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Eggplants: let`s try the Odessa dishes from “blue“?

U us in Ukraine (Dmitry Medvedev already allowed to speak so) eggplants gently call “blue“ though we know that their correct name “nightshade dark-foetal“.

This relative of tomatoes was cultivated in India 1500 years ago. But, in spite of the fact that the eggplant is known in Europe with XV - go centuries, and is wide - with XIX - go, I learned about its existence only at the end of XX - go. But it was the love at first sight, is more right from the first spoon.

So that vegetable rather took recently the place on a market Olympus, not still know what is delightful food. Recipes, as a matter of fact, is developed much already, but each hostess respecting herself adapts them in own way. I to you suggest to get acquainted with the Odessa recipes in my execution.

We will not linger on all to eggplant known caviar “overseas“: a dish any more not a wonder, the recipe settled and became prose.

I will offer you another - summer option of caviar .

We bake 2-3 eggplants in an oven. In the same time small we cut an onion (well if Crimean, blue), and we press half-heads of garlic in the spadefoot. Half a kilogram of ripe tomatoes and couple of sweet paprikas we rub on a grater or we pass via the meat grinder. Hostesses with the honors pupils complex tomatoes before it are blanched, that is drenched with boiled water, and husk with them. I too so sometimes do.

With ready and a few cooled-down eggplants we remove a skin, and too - via the meat grinder, but it is possible and just to suppress them a fork.

We mix the crushed relatives (eggplants, tomatoes, pepper) with onions and garlic, we add a lot of greens (fennel, parsley, a basil). Salt, sugar and black ground pepper is added to taste. We flavor caviar with a small amount of vegetable oil: it is possible odorous not refined sunflower, but I love sesame. Also it is possible to put on a table these live vitamins at once: all in crude, original state, except for eggplants. Not turbid, virgin usefulness!

Second course is called “Spark“, or “Blue tasty “.

It is preparation for the winter, but it suits also for instant destruction in the summer. In the winter this sharp and unusually tasty snack from a table always disappears the first at any competing delicacies. And it prepares much quicker than caviar.

So, 5 kg of eggplants (what to waste time on trifles, all the same will be a little...) we cut very large circles, we salt and we leave for 2 hours that they were left by rage and bitterness. After that slightly we wring out and we fry on vegetable oil till golden color. While blue 2 hours improve the image, we overwind on the meat grinder:

6-8 fruits of paprika;

of 3-5 pods of red bitter pepper;

of 250-350 grams of garlic.

Under the name “Adjika“ we add a vinegar half-bottle to this infernal mix. Then in sterile banks we stack a layer of “Adjika“, a layer blue, a layer of “Adjika“ etc. again. So far the bank will not be full. We roll up banks at once, without sterilizing!

I advise for the first time to make everything in a half size for food. On a symposium on results of tasting with members of household you specify the fortress of “Adjika“ accepted for you.

And finally I will open for you intimate a noa - Hau: the stuffed allsorts “Friendship of the people“ .

In one brazier I prepare allsorts from the stuffed vegetables: paprikas, tomatoes and eggplants. I called this dish “Friendship of the people“ because taste of each vegetable is unique and unique, and their identity connected by a frying pan gives an irresistible bouquet. In total as at people!

I begin to achieve dream with evening, presoaking a half-glass of rice. And in the morning I boil it to half readiness.

For forcemeat ideally it is necessary to take on a market “îřĺĺę“ and most to overwind on the meat grinder. But if you trust the butcher and a market, then it is possible to take for this masterpiece and ready forcemeat, but surely pork.

Further we prepare “zazharka“, for this purpose on a frying pan pripuskay carrots, grated on a large grater, the shredded onions and contents tomato, prepared for a farshirovka. Blue I too never throw out an interior: I put them in the refrigerator, and they go at me then for preparation of caviar “overseas“.

Then we connect forcemeat, rice, one crude egg, a half of “zazharka“, grated garlic, it is a lot of greens, black ground pepper and salt. Properly we mix all this weight. If it turned out densely, then add either milk, or broth.

We fill with forcemeat vegetables which you already, I hope, prepared for a farshirovka. We spread them in a brazier, from above - other half of “zazharka“ and again greens. We fill in with water, we close a cover and we extinguish to readiness on slow fire: it will occupy no more than half an hour. At the end we regulate salinity of allsorts.

On a half-glass of rice and forcemeat half a kilogram I take 2 average carrots, 2 onions, 1 head of garlic, one egg. Tomatoes, pepper and blue - on 2-3 pieces (the size matters).

Essential nuance : taste of a dish very much depends on a ware form. On a big frying pan it turns out much more tasty as in a water frying pan you will pour less, than in a cauldron.

After cooling the dish can be placed in the refrigerator. And then to warm not everything but only that part which you will afford.

I want to remind that eggplants contain many mineral substances: potassium, iron, copper. And, above all the advantage of an eggplant is that it is capable to bring excessive cholesterol out of an organism and to regulate water balance therefore it is useful first of all to cores.

Appetite pleasant to you!