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How to remove a tick at an animal?

Come to the end a summer season. Summer residents come back to the apartments together with the pets. And their pets take with themselves “pets“ - by no means unwanted.

In two days after I the first time brought a cat from giving, I noticed that he suddenly became sad, became sluggish. Could not understand the reason until on a neck found something in it, similar to human leg papilloma, only firmer and the correct form - millimeters five in the diameter. Of course, it was the tick. And how I did not notice at once?

What at once did not notice - appeared, quite naturally. A tick, having got on a body of an animal, at first “wanders“ about it in search of the most convenient position, then it is fixed, starting under a skin the helitser and pedipalpa (oh, I`m sorry, the kolyushche - the sosatelny oral device), and begins to suck blood. As a result of his own body from the arriving blood it begins to be inflated as a ball, and here then it becomes noticeable.

Began to call on acquaintances, to ask councils. It would seem, at us every first - the summer resident and the aelurophile, but for some reason nobody knew what to do.

Perhaps, it depends on a color, on breed, on as far as a cat healthy and blood it “tasty“, but personally at us has this history repeats itself every year. As friends council did not help me, addressed in the Internet though, of course, it would be most correct to address the veterinarian. The problem was solved. To those that I found in the Internet, plus own experience - I hurry to share. As far as I know, it is a widespread case.

Begin with the fact that plentifully grease the place of “fastening“ of a tick with vegetable oil. They say that the tick can begin to choke with it and will jump out. On the Internet honestly wrote what can help, and can not help. Did not help us, but, I think, some role all is played.

Therefore grease the place around a neck of a tick and wait a couple of hours. If after that you carefully pulled a tick, but he did not get out, we pass to the following stage.

Put an animal on a table or a bedside table or take it on hands - so will work with it more conveniently. By the way, it (animal) especially also does not resist - probably, understands that it is tried to be helped. In hands you already have to have a piece of a thread thirty centimeters long. Tie a thread around a neck of a tick, in the place of its “fastening“. Here it is necessary to show skill: on the one hand, it is necessary to stick rather strong to begin “suffocation“, and on the other hand - it is not so strong that the neck did not break.

If the head of a tick remains in a body of an animal, it will be already much more difficult to take it, but will not take - the inflammation and suppuration can begin. In the childhood even said to me that if the head remains in a body, then from it the tick starts over again growing. I hope that such miracle of regeneration all - will not occur.

It is ready? Now take both ends of a thread in one hand and begin gradually, shaking, to pull for a thread. Do not pull a thread breakthrough at all! Besides because the head can break and remain inside.

I think, your actions will be crowned with success soon. I usually put a tick in a jar with densely screwing up stopper and in the corked look I throw out in a garbage can.

It was necessary only to wash fur of an animal from vegetable oil. If it is a dog - problems will not be and if it is a cat - then hurry up, so far he did not gain strength to resist yet and thinks that the action of his rescue still continues.

My Vasya does not like to wash. Therefore I put it on a wooden lattice on a bathroom, mylyu only that place where it is soiled by oil, and I water with a shower - carefully that water did not get into ears. At the same time he sometimes tries to get away “on halfbent“. In this case it needs to be held by the scruff. It appears if you take from above a cat by the scruff - it is for him gesture of the senior which should submit.

On it it would be possible and to finish, but I want to mention one more “pets“ whom our favourites usually capture from giving - even more unpleasant and dangerous, than pincers. These are worms.

Veterinarians say that worms at cats it is necessary to remove each half a year irrespective of where they were and whether there are signs of these worms. It is considered that cats have them always. A medicine is for this purpose sold in many pet-shops. As to give them - it is written on packing. Only council: to push or pour in a preparation, in the same way put a cat higher and you hold from above by the scruff.

All! Let our pets will be healthy and please us still for many years!