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Clay. How to use it for appearance persons and bodies?

Clay are one of products, well-known in cosmetology. The main property of cosmetic clay - clarification and dehumidification of skin. Clay nourishes skin with nutrients, humidifies it and tones up, tightens muscular and skin structures. At regular application spots and acne rash are eliminated. Clay masks for a body stimulate blood circulation, remove muscular stress, relieve rheumatic and articulate pains. Low cost and availability - one more of pluses of national cosmetics.

At the beginning of the 2nd century the scientist, the philosopher and the doctor Avicenna from Persia in detail wrote about curative properties of clay in the “Canon of medical science“. Even the queen Cleopatra used clay as one of means of preservation of youth. So what types of clays happen and how to use them?

There is quite large number of types of clays. They differ on color, structure, density, plasticity and a scope depending on the field. We will talk about main types of clays which main distinction is color. Color of clay depends on its mineral structure (presence of iron, copper, etc.) . On counters of shops it is possible to meet white, red, black, yellow, green, gray and blue clay. Blue, white and green clay meets most often.

Blue clay the most useful. It absorbs liquid and gaseous toxins, smells and gases, kills pathogenic microbes. Contains practically all mineral salts and minerals (silver, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, copper, cobalt, molybdenum). Blue clay delicately clears skin of the horny cages, accelerates regeneration process. It is used in traditional medicine as the most effective means of fight against baldness. Also blue clay is used as an effective remedy against acne rash.

White clay, or a kaolin - the natural material possessing high medicinal properties. White clay nourishes skin with oxygen, improves cell regeneration. The kaolin is especially good for women with fat face skin as it actively destroys the microbes provoking emergence of spots and acne rash.

Green clay has the remarkable absorbing properties, softens and clears face skin, removes irritation, has the drying effect. Green clay works as a soft peeling, its texture allows to remove easily and completely fat and dirt from skin. Masks from green clay perfectly eliminate a greasy luster, have the drying and pulling together effect, promote preservation of youth and beauty for many years.

Black clay takes the special place among other cosmetic clays since it is applied generally as the most effective means in fight against cellulitis and excess weight. It is usually used in the form of compresses and wrappings.

Red clay raises a tone of skin and does it more tightened, also strengthens vessels and capillaries. Red clay seldom meets on sale in pure form, generally - in already ready masks.

Yellow clay brings toxins out of skin and oxygenates that leads to rejuvenation. It is applied at the tired or growing old skin.

Gray clay humidifies and tones up skin. It is applied at the dry and dehydrated skin.

Correctly to make a clay mask, it is necessary to conform to the following rules:

In the beginning surely consult with the dermatologist!

For preparation of a mask should dissolve clay in nonmetallic ware.

Cannot dissolve clay with hot water as she will lose the curative properties.

do not leave mix for a long time - it will lose the moisture, will quickly harden and will become unsuitable for drawing.

you Apply clay on the skin moistened with water not to injure it.

should not do a clay mask if on skin there is a strong irritation.

Check date of production. If the expiration date ended - do not use this clay. be attentive

I upon clay purchase, be afraid of fakes!

Method of application. to place Clay in nonmetallic ware, to fill in with warm water, to stir to a smetanoobrazny consistence. To put the received weight in the form of masks for 15 - 20 minutes. It is recommended to apply 2 - 3 times a week, to increase of efficiency of procedures and steady result.

It is possible to part clay masks not only water, but also green tea, essential oils and kefir. I recommend to part with green tea as it very well tones up skin, helps at fight against acne rash.