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Whether the child is ready to study? Let`s check!

the End of August - busy season for those who send the children to the country of knowledge under the name school on the first of September.

The special concern is felt by those parents who are up to the end not sure whether costs them to children - to shestiletka for the first time to cross a threshold of school this year. Before sending the child to the first class, adults have to ask themselves very important question: “And whether the child is ready to a new stage in the life?“

If parents care about physical and psychological health of the children, then you should not hurry with “a campaign the first time in the first class“. Let already even all documents be processed - it is possible to take away them and at the latest moment.

Listen to statements of psychologists that ability to read and write is not the so main signs by which readiness of the kid for occupations at school is determined. To it he can be taught also in the first class.

Whether it is really ready a shestiletka to school, parents independently can check. For this purpose it is necessary to test the child. Nine points of the test will allow to make the correct decision.

1. Whether the child has chronic diseases?

If he often catches a cold and catches infectious diseases, then from - for frequent admissions of lessons it will be difficult to it to master the training program. Besides, it is necessary to consider that some diseases are capable to become aggravated.

2. What level of psychophysical development?

This indicator of readiness for school is fundamental. Ask the child to put the palms so that fingers of both hands adjoined. After that it is necessary to clap in turn a thumb on big, index on index and so on (except anonymous).

Further the kid needs to pass in a straight line that foot was to foot, the heel alternated with a sock.

Suggest the child to play a ball. Thus ability of the kid it is checked to catch. After throws the ball needs to be rolled by means of a stick on a floor.

3. Whether the first milk tooth dropped out?

It is one of indicators of readiness for training at school too.

4. How the child transfers the road to school?

If has to bring to

the kid to school by car, then it is necessary to be convinced that it does not rock to sleep.

5. Pay attention to organs of articulation

At detection of defect of diction it is necessary to take an interest in opinion of the doctor - the logopedist whether it is worth sending this year the daughter or the son to school.

6. Whether informative processes - thinking, memory, attention are developed sufficiently?

to check memory, five words are enough to call

and to ask the child to repeat them. We check a visual memory by means of 5 - 6 pictures. Having shown them to the kid, we ask to call them on memory.

It is possible to check ability of children to keep attention by means of a children`s page in the magazine where labyrinths are printed. Let the child a finger will pass on it from beginning to end. Ask the kid, than the cucumber differs from tomato or a bird from the plane, for example?

It is not necessary to be upset if the child overcomes this point with great difficulty. By means of logical problems which occur quite often in various books it is possible “to bring up“ the kid enough - quickly.

7. Whether skills of stay in collective are acquired?


whether it is able is in the dining room, to go to a toilet, to put the things, to communicate with adults and children.

8. Whether the child wants to go to school?

Relying on polls of experts, it is possible to say that the most part of the interrogated children “are not with desire to go to study in the first class at all with confidence. Just ask the child for what go to school and why to study?

9. Whether there are strong-willed qualities? whether

it will be able to finish the affairs: to perform homeworks even if he does not want to do it.

It is not terrible if one - two parameters of the test are insuperable to children. It is worth thinking of expediency of training in the current year only in case the child does not master the majority of test points.