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Whether it is possible to fall in love on a network?

asked This question, probably, many people who constantly sit in various social nets. Personally I answer: “it is possible to fall in love! And still as!“... Many think: “How it so? People just communicate in it - a line, and at the same time often live in the different cities“. I at first too so thought, but when I itself began to communicate in a network, I understood, it is how possible to become attached besides most: “Hi. How are you?“ And truth... absolutely different people regularly ask us this question: our friends, relatives, parents... but not from all it is pleasant to us to hear it, how from the person who is not indifferent for us, the truth?

Actually the most awful when you understand how the person as it is necessary to you became close to you and as it is expensive when you are not ready to release it when you are jealous him even to just familiar or to an excess heart of VKontakte. It is true awfully. And you know why? And, because you fall in love and understand that nothing to change and to happen nothing when you make a declaration of love to it because it in other city. And after a while still it becomes clear that at it such as you tens... To you to become it is offensive for itself, it seems to you that all guys identical and never to change. You are disappointed in life day after day and retire into oneself. You stop watching yourself, daily are rude to the mother and shout at her though you understand that nothing criminal occurred. She only put to you to eat because you sit the third day in a row about the computer and eat nothing, only drink coffee or tea. You forget when recently you called the best friend and spoke about boys because for days on end you sit and wait for the badge “it is a line“ about its nickname and an avatar.

Reflect, same an illness.... Unfortunately, from this nothing good leaves. As a rule, people change and is frequent in the bad party. They forget about everything that was part of their life earlier. They forget even birthdays of the friends and relatives with which since the childhood were played in one sandbox. It is terrible.

Where slides the world?! Around there is no person who has no account at least in one social net. People began to communicate more often exactly there. Others life, others relations began to interest them more. But you know

, it appears there is an advantage of the World wide web. For example, physically disabled people have no opportunity to communicate in real life. Normal people it is simple to be afraid of them and in society they are podtverzhena to sneers and to grins supposedly are guilty of it. Here also social nets help ours. People can quietly communicate with such as we, normally, but many to be afraid to admit that they have problems with health, and do themselves fictional nicknames and pages that now allow to make social nets. Believe, sick people also want love, caress, care which is received regularly by us, but we do not appreciate, and all because we already got used to all this, to them such love seems only from relatives. Present that, the young beautiful girl remained it is chained to a bed. She sits within four walls all the time, sees constantly cheerful faces of the friends at which everything is all right and they are able to afford, everything that they will want. You presented how to it sick to see all this? She quietly cries all the time about a window, looking at them, and thoughts of a suicide even more often appear. She always wonders: “My God, why to me to live now? Sense? To be a burden to the parents and relatives? I do not want“ and here the most terrible comes, she tries to reduce the ends with life. Fortunately, it does not manage it because in time mother with tears in the eyes and with shouts manages to appear in time: “What do you do, the daughter?!“. Having learned about it the father, faints and he is brought urgently to hospital to suspicion of a heart attack. Here the girl understands that she cannot leave one darlings and lonely parents, she tries in all ways to clean, delete these thoughts from the head. She decides to begin to communicate on the Internet. Creates the page and a fictional nickname “Just from HEAVEN“, begins to look for friends. “Here the cool fellow, we will add“ - she thinks. And here everything, as a rule begins. Banal “Hi. Let`s get acquainted?“ develops at first into friendship, then into sympathy, and then into love. In total. Her life is a guy with a nickname of “Baby“. For days on end without a break they communicate on different subjects, understand that there is no life without each other any more. Also there is a miracle! She stops thinking about all bad that she happened to her. Forgives all and looks at the world other eyes which were fallen in love by eyes. She was surprised that when it opened the sleepy eyes, the sun winked at it, the father was discharged at last from hospital, mother began to bake her favourite potato pies again. “Life is adjusted“ - she shouts, sitting about a window in a chair.

That`s all. A conclusion, I think itself arises, not the truth?=)

What we would do without intrenet? At least life would be boring and is not various for us. But now thanks to huge opportunities of the Internet, all can quietly do, in a pleasant situation to communicate with different people from different points of the world. Same it is fine!

Dear readers, I everything wish to find happiness. To find the darling and with him to find love. The love helps us always with difficult situations. Protect love and the feelings. Be not scattered by gentle words to people unnecessary you!