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The people and society


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of Society strengthening

and Unity of society - in many respects depend on patriotism degree.

p Society cannot exist without mercy.

and Communication between members of society is - the uniform purpose.

z Society without worthy leaders - degrades.

pv Society can be healthy only then when strong and rich - do not seek to live at the expense of weak and poor and help them, and weak and poor - do not count on the help strong and rich and do not test to them envy and rage.

but only the presence the person already strengthens society.

z Than more members have societies of common interests - subjects society stronger.

and Banner of the people - culture.

p the People the patriot - is invincible.

and If valuable people live in poverty - society is not healthy.

and the Capable, clever toiler from - for mind will not become strong to enrich itself, and from - for inabilities to sit, idly, works for society.

and Silly lazy lack of talent thinks not of public labor participation, and of consumption and enrichment.

and the biggest danger to society - when at people grows cold aspiration to wellbeing, and there is a desire to give itself to political struggle.

to the Family - the society base.

p Society in which work is estimated fairly - prospers.

p All people live on one earth, they are connected among themselves. If everyone thinks only of himself - the mankind will disappear.

p Each person, playing on the violin, has to listen to all orchestra.

pz Society changes for the better at the expense of resistant, kind

reasonable, decent, noble, law-abiding … to -

tory not only do not spoil from bad, but also improve kl -

a mat of society. In the worst - from - for weak-willed, unscrupulous, under -

ly, dishonest, silly …

p If to make thrifty use of good and necessary people, it is general -

a stvo becomes healthier.

p If begins everyone with itself - society will become healthy.

p Society is healthy when poor people do not ask and furthermore

do not insist on the help. And the rich consider a duty to help the poor and help.

and One of the reasons that in society tension is created

consists that the person consumes not that minimum which to it is necessary for

, and tries to pass through itself a maximum of possible, without reflecting that on all this a manpower of other members of society leaves.

p If people were limited to reasonable consumption necessary for normal life, without unnecessary excesses and stocks, labor participation of all members of society repeatedly of

would decrease. People could have a rest, do more favorite thing, pay attention to themselves, education of children, care of parents …

and Society can be healthy if in it the middle class prevails.

and Society can be healthy only then - when happily vast majority of his members.


and the Person are created by the nature, forms society.

and Worthy life can be only in that country where not only the worthy government, but also the most part of the population, worthy people.

and In society all people are connected - need, and the grief of one cannot, will not concern others.

and Often creative specialists of culture are surprised that the people like not those works on which they counted - it says about as far as they are far from it.

and working more consuming Less - we force

of others to work more and to consume less.

and More happily is to those people which mention in world news less.

and Society always is in search of a strong hand. society has to teach

and Good of the person.

and the Last word always remains behind society.

and What life - are that also people.

and What people - such is and life.

and In the nature weak perish, in society the part of people survives

on the state protection and charity.

p Society has to take care that the person did not live as in

the wood, protecting itself.

pv Society has to be respectful to people who,

having an opportunity to be enriched, live modestly and to nominate their

to those important posts on which wellbeing of the people depends. there is no

and more dangerously than the person for society - than the ingenious villain.

and If in society there was an offended genius - wait for changes.

p Before demanding from someone put, is sense on -

to behave so that it turned for this person into the desirable.

yu the bad government - can be dismissed. What to do - with the bad people?

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and Society seriously is ill only what infected most of her members.

and Society lives - only recognized laws.

and Society, not helping the poor - puts under a mortal blow of the rich.

pz the Main mission of the person in the nature as living being - the maximum reproduction, but the person has to use the best efforts that it did not cross out his mission in a civilized society - as beings sane.

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