoolgirl of the fifth class, began to rotate legs a huge clay bowl weighing 75 kilograms, and after quite impressive young man got there. The actress and it took for a drive - the total weight of composition reached one and a half centners. Without having satisfied with it, actors began to invite the audience to this “attraction“. Looked invitingly and at me, but I did not want to promote death of the young actress. As a result of “gold legs of China“ (so nicknamed this number in the European press) took for a drive not too big, but very courageous spectator. The compere reported that the actress maintains weight to 260 kg then I regretted that I was not called - when still will be led up to participate in such exotic?

“Hao“ and “se se“ the audience for some reason hesitated to shout, and here clapped with all the heart. Also was for what - tricks on masts where in fancy poses all man`s part of troupe got up in the final, were very effective. There were also pair flights under the big top on silk tapes, and as it is found at Chinese, without insurance. However, lack of an insurance at actors never gave me pleasures - all number I worried, as if weightless silk did not tear. But everything ended well.

The compere declared that especially for tours in Russia Chinese prepared a clownery, before it long studying the Russian humour. Frankly speaking, I somehow not really love this circus tradition... From flat, and sometimes even concave jokes of clowns it becomes most often sad and boring for me, and it is impossible to leave. But here the Chinese actors pleased me - amusing manipulations with the rotating plateaus admired, at the same time work of the clown with the hall was deprived of any persistence.

As the curtain fell showed us the most spectacular numbers - at first 14 - the summer actress, holding with legs, hands and even teeth in total 50 lit candles, manufactured such somersaults on a small podium that the spiderman has a rest. Then strong young men from man`s part of troupe staged “show with banners“ - six-meter weighty masts on which flags are sewed, and also something, reminding the multistage lamp shade of an ancient chandelier.

It was hard to come back to the Russian reality after this unusual representation. The first thought which came to mind near circus was disturbing - they acquainted us with the culture, and we? What they will see if they walk on the city? Therefore a big request to all Russians: at a meeting with any groups of people similar to the Chinese actors, do not behave traditionally. Otherwise for the power it will be offensive.