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To marry the foreigner. An adventure on the fifth point?

Some time ago I watched the animated film how the person looked for water in the desert. He hypnotized a dew drop on a branch of the dried-up tree and did not notice at all how there arrives water in the dried-up lake in which center he sat.

Most of the women resorting to services of marriage agencies contrary to ordinary opinion, are capable to attract attention men and without assistance. The question is in what so is not enough for them in the men who are nearby to look for the foreigner?

“Communicating with our clients, I even more often think of opening courses for our men... Something on a subject as it is necessary to look after women“, - according to the director of the international club of acquaintances “I want in marriage“ Olga, the main reason of search of the partner abroad - other quality of the relations. The fact that each Russian woman, according to the classic, “at full tilt will stop a horse will enter the burning log hut“, does not mean at all that she wants to stop all life at full tilt of horses and to serve as the non-staff rescuer. So far the husband lies in front of the TV.

It at us “on ten little girls statistically nine children“, and in the territory of the USA and Canada was not two world wars and political cataclysms which mowed clean the qualitative man`s population, and statistics there opposite. Plus unwillingness of young women early to marry - and we receive just the same deficiency of love over the ocean. And desire to prove love business.

You sometime were interested how many marriage agencies in any large city of the former USSR? Many of them honestly offer services in search of partners abroad, many are engaged in frank fraud. How it works?

The agency registers the girl on a dating site, provides her the translator if she does not know English. Ideally the woman regularly comes to agency, selects questionnaires of the men who interested her and starts correspondence. In order to avoid fraud from our party the websites request copies of the documents confirming the personality and carry out an inspection of men on existence in databases of the people who committed sexual crimes in the country.

“Ideally“ as from our party and on many foreign websites we have a set of articles about the Internet - swindlers. How to secure itself? Here I will give several simple advice to girls:

Having decided to be registered in the international marriage agency, look on what dating sites they plan you to register. Attentively study rules of these websites.

If to ask to make you a frank photoshoot, look for other marriage agency.

Look how the room for video chats looks (the Internet - conferences): there should not be excesses or the objects “with a hint on a sensuality“.

Try to learn span as much as possible about the man at a correspondence stage.

for the first time do not meet the man independently At all, take on the translator`s meeting, it is an additional guarantee of your safety. Besides, the translator will be able to ask the man questions which to you are inconvenient for setting, having executed a role of the matchmaker.

do not give to the man your contact information, you will not see it personally yet and you will not be sure of the desire to communicate with it without intermediaries.

you Appreciate the time and personal space, the candidate for grooms is able to rent to himself apartment or a hotel accommodation, let the person know that sex is not included into your obligatory program of acquaintance.

Whenever possible study culture and language of the country of the man before departure abroad that such fascinating adventure as family life, did not turn into an adventure on the fifth point.

Also be happy!