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Goose in apples with banana puree? We write the recipe of

Before telling about how prepare a goose with apples in an oven, let`s remember the small swindler Panikovsky from Ilf and Petrov`s novel “A gold calf“.

“A goose - this marvelous fat bird! Wing, neck, leg! Ah, as I love this bird“, - this character repeatedly exclaimed.

Yes, Panikovsky knew what he spoke about. Long since was considered that among poultry geese have not equal. They give excellent meat, high-calorie eggs, curative fat, soft and warm down, quickly grow and are not too exacting to leaving. Guinea gooses of a smyshlyona, know the house and owners, and here do not love strangers. Exactly thanks to ability to be on the alert geese even became history - saved Rome, having warned its inhabitants the loud laughter about the crept enemies. Well, and the goose quill deserves special gratitude as great literary works of the past are written to them. Let`s remember at least Pushkin`s portrait with a goose quill in a hand and its lines devoted to this bird:

More tidy than a fashionable parquet

Shines the small river, is dressed by ice.

On red pads a goose heavy,

Having conceived to float on a bosom of waters,

Goes carefully into ice …

Well, all right, we will not distract. Let`s tell better as it is correct to bake a goose with apples in an oven. Keep in mind that its carcass is heavier duck, but less fat. These can explain a difference in the course of roasting of these two birds. At a duck all meat reaches in an oven standard almost at the same time.

At a goose the breast prepares 15 - 20 minutes quicker, than legs. Therefore skilled cooks recommend in the course of preparation of a goose at first to bake it in an oven entirely within one hour, then to cut off breast fillet, and to wrap the rest of a carcass in a foil and to wear out within 20 minutes.

When the ready goose is spread on a dish, put the cut breast to a carcass and decorated with greens or a cranberry. As a result of such way of preparation of a goose with apples in an oven the dish turns out not only appetizing, but also evenly baked.

Recipes of preparation of a goose happen to apples different. We offer you classical. For this dish it is required: 1 average sizes the goose, 15 average apples, is better than antonovsky, 4 - 5 tablespoons of raisin, olive, salt, greens to taste.

The prepared and drawn goose wash up, dry and rub outside and from within I will merge. Take 5 - 6 sour apples, rind with them, cut on 4 parts and remove a seed chamber. Wet raisin and when it a little bulks up, mix with apples, strew with granulated sugar and mix. Stuff with this mix a goose, and sew up a section of a paunch. Lay a carcass a back down on a baking sheet, pour a half-glass of water and put in strongly warmed oven.

As soon as the carcass of a goose will blush, lower heating, take out a baking sheet from an oven and merge the formed fat. Then return a goose to an oven and periodically water him with fat. In half an hour check readiness of a goose: the thin wooden stick has to puncture a carcass without efforts. Several minutes prior to the end of frying impose a bird with the remained whole apples with a remote core. Water them with goose fat and bake together with a carcass to a softening, watching that apples did not crack.

Do not forget to remove threads from a ready goose and to take forcemeat. Then impose a ruddy carcass with the baked apples and decorate with greens. In apples it is possible to enclose olives without stones.

As you can see to prepare a goose with apples in an oven on forces for any beginning hostess.

And here one more recipe. An original garnish from bananas perfectly will approach the goose baked in an oven . It is simple to make such banana puree, and on it no more than 10 minutes will leave.

Take 500 g of pulp of bananas, 3 bulbs, 150 g of walnuts. On a frying pan warm 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, fry onions, add dried apricots, warm up, pour ground nuts and mix. Put an uncut pod of hot red pepper in a frying pan, throw a curry powder pinch. Then add a little honey, pour in 50 ml of dry white wine, mix, let`s begin to boil also to a few uvarita. Pour a dried peel of one orange and small cut bananas into a frying pan. Let`s begin to boil and at once remove from fire. Remove pepper and cool mashed potatoes.

Give to a table as a garnish for a goose with apples.

By the way, last winter bananas in Moscow cost one and a half times cheaper than potato.