Rus Articles Journal



LIFE Pieces, fragments and the moments -

A blood of destiny will not stick together

Zhanna`s Life again - area of a legend

Sounds - high as love.

Oh, with it Saints spoke, Tridimentionality of a reality having overcome


defined its path.

I prazden royal anger.

Here Zhanna`s tree - burns with

Fruits of light and works. War mutilates

as is able

of the Body and soul.

the universe

Saw Many dreams

About our world. Depth chasm.

follows fight silence

of unknown fault by Another.

Oh, as marauders - exult

As Zhanna will plunge them into shame.

of the Church power corridors,

of Prelates gilded life.

Soup from treachery the navarist,

In kitchen infernal boiled away.

What is visible during a century on yours?

Liouba is not small that passed.

Behind fight new fight - and again

Layers of history are dense.

I of Zhanna luminous intensity will stop the word

Fight As it is severe,

So the truth in it heights.

Zhanna`s sword, whose balancing

of Otmenn - a legendary sword. its

in fight is easy skill - She rescued

from mutilate - I understand

Ya - and was. force I cannot understand


What inspired Zhanna. the Sign of this force to learn


the house next,

Over it night depth burns with fires.

the Century everyone thought - it the last,

I lasted times again.

The church court is stitched by deception,

from this to withdraw lie,

What in the world many-sided

saves Diamonds - in continued

of Stremlenye to win.


Life will be - if you live in lie.

The fire in hundred languages will capture

Dry the maiden Zhanna flesh.

a sakramentalna Gate - though Are painful


But pain will roll away,

That a stone - strong soul: for

It new open tracks,

the Worlds in what slowly

Ascends Zhanna, - it is a pity for crowd

Below, still destroying

the Reality, roll to a bowl of accident,

Having disdained heaven good stanzas -

that the truth is good.


LADDER the Monk will pass on oslyat -

Is calculated and is bitterly drunk.

He loves each defect,

to It a bottle - is eternal by the way.

In indulgences - the passion -

Trades in a cassock and yawning -

The one who to frighten all by hell is glad,

B it naturally growing.

Luther is firm, the head is fresh, thought

I - from the amber force

of Heaven, and to it lnyot soul, Foreseeing

light of prospect.

to the Monk Luther nevmoch

to Suffer a gluttony, alcoholism, nonsense

of Doctrines - here continuous night

Spiritual, and a century the last.

as though you see - it goes,

On a door of a cathedral beats

Against indulgences the arch,

Risks, and knows about it.

was not frightened a fire,

tortures, their juicy power.

That pain from them? It is sharp,

But is the world of heavenly thickness.

Heavenly layer, its

ore of Souls perfect, lightful.

of the Set phrase of monks inert,

their greed, their lives - trouble.

I that? It forever?

to Avgiya`s Stables is similar to

church Today - a sin and stuff,

puzata Sins, and in detail

Dictate what to do to us.

But Luther shattered church -

In angrily similar crushing.

A would be granted by force of forces

of the Opportunity for updating -

For change of church Power

the directions Are various imt.

Heavenly shines thicknesses - Nobody such will take away


Manages the Bible translation,

Soul-sided Luther - at night.

I the infernal inhabitant, an infernal cat

Is seen by Luther voochyyu -

the Inkwell in it rather!

(an inkwell that in the museum).

Life the code not to read the reason out of system of life,


Biographers at times are false,

Are ready to adjust the facts.

From the twenty first to present to

In details Lyuterova life -

to take Lessons, to Enter amendments to a reality

, and on a rupture of veins

to Seek to understanding of an essence,

not to realize Which.

that the person is mix in a vessel -

will be able to deny Nobody.


Of scraps of food It is boring to clear

tin plates?

not to get used To this work

to the Boy on kitchen - prick pieces of chalk

of Feeling, could worry then.

But Loyola, an award having based

I having headed, against arrogance

Works in kitchen, the structure -

I Smother that is - having entered into layer from now on

of Wise humility.

water Washes utensils without effort.

The brave nobleman - Loyola - knows,

As sting a sword can, but

the Belief ekstatichny, than

wine to the Shower intoxicates.


The award is small so far. In former

At Loyola and a way, and fight, doubt

I - more sharply the razors,

Or mind which twisted a plait touched

Or soul fire.

A spiritual is more difficult to move stones

, than nature stones.

Only covers of the word

Seem - available hardly to

the Essence seduces, and shines nicely -

will not deceive? The angel will part

Two wings - will see hoofs.

of People to instincts lives,

Thirst of happiness and layers of life.

the Vector conducting up one

Is live from thousands, or hundreds of thousands

Different, but including their majesties.

the Father - houses of belief mister.

In rags would stick luxury to tear,

to Live among it - such heresy.

Belief - it means to be torn through

the Reality, to realize height.

Here Loyola the general, besides

At all not dreaming of glory.

Entered in the spiritual house, and the house

It is given to the sky as to the power

of Truth - it one besides.

it is not possible to Live, with truth dissembling.

it is impossible to Live in a limit gold.

Belief - each life is the title, we do not know

of It besides.


HOUSE From a labyrinth an exit to light -

, Why differently a labyrinth?

But vsyak on - to a svoym this flour -

I is impossible a reprint here -

On - to a svoym suffers torment of life.

A sometimes taste bright, tart.

Life - not food, on taste

I the classic tried it hardly.

Life make Various details

- it is plus.

A minus - important cannot Understand

a skvozhenye root. Hardly the childhood gold

the path Will give to


A chest - on what slept, lodge

I wretchedness - here it:

the museum became For a long time

In the Moscow reality votkan.

Volumes - extension of life? Is not present?

the Night-time the Writer the world in which light,

of Potm which it disturbs creates


penal servitude Chains already of

Are broken. Snow grew white greatly.

A at heart,

I with them to live with the wound childhood quite nasty.

to Live? Yes! But with it to write

Where is more handy. Takes out

From a wound images again,

I studies labyrinths.

And in Optina I remember the house -

the Museum where

the Novel grew ripe slowly, and it is the last volume.

the old man - the father amusingly of

Behaves, and adovo besides

Everything forms of our souls

was Investigated biased by the classic?

But a conclusion - it is very not clear. Skvozhenye`s

is the brightest arches,

Spheres of shine, and the worlds

Dense amber over us.

Who it is ready to learn

I truth to lift on a banner?

Craving for truth, the works

You burden the.

the Learned voice of poverty,

Soul hardly you will become impoverished.

Tobacco crumbles; crumbs, Everything is a pity for

by a sleeve Night gets denser.

From night is able to build a vertical

To fields heavenly

learned a vertical

Who writes with Soul, smokes and is ill.

Who narrates to us about us

Very much that did not expect -

About cores of sense and a table,

Spheres of passions, enlightenments chance how the new light on a detail can throw a death hour


of compassion burn down with

To all when again you read

of Togo whose cherezmerny work

by the Cathedral of light you will read.


Vineyards of the worlds over us,

the Shadow from them - the habitual, visible world.

That success, when soul, how in a hole,

Let hidden, but awful holes?

Life - system. And its reasons

Beyond a limit of it, are big.

of Ladders gilded pictures,

their quite air strokes.

The word - intimate

Force we do not know Dalnoboyno, speaking,

I words idle littering

Against greatness of the Universe. to me calendar leaves are terrible


them tears off Life as if fall.

Who it, tell, about it asks?

Addressing itself,

Together you address someone.

Switched off and again turned on the computer -

Virtuality is shown to destiny.

So from a threshold - Hi, I am destiny - Never she told


Ya would look and exclaimed - Oh!

I handshake would inspire.

And dreams are terrible - as though Cockroach drive into a crack


in the starlit night gold

millet Who klyuyot, the hiding the purpose?

Is a kernel of the phenomenon and

flesh of It is though can be not dense.

Is the river, but not to construct a raft -

would Cross the river, carefree. Life the river I do not undertake to call

- I do not want to pay in

a tax to a banal. I Will approach

Ya the provincial mooring

and I will test grief.

Smells remarkably water,

of the Wave an easy ring seduce.

of Clouds float looped herds

Over an avalanche of life.

of Thought the course - in fact lives the course.

Original life - as sphere of spirit.

Kohl of a shower ripened as if a fruit,

That about light of death will be a thought.