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Through low, dusty, semicircular windows are visible cases of plant - powerful, multistage as the Babylon ziggurat. The hall - from plant.

the Roar of bars and weights about colored red boards of a floor is habitual as feelings of own body.

- Kohl, secure! - Give


the Press lying: slow, strained removal of a bar on outstretched arms: one of rod exercises of athleticism.

Signature stamps, bars, machines - all self-made; folding mirrors reflect bodies of different degree of fitness in walls.

- the Antique ideal! Well you also gave, Sanyok! Yes hilyak they in comparison with us! - Dimon bends a hand, straining a biceps - round as apple …

the Smell of sweat of cuttings, in air white dust - flying cloudlets of talc.

Is strained snuffling, Georgy squats, and the muscles of hips are inflated powerfully.

- Gosh of a leg at you - as boas!

could not rise, dumped a bar. The twisted mat probodat the air saturated with tension.

… went through fall - went for training, sang; passing one of the yards, saw: the coffin boat on stools, the old woman sobs, a half ring stand in black dressed people. Pulled: and why to shake? - strainedly, wildly, zealously - why, when the final … Did not stop being engaged, however: 18 years to it were, the Union hung by a thread …

Opening a door to the hall, got to hardly pulsing field of a power brotherhood where peppered jokes tore off the cascade of approaches, and the mat seemed natural addition to fair expenditure of forces. Cables in the machine go, the back strains, “wings“ - the broadest muscles are inflated.

the Boat of a coffin departures in the crematorium furnace.

the Boat of own destiny - now, twenty years later - is so far from athletics.


the Triton it was? Is not present?

At the coast black - as in autumn black pond - a grass was weaved hardly how a trampoline, and the child endeavored to glance in the glass depth of water - whether there is no what interesting there? Yes, is: split of a movement, a zigzag of the thrown body, golden vysverk a being having a tail - and again a black, unsteady failure. A triton, it is possible - told him later.

Two cars - as if moved under arches of the autumn wood; the arches ornated sophisticated - where here to a gothic style! On a glade on the outspread motley laying various, juicy and nourishing, food; and the smoke from shish kebabs petlisto turns gray, straying between branches … Before drove in soccer - the father, the uncle Valya and the uncle Vitya - and none of them expected from the father of similar dexterity because the ball was as if it is attached to a leg, obeyed as manual; and, struck, they exclaimed: Well you give, Lev …

the Father in a frame of fall.

the Uncle Valya in the same foreshortening.

the Father died. Valentin was killed.

of Vospominanya are immortal - also as well as are incorporeal - in air they are poured, out of you are concentrated, given by space. Or - like that triton - will flash, and you do not know then: whether was? It seemed?


of Raznotravye about Oka ringed grasshoppers, was poured izumrudno and zolotisto, played; the July haze flew, smoothly melted, enveloped, not caressing, not tiring; and the wood two wings dispersed behind a small camp - turning green, blackening.

the Coast was abrupt, swallow`s nests as if windows looked at you from - under a peak of an illusory roof; we cut down steps in the black, firm earth, went down, put rods - four-knees, threw are thin, in the small gulf established a film.

of the Live bait went to catch to Vyrka - its small waters flew over dense gray sand, both the crucians and peskarik which are swimming up to a bait were visible distinctly; and other coast of Vyrki - a solid wall from a tansy, a meadow grass, white unknown flowers; the wall is motley, poured by July gold.

Sometimes stirred up the live bait on the spit, the self-made mutnik from a grid and willow rods hardly shuddered in hands while at random touched legs, lifting sandy dregs, and in the taken trap always fluttered, a posverkivy, fish trifle.

Valentin is the friend of my uncle: the initiator of fishing this happiness - strove at a fire, cooked soup, called - Come off, it is ready!

was ready also porridge with stewed meat, and two dogs - black and red - received on a full bowl; and we sat at a shaky folding little table, ate, were transferred by jokes, and suddenly - a ring of a kolokolets, and the brother rushed down, and through some time shouted - the Pike perch!

- whose oil is not terrible at Night and is given by gift - sat at a fire, ryzheyushchy a fox tail, spoke poddaty - including about the stars which are generously scattered, blyostky. … we do not know

that such happiness; we do not feel it … Valentin Is dead

. Also the uncle is dead. And I remembering nowadays fishing in Kaluga under the village of Sivkovo, understand that the main thing in it, in that fishing and was - imperceptible, unsteady, is gentle - flickering happiness.