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What there at a mumps inside or As prepare meat delicacies?

Are frequent at us, journalists, there are unexpected departures and meetings. Work such, there`s nothing to be done. I present to your attention the story about the recent trip...

Action was called rather peacefully: “A press - departure on the platform of the investment project on construction of a pig-breeding complex“. Therefore the journalists of both sexes assuming to see at most a building site safely jammed into the “gazelle“ who was driving off to the area.

Near doors of new meat-processing plant we were met by very well-fad mongrel. The dog was obviously exhausted with meat delicacies, but this fact did not worry journalists yet.

The director friendly welcomed guests. She told about the Moscow investor who redeemed half-ruined meat-processing plant from former owners. The head mistress Olga Mikhaelovna paid attention of the audience that at the left it is possible to see new shop, and on right everything looks as so far earlier. Contrast between “an architecture monument“ and brand new lethal shop was obvious.

At first all of us were led in washing. Olga Mikhaelovna explained that here “pigs take the weakening shower“. It became clear that the lethal shop already began to function - thanks to pigs who are daily brought from the Belgorod region in number of 165 pieces. Having seen the washed pigs who did not look weakened at all, many journalists guessed that now will show them something unpleasant. But there was no place to recede - the door slammed behind the back then began to give to guests dressing gowns, boot covers and hats. I, dressing this attire, several times nervously giggled. Our mournful procession indecisively moved to the subsoil of pork “concentration camp“. Sounds and smells of this strange place disturbed sense organs and did not promise pleasant walk. The director took suddenly become green journalists under the dense guardianship.

The story about high production technologies with which we were tried to be occupied not too interested most of “wordsmiths“. Legs in boot covers champed on pink pools, on the conveyor continually passed the blood-stained pork hulks, nearly touching visitors.

Having looked as the next pig squeezed in a cage by a powerful kick of the worker is thrashed a current then suspend on a hook, I skillfully played shades Xing - green color on a face and tried to concentrate on an essence of technological process. The worker whose look would be envied by Chikatilo released the measured movements a liver to the next victim. Olga Mikhaelovna, having seen our confusion, joyfully exclaimed: “And let`s look that there at a mumps inside! “ At this moment some especially impressionable guests began to make the way quickly to a bathroom. The few courageously went to look at interiors of a mumps, at this moment the careful director prevented the approaching accident: “Depart, please, but not that a liver will hook on you!“ The delegation hardly managed to evade from the liver hanging on a hook which went to the final journey.

Nearby the good-natured man dexterously sawed the suspended pigs in half a huge power saw then semi-carcasses went to ripen to the refrigerator. Having understood that guests “will ripen“ too soon, guides hurried to bring all of us out of “extermination camp“ in light and cozy rooms.

The buffet table served by numerous grades of sausage was absolutely out of place. The guests looking palely against vigorous owners the polite and a little held down movements could send some olives and cheese to a mouth. Sausage remained almost untouched.

After not set meal all moved on the street. Again it was pleasant to see a daylight. Faces of journalists gradually accepted habitual color. The cameraman Dima who was with us scolded: “Yes you are artificial journalists! I saw it for operating time...“ Well, to it, the TV man, it is easy to criticize us, newsdealers - at least those who do not work in “ezhednevka“. It every day “in the field“. And we so, room workers, from time to time flights creeping out in such here.