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How to overcome dependence on social networks? You do not remember

any more when you last time used phone for calls, your three-thousandth photo, all news is posted in Facebook you learn from Twitter and continuously scribble next “there bought a new player“, “I have dinner in cafe“, “I go to work“, and also laugh at the top of the voice, being in loneliness at the computer. If you agreed at least with two statements, then too are infected with the main plague of 21 centuries - dependence on social networks.

is considered to be that most brightly the Internet - the infection is shown at teenagers for whom lack of comments to photos in “VKontakte“ can become the same tragedy, as well as one-way love. In turn, the relations are considered unfortunate if the soulmate did not mark out the young user in the status “marital status“. But at adult generation of the relation with social networks is not better at all, and therefore it is time to take emergency measures. If to follow these to simple, at first sight, rules, to overcome the Internet - dependence is possible.

1. Increase time of real-life communication. Take for the rule to come every evening for walk, to attend exhibitions, concerts, to go to the cinema. Invite with yourself friends - you are even surprised how many people missed your society while you vanished in the Network. Besides the method of anti-network therapy promises and many new interesting acquaintances.

2. You call by telephone more often. When to you once again will want to share something - do not start updating the status in the account. Call the best friend and share with him news, the thoughts. Telephone chatter will load you with positive emotions and will distract from the computer.

3. Set a time limit on stay in social networks. correspondence and viewing of photos of friends on a social network, statistically, does not exceed Time which occupies reading a news feed the user 20 minutes a day. But in practice the huge number of people spends on the Internet not less than 3 - 5 hours a day, the most part of time simply refreshing the page of the profile that to miss nothing. Aimlessly not to hypnotize the monitor, note time which is necessary for you for viewing of social networks (for example, exactly 20 minutes on 1 “approach“), and after with firmness close the browser. Ideally this minimum interval of time has to become your day norm.

4. Hi-tech method. For weak-willed users exists long ago the special computer program which controls online time and importunately reminds that your stay in the Internet comes to an end. After the limit is reached, the program will block for you access to social networks prior to the beginning of the next day.

5. Remove accounts in all social networks. It is an extreme, but the most effective way of fight against dependence on social networks. After several weeks of your absence on Facebook you do not remember any more that you did there so long.

It will be at first difficult - the monitor will attract as if a magnet. But the most difficult in any business is to begin. The speedy recovery!