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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 27 - 28? “The destination 5“, etc.

Here the calendar summer also came to an end. In the next a two-three of months in film distribution the relative calm which will be diluted only in December with a habitual shaft of Christmas and New Year`s film premieres will set in. Meanwhile the audience needs to be content small, though in a silent whirlpool sometimes it is possible to find something standing.

This week in the Russian hire there are eight movies, a half of which is made in the USA, including the fifth part of the “deadly“ franchize “Destination“, the thriller “Trap“ from Hilary Suenk, new installation of “Winnie-the-Pooh“ from Disney and the criminal comedy “Flypaper“. A makeweight to the American tapes two comedies from “hot“ guys from Spain and Italy will go. And in the limited number of halls of audience the Russian documentary picture “Whether It Is Easy to Be Young?“ and the Australian drama “Sleeping Beauty“ will be presented. And now is more detailed:

1. “The destination 5“ (Final Destination 5, 2011)

It is no secret that franchizes horror films live long. Sometimes unfairly long. Creators are confused by neither promptly falling financial collecting, nor systematically worsening spectator responses. So far there is an idea which can be developed with a hint on infinity, series will live counter to everything. And in many respects this rule concerns tapes like “Destination“.

All salt of these film series - in sophisticated murders: sometimes ridiculous, sometimes frightening, but always inevitable. The flirtation with death turns for heroes into a peculiar attraction where nobody survives, but everyone wants to be the last in turn. Actually, all imagination of authors rests against that, as if more cunning and is more elaborate to finish off the next character. Let`s leave alone morally - ethical prerequisites of such concept, horror films are shot not for strengthening of morality, and for rise in level of adrenaline.

The fifth entry into water happened in America at the beginning of August and obviously both parties of film process (authors and the audience) afflicted. In fact, nothing new in “Destinations“ occurs since emergence of the sequel. Same scenario, little-known performers, moderate level of violence and ketchup. Plus, since the fourth part, absolutely ownerless 3D which creators strenuously defy, but its existence only affects the ticket price.

Fifth “Destination“ - only the choice of admirers. Though it is the most difficult for them to get over that all events on the Vedeno screen more than once.

2. “Trap“ (The Resident, 2010)

it is terrible to lonely woman to live in the big city. Especially, if your neighbor likes to play inadequate games. Here so gloomy the megalopolis wrong side to the former director of “Eurovision“, Finn Antti Dzhokinen seems. But to remove a competition of a variety song and the movie in Hollywood is the not so same. And, okromya big names of performers, including Hilary Suenk, Jeffrey Dean of Morgan and Christopher Lee, it is necessary to overtake on audience of horror and a suspense. When necessary elements of a genre are absent, and instead of a fright the viewer tests a fit of laughter, analogies to Hitchcock disappear by itself. It is remembered rather Brooks, once notably poyelozivshy (“Fear of height“) on great Alfred`s bones Swept.

In general, left ineptly, tiresomely and too rectilinearly. Besides, it is possible to recommend “Trap“ only to the most rested fans of a genre. And if only yawning did not interfere with viewing.

3. “A bear cub Winnie and his friends“ (2011)

it is as unnatural to Winnie the Pooh to Advertise the new version of adventures of Disney`s Winnie-the-Pooh to the domestic viewer how to motivate on viewing of Hollywood “Sherlock Holmes“. Overseas images are alien to the people who grew up by Leonov and Livanov`s voices, and they are ready with foam at a mouth to argue the point of view. But we will be honest, both heroes trace the roots back to the English literature, and the same Disney addressed Milne`s screen version before the Soviet animators. Namely in 1966 when the animated cartoon “Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey tree“, an ustakanivshy image of a clumsy bear cub, habitual for the American children, came out.

The new movie is, actually, continuation of the full-length tape “Winnie-the-Pooh`s Adventures“ of 1977. The sequel is weaved in habitual Disney`s manner of performance, it is drawn in old good traditions and to present generation of the little audience can be simply uninteresting. As for the parents who got used to razzing jokes of “Shrek“, this action will seem to them silly at all.

4. “Flypaper“ (Flypaper, 2011)

the Number of banks does not cope at all with the mass of persons interested to rob them. Reaches ridiculous. As in the movie “Flypaper“ of the director Rob Minkoff (“Stewart Littl“, “A forbidden kingdom“) in which the same bank becomes object of close attention of two gangs. Forwards did not manage to agree on - kind therefore the ordinary visitor which to death wants to look a hero in the opinion of the local employee undertook to reconcile their appetites.

The situation comedy is written by a tandem of authors of a dilogy “The Hangover“ that already almost guarantees quality of humour. And if to consider that leading roles in a tape are played by Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd and Tim Blake Nelson (“Oh, where you, the brother?“), bright characteristic performers, it is not necessary to miss obviously. Excellent option for viewing in the good friendly company.

5. “Sleeping Beauty“ (Sleeping Beauty, 2011)


of Kinodebyut Australian writer Julia Li it was for the first time shown wide (as far as it is possible) to public at the past Cannes Film Festival, participating, by the way, in a pursuit of the Golden Palm. The prize as it is already known, went to Terrence Malik`s hands and his “Trees of life“, but “Sleeping Beauty“ deserved an informal title of the most mysterious movie of the competitive program.

The psychological drama tells about the girl Lucie (Emily Browning from “Low blow“) who became a toy in the world of indifference and lust. In a mysterious brothel for very wealthy clients it plays a role of “Sleeping Beauty“. And fairy tale here at anything.

Cinema not so much heavy, how many heavy, considering inexperience of the director and the lifted subject. It is natural that in Russia the tape will be shown in limited hire. Including from - for numerous exposed flesh scenes.

Two carefree comedies of the European production supplement a picture: Spanish tape “Unsatisfied sexual tension“ Miguel Angel Lamata and Italian picture “Fatal Lara“ Carlo Verdone. The first will tell about love falsities (more precisely, sex) in a modern youth party, the second narrates about the priest involved by will of destiny in dismantling about inheritance and numerous adventures of household property.

At the very end of the list of film premieres there is a debut of the serial toiler David Roytberg - whether the documentary drama “It is easy to be young?“ . It is the movie - interview, reflecting opinion on today`s Russian reality of 18 girls and young men from the most different segments of the population, from soldiers to priests, from it is ready to “gilded youth“. Such projects appear with enviable constancy, but, alas, are too momentary and superficial really to touch.

It is obvious that there are no competitors at “The destination 5“ especially as the next sequel wins at the expense of an advertizing campaign in mass media and recognizable “brand“. Nevertheless this week me the criminal comedy “Flypaper“ is submitted to the most preferable. At least by the principle of “the smaller evil“. The children who were not in time to sit down on the Luntik yet are recommended to be brought together on Winnie-the-Pooh. Here precisely it is not necessary to wait for surprises, Disney seldom is mistaken in desires of the audience.