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What is “the excellent student`s complex“?

On the eve of September First continually to first graders are heard wishes by all means of study on “perfectly“.

And there is no wonder, most of parents dream of that their child at school was an excellent student, considering that dazzling successes in study are guarantee of future success. Besides, the word “excellent student“ generates an image of the clever, obedient, accurate botanist.

Despite distinctions among excellent students, exist the general psychological state inherent in much of them, - “the excellent student`s complex“, characterized by presentation of the overestimated requirements both to itself, and to other people. And still aspiration to be in everything and always the first, at the same time without having the right for a mistake and with huge internal fear of possible failures.

Of course, “the excellent student`s complex“ is unhealthy as it causes psychosomatic reactions of an organism in the form of headaches, sleeplessnesses, violations of work of internals etc.

As forms “the excellent student`s complex“?


According to data of researches of scientists, forms it by means of two components - genetic and psychological factors. For example, if parents were excellent students, then the child has good chances to go on their feet. As popular wisdom, like father like son, or - you cannot make a silk purse from a sow`s ear speaks. However the genetic factor is supported with a certain vital program which is set by parents, showing the certificates of appreciation, medals, awards, telling own stories of success.

Parents - excellent students often excessively control and sponsor the offspring, at the same time imposing on him unreasonably great expectations and responsibility, thereby promoting formation of such complex. Too heavy freight for the child - you have to listen to phrases like ““, “you are obliged“, “it is necessary for you“ and other. Let`s notice that a fine half of mankind owing to bigger obedience and the raised extent of suggestion suffers from this complex most often.

Sometimes the difficult situation in a family is the reason of formation of “the excellent student`s complex“ when the child receives so parental attention necessary for it only in case of excellent study, on condition of achievement of good results. The excellent student should live in constant tension, always to seek to correspond to some ideal. As a result he forgets himself real, leads as if others life and madly is tired. Syndrome of chronic fatigue, disappointment in life - a deplorable result of race behind excellent estimates and attempt to be “in all example“.

What to do?

it is important to parents to understand

that their desire is obligatory to make the child the excellent student sometimes does not correspond to requirements and opportunities of the child in any way. From it it does not become better or worse. It is just another. The certain, unique, unique personality with the outlook and with the course of life.

Help the child not to compare yourself to others, you love and respect him without conditions. Rejoice to any its progress, support in development of personal interests - simple councils for all parents in education of the thinking, healthy and happy children.

After new reforms in the field of education the situation only worsened. Task to pass successfully the Unified State Examination, to receive good results at the subject Olympic Games to fill up the and teacher`s portfolio - serious loading for any, even very inquisitive, clever and healthy child. If before the teacher “felt sorry“ for excellent students and did not force to obligatory participation in various conferences, competitions, then now passing of certification of the teacher in many respects depends on achievements of pupils also.

Thus, to position of excellent students you will not envy. And without support, understanding of close people it is necessary to them. Therefore before adjusting the child to be a round excellent student, think properly and whether it is necessary to him and what price should be paid for excellent study.

Though at intelligent approach of adults, and also at the expressed requirement and abilities of the child to excellent study it is quite possible to combine excellent estimates with full-fledged life.