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Island economy: how to build international relations? Almost the fairy tale for adults of

Time goes, and there is no crazy ship with lawyers and economists. As, however, there are also no Homeland initiatives of our search. As it was supposed. And it is good - nobody disturbs! We build statehood and a civilized society further to enter into the international community as a full membership!

the Economy of our island at height, GDP is higher than stars, rates of capitalization more abruptly, than at Vatican, the people …, the people still are. Only eternally muttering and dissatisfied that, however, is peculiar to any people. As used to say our company: where kiss the soldier - everywhere... It is also possible to paraphrase also about the people: where citizens do not kiss - everywhere the same. And taxes are not pleasant to them, and the power - not the power, and money do not suit them … Terrible political irresponsibility!

And that somehow to distract the people from own discontent, it should be switched somewhere. Here where? We did not think up television yet, did not master the production technology of alcohol from cocoes yet, and hemp on our island, unfortunately, does not grow. Very difficult internal political situation.

Oh, there is a decision! On the horizon long ago one more island looms... Within expansion of territorial borders, we equip increases in the area of territorial waters and stabilization of a political situation there voyenno - research expedition.

Under what you take from me one more credit, under the same 5% per annum, I easily draw it, and our vigorous natives go to preparations of cocoes, fish and fresh water. When state procurement is finished, a half of the paid money returned to you under a type of tax, the second half is withdrawn by me as the paid loan percent, we go to a way on a leader and the only ship of our fleet.

Reached normally, moored. Hurrah - the island is populated! Whole tribe of black and inadequately friendly pygmies. It is bad. The enemy is necessary to us, to be exact, his image. All right, we will create it. And even more precisely, for it we will be on friendly terms with it, and for our natives black pygmies have to become the embodiment of infernal insidiousness, falsity, misanthropy, a cannibalism and meanness.

We leave the trans-Ural guys to protect our flagman to pie, and we go to negotiations.

Nda … - savages, one word: what is the state - they do not know, they have no money, there are no taxes, the leader is spontaneously and irregularly elected somehow, the shaman in combination also the paramedic earns additionally … Though on the island even the animal husbandry is: we saw couple of half-civilized pigs and heels of hens. Terrible situation. All right, we explain them all delights of a civilization way of development, all pluses of international trade, a cultural exchange and the international cooperation in the above-mentioned and military purposes. We agree about reciprocal friendly visit.

Having returned on our leader, we go back, on the way explaining to our vigorous trans-Ural natives that we just made an outstanding diplomatic feat. Like, black Papuans are extraordinary artful, blood-thirsty and dangerous, but we managed to localize threat temporarily. But nevertheless you should not relax, it is necessary to be vigilant, to increase defense capability and economic growth of our new homeland under what (yes!) it is necessary to raise taxes. The people sigh, but row with oars even more diligent.

Sooner or later, but day when heaved in sight pie of a diplomatic mission of neighbors - pygmies here came. We meet, we show our terribly developed island - an oasis only of the correct economy in the ocean of wildness and a direct commodity exchange. Civilization! Pravitelstvennaya Route from the trampled-down sand, skyscrapers from palm leaves and branches, and, about a miracle - the gun. Still it is unclear, working or not. Naturally, I show the calculator to nobody because it is our secret and most powerful weapons of mass destruction.

Savages are inspired and too so want to live. Well, “let`s talk“ for what we leave for the first act of the international negotiations in a government bungalow, having on the way winked at our vigorous trans-Ural natives supposedly “everything is bad, it almost declaration of war, we go to drive a question“.

At a round table it becomes clear that not anyone came to us, and the son of the leader with suite. And it is remarkable! Fast we explain to him that its tribal system of a nifig not progressive that now fashion on democracy, and we will build with them political and economic cooperation only as with really democratic society. For what it is necessary to hold elections, and we can teach how to carry out them it is convenient and correct.

For now we suggest to adjust interisland trade. From them not especially - that what is also necessary to us: meat and guest workers. Well and women still makeweight. And here from us it is necessary to them a lot of things: political and economic technologies, experience of construction of government routes and government residences! And still we have a gun, and nobody wants that it shot: we for world peace!

Papuans offer barter, but we indignantly refuse - what wildness, faugh! Ask how to be. We answer supposedly let they will buy everything that it is necessary to them from us, and on the received money we will buy everything that it is necessary for us from them, and as the developed society with really built statehood, we agree to accept only our, civil money. And there is no money, speak. And nothing, I am personally ready to give necessary quantity of the palm leaflets with a scribble under a ridiculous rate in former five annual interest rates. “You do not know what is it? All right, take, then you will understand“.

Further to avoid any nedoponimaniye, at once especially we explain that the leaflets given by us correct and it are the real money, and leaflets from palm trees of their island - wrong, and money from them turns out false. And I as - nibud will deal with authenticity of a scribble.

Agreed, here and nicely. We fasten the reached agreements with signing of the relevant international covenant. Then I urgently hand them a bag specially under them the made money. Which you right there select, as payment of the listed above goods given them. The main thing that they took money in hands - it is very important!

Our black neighbors happy leave on the island, and we begin to wait for delivery of the promised and honestly paid goods. We explain to the people that we made the next heroism for the sake of it again - the people, and war is postponed for indefinite time. And instead of war there will be an abundance, women and the attracted labor. Only for this purpose it is necessary to work even longer, and taxes to pay even more.

In an anticipation expected the people he agrees to everything.

If the ship with economists and lawyers all are will reach us, then they will confirm absolute legitimacy and legality both these actions of the power, and Central Bank of our young island state. If only oil at us was not found …