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What steps need to be made to open the business?

Stages of business activity

Business activity are the intellectual process consisting of five main stages.

1 stage: Birth of idea

of 2 stage: Development of the plan of realization of this idea

of 3 stage: Concentration of efforts to realization

of 4 stage: Adjustment (correction of mistakes, improvement of idea and plan)

5 stage: Management of the received results

Business activity, of course, is not limited to these stages, it includes, besides five stages, still, as you know, management of money and people. But five stages given above are a basis of business activity. It is not necessary and say to you that if is not of ideas , then there will be no business also. It is not necessary and say to you that without plan effective realization of conceived is impossible. And absolutely it is silly to argue on whether it is necessary to make efforts for realization business of idea. `Without effort you will not catch also fish from a pond`. And still without effort or without appropriate efforts you will not construct the profitable company. Yes without efforts in general it is won nothing. The athlete without training cannot win is the fact. And he cannot train once a week, the professional is obliged to use the efforts daily , he wants to train daily or does not want, nobody asks it. Also and businessman. Fans are able to afford to be engaged in a favourite kind of activity of times a week, and professionals work every day. Many to be afraid of it. Not everyone is capable to work daily. Therefore not everyone wins. So the third stage of business activity - the most important. Than we were engaged, we will always win if we make enough efforts for this purpose. So far as concerns business, `efforts` are understood by as intellectual efforts . Physically strong people work for people, strong as mind. It in ancient times his muscles were competitive advantage of the person, in the 21st century competitive advantage of the person are his brains. Therefore, we will remember: it is necessary to make efforts for the achievement conceived as air.

The fourth stage of business activity - adjustment. This stage assumes correction of the made mistakes in the course of realization of idea, and also improvement of the idea if it is necessary. Well and, certainly, at the fourth stage there is an updating of plans . Plans have one feature - they constantly disappoint us because they often fall. But we should not be disappointed, and correct plans according to a situation. Updating of the plan and correction of mistakes - necessary process if we expect to receive good result. I am convinced of it. And receiving result and management of result is the fifth stage of business activity. Many consider that, having achieved result it is possible to relax. Here they are mistaken. The result is expressed in business in a monetary form. Received money or increased profitability, so achieved result. Did not earn - means did not reach it and therefore it is necessary to return to the fourth stage - to modify the plan, to correct errors or to improve idea to receive result.

As I already told, many relax when they achieve result. And I am sure that at the fifth stage it is necessary not to relax, and to make efforts on management of the received results . - at the fifth stage it is necessary to fix by simple words the positions. When result money is achieved and earned, it is necessary to start up the most part of this money in business development. And this investment has to develop or strengthen the created business surely significantly. If it does not occur if the owner of business does not have enough will power and it instead of investing the earned money in development of the company, spends them for itself, then very risky situation turns out and all its efforts can come to nothing. In general, it is typical mistake of ordinary businessmen - to spend earned on itself darling it is better to seem, than is actually. And the real results appear only after investments into development of business at the fifth stage of business activity. If all aforesaid is good to understand, remember and acquire, make money will become much more simply.