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How deceive at repair of household appliances? Ways and myths

Specialists of repair in a miscellaneous earn money. Someone really repairs, and someone receives money from the client, without having made anything. Various phrases of masters which have to guard the client will be provided in this section and set thinking on their professionalism of the master. The explanation is provided to each phrase.

Myth No. 1: Electronics cannot be repaired, it is necessary to buy a new payment

Such phrase can be heard and before the master opens the washing machine or the refrigerator. The matter is that repair of electronics requires vocational, profile education, without having it, it is difficult to understand a heap of electronic components on the printed circuit board. That is from - for the fact that the master cannot repair a payment you are forced to overpay for new (a payment or the device entirely). How to learn whether the master can repair electronics or not? Most likely, even without being able to repair it, he will tell that he is able.

Council: ask to show devices for diagnostics of electronics.

Myth No. 2: It is cheaper to buy the new washing machine (refrigerator), than to repair old

This phrase is used by “master“ “to come off“ repair. The phrase is good the fact that if you believe in it, then you will not begin to call other masters. In most cases this phrase means that “master“:

does not know what broke, - though it will always find the reason, having told, for example, that “brains“ are broken (see the myth 1), at the same time having increased the cost of “brains“ so that you, without deliberating, refused;

will not be able to buy the broken spare part - therefore will tell that it is more expensive than the device entirely;

does not know how to repair.

Hint: Spare parts cannot be so expensive that it is cheaper to buy new equipment.

Be attentive! You can be assured that the shop has own master. But you remember that repair attempt by not authorized service center removes a product from a guarantee.

Myth No. 3: The washing machine (refrigerator) served the, buy new

the Explanation to this phrase - word for word, as to the phrase No. 2. The phrase is another, the same sense. Only this is used usually when the car is more than five years old. And I remind that service life of the washing machine - not less than 10 years, the refrigerator - in accordance with GOST 15 years with one repair.


Myth No. 4: The washing machine (refrigerator) cannot be made, let me buy / will take it on the spare part

there is no

malfunctions which cannot be repaired. It is possible to change in knots (the engine, the compressor, a payment).

This phrase means that the master:

has no spare parts for similar equipment - and there are no times them, means it is necessary to get somewhere. Today will buy / will take the car from you, tomorrow will deliver from it to the spare part to other client (perhaps even as new);

will not be able to buy the broken spare part;

does not know how to repair.

By the way: Good masters extremely seldom buy equipment on the spare part.