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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Gravity advantage harm a hindrance to reduce gravity of

to banish will get rid value the reason promotes the soil gives manifestation serious helps to re-educate to save as the method increases excessively to get to bring up generates appears is reached too

zd Gravity - a good trait of character.

zd Gravity - a positive condition of the person.

pv to Manifestation of gravity are promoted by laws of morality.

pv Seriously concerns to people - the philanthrophy helps. from the Serious person it is more difficult for

to incline to bad.

vz Reasonable gravity not against fun - it against frivolous speeches and acts.

p is better to be silly - but serious, than clever - but


pzv Gravity - defects grazes.

pzv Gravity is not on friendly terms with addictions.

pzv saves Gravity from offenses and crimes.

p From gravity to boredom - one step. pz Gravity - character not to strengthen

. there is no

p anything more ridiculously - excessive gravity.

and Gravity and pomposity - different things.

z Gravity begins in thinking.

and Gravity is close to the law.

p the Filled gravity - is ridiculous.

p Gravity is reached by severity in behavior.

and Gravity - protection.

p is silly to banish gravity for improvement of mood.

p Gravity reduces vital risk.

and Gravity - the child of reason.

and Shame of gravity help.

to Conscience of gravity the girlfriend.

zd Haste and vanity - gravity a hindrance.

zd saves Gravity from the loved one from quarrels,

of tension of the relations, sufferings.

pz The is more serious than people - the less probability to it to die

ridiculous, premature death.

z Gravity can be from will.

zd gravity - increases With age.

p it seems to Adults that they were more serious than children.

z At serious people in the head of thought are ordered and get

to memory in the coordinated, clear state.

p Gravity - rescues from excessive problems.

p Serious is lucky - more often.

and Gravity is undermined by levity.

and the Serious person depends on a case and destiny less.

and Gravity does not allow to sink into dotage that ages, contact with children and youth weakens


p Too serious it is necessary to communicate with thoughtless more.

and The fact that children are less serious than adults - it is normal.

p Not everything that is serious, - is reasonable.

z Gravity of darling can reduce fear of its

to lose that pushes on change and conquest of other hearts.

and Gravity of darling, as a rule, reduces

sexual desire and passion to it, cools feelings and

weakens love.

pz If the person remaining true, serious, reliable,

available will manage to organize the behavior doubt in

it, fear to lose it, and feelings to it at the sexual partner

will not decrease, and there will be no sufficient soil for emergence

of quarrels and deterioration in the relations.

and Than the man is more perspective - that the woman gives herself to

more seriously and becomes less available.

and often consider Accurate people serious.

and with the advent of the child parents become more serious.

and is more serious than the person do diseases.

p the Serious relation to life - improves its quality.

pz Gravity helps the person to reach higher position

in society.

p At serious - losses is less.

pz Gravity - help of independence.

p Serious people are, as a rule, more law-abiding.

p Gravity becomes a habit.

and Gravity is more expressive after levity.

and Living always it is serious - you joke more often.

p to Serious people for removal of tension free time should be spent with jokers and jokers.

p should not demand from children of the same gravity, as from

of adults.

p In a serious situation can help out humour.

and Humour destroys serious the same as serious - humour.

p should not forget Gravity about fun.

and the Serious look stops frivolous laughter.

p Before serious business - will not bad have fun.

to Reasonable humour - gravity not a hindrance.

and Many serious begins with game.

p Gravity - the sister of punctuality.

p Gravity can study lips to develop in a smile.

p despondency is on friendly terms With gravity.

pv is bad when gravity - only the purpose, need, benefit, the person has to be serious - at heart the.

p Gravity has to be not violence - and a desired state.

p the Gravity which is not tested by humour - nothing, also as well as humour - from which did not draw serious, instructive conclusions.

and Gravity is defined not in big - when the person plays, and in trifles - when it is weakened and natural.

and Gravity - strains.

p the Person has to strives for gravity flexible - able to turn into reasonable carelessness.

p Gravity spoils importance.

yu Gravity for the wife plus, for the mistress - minus.

yu Serious - breed worse.

yu the Serious girl - should seem thoughtless at least.

yu Gravity has to try - to joke more often.

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