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How to sleep less and with advantage for health?

Recently the problem of a chronic sleep debt concerned many. Leads a set of factors to a sleep debt: fatigue at work, study, the birth of the child and is a lot of other factors. Mothers of small children, students and just constantly busy persons know about “a chronic sleep debt“ firsthand. The person “is constantly rumpled“, thoughts somewhere in other place, the pig-iron head. Such state does not promote efficiency in work in any way.

From - for total a sleep debt of people literally in 3 days is got by shape of the asocial zombie. But if constant load just does not give the chance to have a sleep 8 - 9 hours how to the normal person what to do? It is necessary to look for a way to sleep for much smaller period.

Many processes in our organism the brain including a dream directs. As the dream has frequency, it is fair to consider that a certain cycle, namely the light cycle “day-night“ is its cornerstone.

Two nights without dream do mind unilateral, and we cannot adequately think any more. There are such violations as cardiac arrhythmia, arterial hypertension, diabetes, memory loss, obesity, a depression and it is a lot of other troubles.

Somnologists (the experts studying a dream and knowing about it much) claim that today new methods of shortening of duration of a dream without harm to health did not appear. For life, restoration of forces the person has enough 5,5 hours of stay in Morpheus`s kingdom. However it does not mean at all that the person will feel fresh also slept. And everything from - for the fact that the dream has several phases.

There is a REM sleep and a dream slow. During a phase of a REM sleep our brain processes information which collected in a day. And here the phase of a slow dream serves with advantage for a body: the brain processes information on “malfunctions“ in an organism. During a slow dream energy of an organism is restored, there is growth and restoration of cages.

For those who want to reduce time of stay in a dream calculation of time for an effective dream becomes the most important task. This absolutely difficult business.

For the correct calculation it is necessary to make some kind of experiment. For a start choose couple of days off when it is possible to allow an organism not to sleep more than a day.

Begin experiment at 00:00. From this point listen to an organism and own feelings. To understand when your organism wants to sleep, you will be able without effort. You will begin falling asleep attacks.

For the further analysis all changes with your organism should be written down. Write down time when there was a wish to sleep, estimate force of an attack of a dream on 3 - a mark scale, write down duration of such attack.

All this needs to be continued till 00:00 the next day. Next day, having properly slept, define two strongest attacks of a dream. For example, first phase of an attack from 5 to 6 in the morning, the second from 16 to 17 in the afternoon. In that case, the ideal schedule of a dream looks so: from 5 to 7 o`clock in the morning, and from 16 to 17 o`clock in the evening.

And still it should be taken into account that the moment when your dream is effective, it is possible and to miss. Therefore in two hours prior to “your“ time of a dream do not drink some coffee and any Internet!

So, now you know that there are different phases of a dream through which there passes our organism during stay in Morpheus`s kingdom. The experiment allowing you to define your own time of an effective dream is also described. So you sleep a little and with advantage for health. Pleasant dreams!